Hypertensive crisis diet

Hypertension is a dangerous condition characterized by increased pressure, and the crisis is its sharp jump. It is important to know that with hypertensive crisis you can eat, so that the disease does not lead to deplorable consequences: stroke or infarction, loss of vision or vascular pathology. The disease “becomes younger” and becomes the leader among diseases of the cardiovascular system. According to statistics, 30% of young people suffer from hypertension and up to 60-70% of elderly people. Combat the disease allows the right menu. When hypertensive crisis, the patient must undergo treatment and change the diet, moving from harmful to useful foods, and reducing portions. This will help him cope with high blood pressure and prevent the development of the disease. Treatment without proper nutrition will be ineffective. What can and can not be eaten by people with high blood pressure, and how can a diet be delicious?

General information about food features

The main recommendation of doctors is to consume the same amount of calories that are consumed daily. Patients who have problems with weight, you need to replace the usual food less caloric, but, at the same time, useful. With proper nutrition 80% of patients get rid of the disease at the initial stage. Plus, they manage to reduce excess weight.

There are products, the content of which should be reduced in the diet, or, in general, excluded. It is salt that detains fluid in the body. Doctors recommend not using more than 2 g salt daily or using a special substitute. It should be noted that the salt is found in many products, including pasta and bakery products. But I need to lean on products containing calcium, magnesium and potassium.

  • Add polyunsaturated fatty acids to the diet. They expand the walls of the vessels and prevent atherosclerotic changes.
  • Eat vegetable fiber (it is found in raw vegetables, nuts, bread from bran).
  • Reduce the consumption of sugar, and patients with excess weight – abandon it.
  • Limit the consumption of meat and eggs, increase the sour milk and milk in the diet.
  • Eating meals divided by 5-6 times, decreasing the portion.
  • Use liquid (more than 1,2 L).

Permitted foods with hypertensive crisis: what can you eat?

Having received the diagnosis of “hypertensive crisis”, it is necessary to revise and adjust the diet. Hypertonics can be eaten:

  • Meat is lean: chicken, turkey, veal, beef and rabbit.
  • Cabbage sea and seafood (especially – lean fish).
  • Low-fat dairy products are useful.
  • Fruits and vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beets), greens. They contribute to lowering cholesterol and better digestion of food.
  • Different porridges will be useful.
  • Dried fruits, saturated with antioxidants and useful elements for the heart – potassium and magnesium.

Experts recommend that when hypertensive crisis is abandoned food, which increases the cholesterol in the body and provokes spasms of blood vessels. In each case, it is considered separately, what can and what can not be eaten. But the general list of prohibited products is as follows:

  • fatty (be it meat, fish or milk);
  • all smoked and fat;
  • beans;
  • butter, cheese and sauces;
  • fast food;
  • baking and sweets (especially from chocolate);
  • strong teas and coffee;
  • soda and alcohol.

Sample menu for hypertension

After a hypertensive crisis, you should definitely go on a diet, give up some foods, replacing them with more useful ones. Do not worry, dietary – does not mean insipid. Food shown for people with high blood pressure is not only delicious, but also useful. And also it is necessary to break portions into smaller ones, but to eat more often – 4-5 once a day.

  • Breakfast. The first meal is divided twice, to make two breakfasts. At first you can eat a salad of raw cabbage, carrots and apples. Products are shredded on a grater, you can add a little sunflower oil. Drink a glass of rose hip broth.
  • For the second breakfast, you can 100 ml of juice and fried vegetables. Such breakfast doctors recommend immediately after the illness. Further, it can be modified. Another option: 100 g cottage cheese with herbs, an apple and a weak tea on herbs. Or buckwheat with milk, and for the second time – baked apples.
  • Dinner. Dieticians recommend dining with low-fat broth of fish or meat – 250 ml, a salad of raw grated vegetables. It can be seasoned with lean or sour cream. It will be useful to eat 100 g of nuts. Another option – soup from vegetables with sour cream, beef stroganoff with potatoes, compote (very useful will be based on dried fruits).
  • Snack. Broth of dogrose and grated carrot with beetroot. And also as snacks can be light yogurt, various fruits or nuts. Very useful in this disease of dried apricots.
  • Dinner. Vegetable salad from carrot or cabbage. You can make a vinaigrette with a little lean oil. A glass of juice or decoction of rose hips. Before each meal, it is useful to drink 200 ml of still water. At night, it is recommended to drink broth of rose hips.

Diet under increased pressure can be not only useful, but also delicious. And the dishes are fast in cooking. Here are a few recipes:

  1. Soups from fish. In boiling water, add diced potatoes, finely chopped onions with carrots, rice. After 20 minutes we put canned fish into the broth (canned mackerel or saury can do) and cook for 10 minutes. At the end of cooking add lean oil.
  2. Cutlets from fish. Sea fish to pass through a meat grinder, add onions and bread. Minced meat mixed with spices, to form cutlets. Fry in vegetable oil, pre-roll in flour. Finished cutlets pour broth from fish and stew in the oven 20 min. More useful and tasty will be cutlets, steamed.
  3. Pilaf from low-fat meat. Prepared, as usual. Advice for hypertensive patients is to use as much vegetables and less fat as possible.
  4. Salads. Here you can improvise, using as a basis any vegetables, and as a refueling – sunflower, olive, corn oil, lemon juice or fat-free yogurt.
  5. Dessert. Various compotes, jelly, jelly from fruit and berries. Fruits baked in the oven or microwave. You can prepare a vitaminized jam for a few minutes: mix the crushed fruits with a little sugar and send for 10 min. in a microwave oven (stirring every three minutes).

From time to time you need to arrange a fasting day. This will help to remove excess fluid from the body, lose weight and bring the pressure back to normal. You can make an apple day (eating 1,5 kg of fruit for five meals), cucumber (5 receptions for 300 g of cucumbers) or kefir (1 l kefir and 0,4 kg of cottage cheese per day). It will be useful to eat one day only dried apricots – 0,5 kg (divided by 100 g for each meal). Necessarily daily hypertensive person should drink 2 liters of water. It is necessary to refuse salt or reduce its quantity in dishes. Plus, use the steam cooking method – so useful. And do not forget about medications. All this, together with a doctor-appointed treatment, will help a person cope with the disease, and prevent it from recurring. It is very important to forget about the correct routine of the day, full sleep, lack of stress and bad habits.


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