How to train 312 once a year

Instead of the average 156 training in the year, do you want 312? Learn how to find strength, time and motivation, do not overstep the stick and stay on course!

Author: Darius Foro

As a child, I was a well-fed child. Many even considered me cute. The situation got out of control when I became a teenager.

In 15 years I weighed 105 kg. Three years later I took off 25 kg and stung my former weight from the chest.

The truth is that the excess weight does not paint us. And if you want to change, you need to find motivation. At that age I wanted to like girls. That's why I lost weight. It turned out to be surprisingly simple, as soon as I seriously got down to business.

Left: (fat one) I and my younger brother Daniel are sitting on the broken father of Mitsubishi with a torn soccer ball. Right: I'm on one of my daily jogs last summer – like an athletic drenched young man.

I stayed in good shape until the end of college in 2010. Then he gained weight again. I started to work a lot, traveled, drank, I ate anything, and practiced from time to time.

After about three years I turned into a tired, absent-minded and lazy 27-year-old guy with a beer belly. And he decided to change. To develop a strong habit of training, it took more than two years.

Why do you want to train every day? Do you want to be full of energy and productive? Or do you want to look better and feel better? Your motives are unknown to me, but in our days a healthy lifestyle has become something of a fetish.

Whatever it was, you got the gist. Daily training has advantages. Why train, in general, it is understandable. In this article, I will tell you how I made up the (almost) daily training schedule.

Ok, let's start with a cliche. In fact, motivation is of great importance. As a teenager, I wanted to like girls. Three years ago I no longer needed to conquer my chosen one, but I wanted to become stronger in order to work more productively.

No motivation? No change.

Motivation can be extremely simple: "I do not want to be that poor fellow who suffocates after one flight of stairs."

Just set a goal and believe in it. If you want to train every day, but do not have the faintest idea why you need it, at the first difficulties you will say to yourself: "What the hell am I doing at all!" This song of daily training will be sung.

2. Train daily at the same time

With this I had problems before. Have you ever said to yourself: "I will train three times a week." And then could not find the time? Your brain had to think and choose all the time.

"Train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?" And how about Monday, Tuesday and Friday? Or Sunday, Wednesday and Friday? "

You will train every day. With this and begin. I solved the problem for you, and now you can spend the energy of nerve cells on more useful things.

I'll glad you do not need to get up at four in the morning to practice. I prefer to study at the same time every day. I'm more comfortable somewhere in the lunch area. Choose the time that suits you most, and stick to the course. Thanks to this, training sooner or later will become a habit.

Look, we are trying to develop the habit of training every day. We are not trying to become an Instagram model. We want to practice every day to improve the quality of our lives.

Do not kill yourself every time you come into the hall or go for a run.

It took me about-a very long time to learn this truth. You can become stronger physically and more beautifully, working at low speed from day to day. Plus, in this scenario, the risk of injury is reduced.

In 16 years I had serious problems with my back. I was engaged in many sports and years of training for wear and tear. But when I started exercising daily, doing stretching and yoga asanas, I forgot about the pain at 98%. The remaining 2% are associated with stupid childishness, which I probably will never get rid of.

From time to time, I still bend the stick. I put too much weight in squats and stanovaya. And the next day I twist the pedals on an exercise bike or run. The result? Backache.

But this does not happen very often, because I never put my best on 100%. I'm not a professional sportsman or superman. I am an ordinary person who wants to live a good life.

And yet, you probably think, "what does it mean at low speed?" At least 30 minutes of training, which makes you sweat a little. Most experts agree with such recommendations.

4. Consistency develops strength and endurance

I came to the conclusion that it is much more effective to train with medium intensity and to develop endurance very slowly. Do not get me wrong: I'm not saying that you can walk 30 minutes a day and call it a daily workout.

My goal has not changed – every day to become a little stronger physically. Just today, I look at this task in the perspective of a decade, and once I wanted to become stronger and run further all through 6 weeks.

Listen to your body. Smoothly increase the pace every week. Remember that you are engaged every day. You will become stronger and more enduring – it just takes a little more time.

Remember that tomorrow you have to do the same. Do not overwork and do not deplete your body.

With a periodicity of several months, people become obsessed with old diets that have been gathering dust in a history dump. I do not care about ketogenic, bullet-proof or paleo diets. All this is nonsense, invented for the sake of making money. But I do not mind, I understand that this is only a business.

I grew up in Holland. In the diet of the Dutch a lot of bread, cheese, milk, potatoes, sausages and peanut butter (tell your dietician, he will be horrified). And nevertheless, we are quite healthy.

You just need to be guided by common sense. Dying with saturated fats, sugar and semi-finished products. And do not drink alcohol on a daily basis.

Food is fuel. And you need exactly X calories a day. The value of the variable X depends on gender, age and activity level. Study these questions with Google's help:

  • Find out how many calories you consume (use the calorie calculator).

That's all. No tricky and mysterious diet is needed for this.

So, your goal is to train every day. But we all know that this will not happen.

The article is not called "How to train 365 days a year", and for that there are reasons.

All people need to relax from time to time. We are not robots. Sometimes you have to lie all day on the couch watching some nonsense on TV. And from time to time I want to empty the bucket of ice cream. Or eat two Bick-Macs at once.

Why? Yes because it brings pleasure. Just do not make these pleasures a habit. Otherwise, again turn into a shapeless mass.

However, you must adjust to daily workouts. Because if you plan 6 workouts a week, you probably stop at five.

I have a spreadsheet. On Mondays, I beat the results of the previous week, record the number of trainings and update the total figure. Last year I practiced 321 times. This was the main goal for 2016 year.

You do not have to do exactly the same thing. Just find a convenient way to record your achievements. Visualization of the conducted trainings is an excellent motivation and an incentive to move forward.

By the way, I do not take life too seriously. But I am extremely serious about health issues. If you set a goal to deal with every day, you will be able to achieve it. On average, people train 3 times a day, 156 days a year.

Even if you miss one day a week, get 312 training for the year, and this is twice the average statistical rate!

And now I challenge you – make me a company in daily training. Of all the strategies for improving the quality of life that you can imagine, this one is one of the best!

If you accept the call, leave a comment. If you say it out loud, you will be halfway to the goal.

Will only do this.

I accept the challenge. I train every day, 7 days a week✋

I accept the challenge! From now on, I will train more than before to maintain health and build muscle mass.



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