How useful coffee: 5 positive moments

A cup of coffee is a great way not only to cheer up in the morning, but also to strengthen health and prepare for any tests! Find out what benefits you can bring this drink.

Author: Shannon Clarke

In the middle of the 24-hour shift in the fire department there is a regular replenishment of the coffee reserves in the coffee machine, already for the fifth time today.

For those who chose service for the benefit of society, endless work shifts are in the order of things. A cup of strong, scalding coffee helps maintain vigilance and a positive attitude, but the invigorating action hides a health benefit, because coffee helps prevent the development of some really serious diseases.

If you drink a few cups of coffee a day, you should read this article before you cut the consumption of this amazing drink. Caffeine does not just help you not fall asleep in the service – the healing properties of coffee strengthen your health.

Today, a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is more common than reports of minor offenses. More and more people are forced to make tough adjustments to their diet and radically change their way of life in order to resist this ruthless disease.

Nothing can replace a balanced diet and regular exercise, but a cup of coffee can be an additional protection against diabetes. The results of the study, published in the magazine "Scalpel," showed that the Dutch, who drink seven or more cups of coffee a day, are less likely to have diabetes than those who drink two or less cups a day.

Of course, seven cups of coffee – this is a lot, but the antidiabetic effect is realized only on condition of regular use of several portions of the drink. Coffee helps to lower blood glucose, and this can explain its antidiabetic effect.

The research work carried out in the Research Center of the Medical Service Department of the LS VS revealed a decrease in the risk of developing various malignant tumors, including. liver cancer, kidney and colorectal cancer, in a group of individuals who regularly drink coffee. The study also found that coffee is not related to the development of prostate cancer, pancreas and ovaries.

In short, if you are going to give up the morning portion of fragrant coffee because of the fear of malignant tumors, you can not worry about it. At least to give up coffee, you have to look for another motivation.

Another study found that in a group of people who drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day, the incidence of gout is lower by 40%. Coffee helps to reduce the formation of uric acid in the body – the main culprit of this disease.

4. Prevention of Parkinson's Disease

A large-scale research work showed that in a group of people who at least five cups of coffee drink daily, during the 13-year period, there was a decrease in the incidence of Parkinson's disease compared to people who drank less than 5 cups or did not drink coffee at all.

In the same study, it was found that three cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Everyone knows the image of a fat cop who is stuck in a shop with donuts, while a bad guy walks away from the chase. Although this stamp is far from reality, there is still some truth in it. Service in the police is mostly sedentary work, and physical inactivity increases the risk of a set of unwanted fat mass.

Recharge the intensity of metabolism with coffee. Caffeine increases the metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories. Of course, this increase in the intensity of metabolic processes can not be called extreme, but over a long distance it can be an excellent help for maintaining a slender waist.

Do not use the positive properties of black coffee to justify the uncontrolled absorption of cream-filled and caramel topping cappuccino or moccasin. These drinks contain too much sugar and too many calories, and stress should be placed on "too much." Follow the simple rule: black coffee is the best coffee.

If at night you want to sleep, try not to drink coffee in the afternoon and evening. Caffeine can deprive you of a full sleep, which will negate the useful properties of the product and lead to unnecessary problems. Keep coffee for the first half of the day, when you really need a powerful start.


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