Hyper light diet or the way to a beautiful body and a healthy body

Saying "beauty requires sacrifice" is familiar to everyone. In fact, all women want to be beautiful and attractive, but everyone understands the word "victims" in their own way. Someone is tormented by exhausting workouts, starvation and morning jogging, and someone, in pursuit of slender forms, chooses a more sparing version of getting rid of excess weight – an easy diet. It is on this method of weight loss that we will dwell in more detail.

A very easy diet: a dream or a reality?

Thinking about the options for bringing your body to form, almost every woman wants to find a way that allows fast and easy remove excess centimeters without causing a significant blow to your body. While most diets that provide a quick result have a negative effect on the general condition of a person and therefore have a lot of contraindications (liver and kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, allergies, etc.).

Easy diet for fast weight loss means a balanced way to get rid of excess weight, which positively affects your health and keeps your whole body toned. This technique allows you to gradually and unnoticedly throw off extra pounds, without resorting to such extreme ways as hunger or abandonment of useful products. The ability to eat foods that contain all the substances necessary for the body makes this diet the most optimal and safe.

Slender legs and an aspen waist, without harm to health

An easy fast diet is based on the principle of the measure and the established diet. Dietary diet includes a full range of products, in which the primary importance is given to vegetables and fruits, providing a sense of satiety and thereby preventing overeating. No matter how surprising this may sound, the easiest diet does not exclude even the consumption of sweet. The only thing that high-calorie sweets will need to be replaced with honey, raisins, dried apricots and prunes.

A hyper easy diet can be designed for a different number of days and have a very different menu. Someone to bring themselves to the form can be enough and 3 days, and someone needs 5, 7 days or even a month. The most important condition of this dietary method is the frequent use of food in small portions.

Simple and easy diet: we eat often, but little

Nutritionists advise that the amount of food consumed at a time should be placed in the palm of the person who tastes it. Thus, the food will give saturation, provide the body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements, but the stomach will not be overloaded, and the metabolism quickly normalizes. In view of this, the daily diet should be divided into 4 – 5 meals and consist of first and second breakfast, light lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

Products can be boiled, stewed and baked, which opens up great opportunities for culinary fantasy. Without doing any physical exertion, this power allows you to reset 2-3 kilograms per week.

The easiest diet: the golden rules for effective weight loss

Taboo on salt or minimize its use. Preventing the removal of fluid from the body, salt tightens the process of losing weight for a longer period. To add flavor to the dishes, you can add garlic or a drop of soy sauce.

  • A day should drink at least 1,5 liters of water
  • From the diet should be excluded all cereals, except buckwheat, oatmeal and pearl barley
  • In view of the large content of calories, it is worth limiting the use of potatoes, grapes and bananas
  • Not exclude, but reduce the consumption of eggs and dairy products
  • Forget about alcohol and fatty foods that cause appetite
  • There is a rye bread of a rough grinding
  • The last meal should be no later than 19-00

The diet is easy and effective: the menu on 3 days

  • Breakfast: 100 grams of boiled chicken or lean beef, 100 grams of buckwheat porridge without salt, green tea without sugar
  • Lunch: orange or apple, kiwi
  • Dinner: 150 grams of boiled fish of low-fat varieties with vegetables
  • Afternoon snack: 200 gram of yogurt
  • Dinner: 150 gram of cottage cheese
  • Breakfast: 100 gram of oatmeal, 30 gram of cheese, a slice of bread, tea with a spoon of honey
  • Lunch: half banana, grapefruit
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, 50 grams of baked chicken or 100 gram mussels
  • Snack: Salad from cabbage and carrots with parsley, dill and olive oil
  • Dinner: 200 gram of kefir or 100 gram of cottage cheese
  • Breakfast: quail egg, spinach, orange juice, dried apricots
  • Lunch: pear, plum, mineral water
  • Lunch: Soup puree from a vegetable marrow, carrots and potatoes. Salad from a tomato. Cucumber and bell pepper
  • Snack: kefir with a piece of bread
  • Dinner: baked fish, stewed cabbage, green tea with a spoon of honey

You can stick to such a diet for a long time, every day inventing more and more new dishes.

"Magic" products, without which

Sitting on a diet, any girl dreams of becoming slim and beautiful, but often the extra kilograms go away, taking with them the beauty of hair, skin and nails. This is due to a lack of nutrients in the diet of "losing weight". In order for this to happen, you should include in your diet foods containing such components:

  • Bifidobacteria, improving the process of digestion and ensuring the purification of the body from toxins and toxins. Most of them are contained in kefir and natural yoghurts
  • Proteins are the most important building material in our body. The best source of proteins is fish and seafood, poultry, beef and rabbit
  • Fiber and vitamin C, contained in vegetables and fruits, allows you to digest animal protein. Vegetables must be stewed or boiled in a sealed container
  • Sulfur and silicon, providing health and beauty of hair and nails. The source of these microelements is tomato juice, sea kale and seafood

An easy diet for a week or other number of days receives exceptionally positive feedback, both by nutritionists and women sitting on it. How else? After all, this technique has practically no contraindications, purifies and revitalizes the entire body.

You can learn more about the danger of starvation and extreme mono diets by watching the following video.

Video on how to lose weight on 3 kg per week

Video about the easiest diet

Reviews of hyper light diet

I often use such diets, but this hyper easy diet I really liked. I'm short, only 162cm, and my weight varies within 50 kg. Of course after the winter and holidays, the body more than enough collects about 6 kg from above. I have already got used to using diets, so I do not feel any discomfort. If suddenly there is a strong feeling of hunger, then I just drink a glass of water or eat an apple slice, I can even a slice of bread with bran. But I like the five meals a day, the main thing is that the stomach does not stretch. Literally in two weeks I return to my 50.

I liked the diet, as for me, not at all tough, it's enough to eat something. Moreover, I really like fish and vegetables. A little pomuchilas without buns and pechenyushek, but by the summer I have a waist again 60cm.

Tell me what to do, I hate yogurt and cottage cheese, but this diet is like ((

A steep diet, for what would not believe that such a diet helps to lose weight, until she tried it. Girls, it turns out to drop for a month almost 10 kilogram it is very real. Given that it's time to leave and beaches this is what you need. Now, for sure, I'll be the most slender and tanned, and no longer have to be shy about my body, buying closed swimsuits. Only bikini!))

I love such diets, where you need to eat a little, but often. In my opinion, they are easier to bear. Therefore, I tried a hyper light diet. The result is. Hooray.

I also liked this diet because you can eat often. Now a lot of vegetables and fruits – it's really easier to cope. Even 1,5 liter of water really drink for the day! I support a diet – I grow thin gradually!

Kind time of the day! A diet and achieving this goal is a reality, not a dream. The taboo for salt is my first rule. Sweet and flour – also taboo. If to sustain that really to be harmonous.

After birth, recovered to 15 kg, and during the next 2 years could not regain her former weight. Attempts to lose weight was innumerable, but as much as possible managed to lose only 4 kg, then the weight returned again. Accidentally stumbled upon this diet, and, of course, decided to try. But everything turned out to be not so simple. I'm used to a generous amount of salt, and drinking plain water forced myself through strength, well, water does not get into me without all)) Gradually I got used to it. Treasured 15 kg left in a month. Girls, do not starve yourself, do not rape the body. This diet not only helps to reduce weight, but is actually a standard of healthy nutrition!

You just have a stunning result. I also lost weight after this diet, the truth is for 4 kilogram. The most difficult was not to eat after 19,00 and accustom myself to drink water. But the result is worth it, by the way water now I drink by habit of at least 2 liters, already without disgust. The main thing is that the weight does not change. keeps on treasured 60 kg.

Was on vacation – recovered as much as 5 kg !! Although up to rest the weight was not ideal. You understand: all-inclusive, all these receptions with lots of tasty food, different gatherings, overseas delights on the beaches and on the streets, parties, clubs – came home, stood on the scales and was horrified. First I drank teas for weight loss, but from them something special was not there, I came across this easy diet, read it, decided to try it. Just the beginning, for 2 weeks 3 kg gone, I think by the month will go to 0! Further, I can throw off more.

Yes, on the sea though and you float, but you come to the dining room, and you want to try and that, and this, and that – so kilograms and typed. And 3 kg for 2 weeks is just the optimum, because a sudden weight loss, such as 10 kg per week, is harmful to the body.

Such a diet can still be called correct. I managed to lose four kilograms per month. It seems that not much, but better so than to reset 6-7, and then safely return them. I had a problem with water only. I had to force myself to drink it, but the body quickly gets used to it.

With water and I have problems, the diet is well structured, but it's hard to drink water. We learned a little lemon to drip into the water, so it's easier and even tastier, easier to drink, I advise you to try this method.

I was offered to go to the promotion, everything would be fine, but here's just the office work, you always sit and move very little. In consequence of which, I formed a rather unpleasant "abdomen", which I had before, not when there was not. I decided to try to lose weight. Here already as 2 months, "I sit" on this easy diet. The first week, it was given very hard, but then the body began to get used and here is the first result, with 95 kg. jumped to 90 kg. The result is very satisfied. With great pleasure, I will continue to follow this diet.

Indeed, very correct advice. Over the winter, I accumulated stocks that I do not need for the summer. So, following these golden rules, they threw off those same 4 kg of stock without much effort! I recommend!

I am engaged in an exercise room and for winter too podnabral weight. The diet helped not only to throw off excess, but also to leave the muscles that managed to pump up. That is, it helps to get out of the off-season in good shape!)

Thanks to this diet, I lost weight on 1-2 kg per week, but then everything stopped abruptly. I could not understand what was the matter. It turns out I did not drink much liquid. More precisely, she drank tea and coffee, but this can not be done. You just need water. All is adjusted and I continue to grow thin, the truth already is a little bit less. A little more and I will achieve the result.

Thanks to these not difficult recommendations, I, in turn, managed to lose weight to my original, normal weight of 55 kg. Do not eat after 19 hours of the evening, I have long been accustomed, probably, therefore, no longer recover.

It is necessary to strive to lose weight and at the same time not to harm the body and skin. And we can do harm to ourselves, if we do not remove toxins from the body before the diet. Therefore, it is better to clean, of course. For example, I always take Lavalkol for these purposes. I like it both to taste and efficiency. And it is not expensive. And only after the drug cleans my body of toxins, I sit down on a diet, and they are always strict and effective.


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