How useful is the sauna after training?

Is the sauna always useful? Learn about the benefits of the steam room after training and the effect of high temperatures on your body.

Many regulars of gyms know first hand what a sauna is. Nevertheless, before we go on to talk about the benefits of the sauna after training, we will make it clear. Sauna – a small room, designed to create very high temperatures; the humidity level is also controlled. The room is finished with wood, which, when heated, exudes a pleasant aroma.

Nowadays there are two variants of sauna: with dry and wet steam. The second option is widely known as a steam sauna, the temperature in which is lower than in a sauna with dry steam. In a dry sauna, the temperature can reach 120 ° C, but due to the low relative humidity, it is possible to avoid skin burns. Now that you have run through the types of saunas, you can switch to the benefits of high temperatures after the end of a grueling workout.

The obvious advantage lies in the source of heat. Human skin is the largest organ of the body, it undergoes a powerful thermal effect. This causes the expansion of blood vessels and improves peripheral blood supply. When the volume of blood vessels increases, blood pressure decreases, which forces the heart to beat more often and work more efficiently. After training, a similar effect is what the doctor prescribed! You get a soft "training" of the cardiovascular system (like walking) just sitting inside a warm room.

Increased blood flow helps to remove lactic acid from the muscles – a byproduct formed as a result of active physical activity and causing painful sensations. On the other hand, filling the muscles with blood, we fill them with nutrients necessary for recovery after training and activation of growth mechanisms. This effect can be strengthened by adopting a post-training complex or BCAA.

Ever heard of the fact that the sauna helps to remove toxins from the body? Well, that's true. Consider how the mechanism of detoxification works. As the body temperature rises, its potential to kill parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses increases. According to doctors, raising body temperature by several degrees causes a sharp increase in blood circulation, as the body tries to maintain a constant basal temperature. The increased blood flow helps to remove toxins, especially from such hard-to-reach areas as the teeth, bones and accessory sinuses of the nose.

During and after a hard training, we tend to sweat a lot. The heat of the sauna acts in a similar way. As the heat stimulates intense sweating, our body emits decay products and stimulates the active work of the relevant organs. And the muscles in the meantime begin to relax (they are relieved of stress and stress), especially those who worked hard during training. At the same time, blood flow increases and oxygen saturation with tissues improves. It also means that you can significantly reduce the risk of muscle pain and recover faster after stress.

These were the physiological mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of the sauna on our body. Now let's move on to the effect of the sauna on the physical level.

For decades, the sauna has been used for therapeutic purposes, as it relaxes and relieves stress. In the modern world, we are constantly stressed at work, multiplied by unbearable workloads, and taking advantage of the opportunity to relieve stress is not such a bad idea. In addition to the rejuvenating effect, taking a sauna on a regular basis helps in other aspects of physical health and well-being, and this is how:

  • When you are trying to get rid of excess weight, taking a sauna will help take away a couple of kilograms. In the sauna, we sweat, which means that we can lose weight only by losing water. But remember, immediately after leaving the sauna, you must definitely drink some liquid.

How to properly use the sauna after a workout

Of course, there are the right ways to use the sauna and the wrong ones. To collect a rich harvest, you need to know exactly how to use the sauna. Here are the simplest rules:

  • You must drink 700-900 ml of water before visiting the sauna. Thus you will protect yourself from dehydration

In conclusion, some useful tips: do not drink alcohol and do not take any medication before and during the sauna. Leave the sauna in 20 minutes, rest and try to cool down. And, of course, consult a doctor about the effect of the sauna, if you have any diseases.


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