Hypoallergenic diets for adults and children

Follow the diet for allergies important. Special nutrition helps to reduce the patient’s stress on the digestive system of the body and improve health. Special diets help also to identify, and then completely eliminate, the causes of allergies.

What kind of diet is better to observe with allergy – the difference between basic diets and elimination

Consider what is a basic diet.

As a rule, the doctor appoints them in two cases: with an exacerbation of allergies and with a low manifestation of allergic symptoms.

Such basic diets are, in fact, one – hypoallergenic. It reduces the nutritional load and maintains the patient’s general health.

Before you sit down on such a diet, address to the allergist. First, he will conduct special medical tests that will detect allergens. Secondly, under his control you can make up your diet.

The basic diet for exacerbation is carried out in several stages:

  1. The first stage is starvation. Within one or two days you can drink only water. From carbonated drinks and standard tea and coffee is better to give up altogether. For a day you should use 1,5 – 2 liters of clean, fresh water.
  2. The second stage – we introduce in the diet some food productswith a low level of allergenicity. Such foods include: porridge (oatmeal, corn, buckwheat), vegetable broth, yesterday’s bread products, not yeast.

Approximately on such diet it is necessary to sit 5-7 days and to eat in small portions about 6 once a day.

By the way, this is the next stage of a hypoallergenic diet. As a rule, it continues within the first two weeks after the disappearance of allergic symptoms.

  1. These days it is necessary to adhere to four meals a day.
  2. You can add to the diet of meat dishes, especially suitable for chicken breast and veal.
  3. Also during this period you can eat pasta, eggs, milk, kefir, sour cream, fermented baked milk.
  4. Will go into use and some vegetables – cucumbers, zucchini, and greens.
  5. It is better to refuse fruits, mushrooms and berries, since they can cause new signs of allergy.
  6. You can not also eat honey, sugar, or foods based on these substances. For example, compotes, jam, juices, marshmallows, marmalade, pastille, cocoa, sweets, chocolate.
  7. Still refuse alcohol, smoked, pickled products, dough products.

In general, all substances and dishes should be added to your diet under the care of a doctor, so as not to cause new symptoms of the disease.

There is a second type of hypoallergenic diets – elimination diets

They are appointed by the doctor not for the purpose of treatment, but prevention, as well as to eliminate the allergic “irritant”.

  • For allergies that occur rarely, doctors recommend dieting at the time of the most active manifestation of the allergen.
  • And with a constant allergy you should spend them all the time.

Specialists distinguish several elimination diets. They can be used for allergies caused by various substances:

It can arise if next to your house grow: oak, birch, maple, poplar, alder, elm, hazel.

With this diet is forbidden to eat: sweet, in particular honey and chocolate; red fruits, especially strawberries, cherries, apples and apricots; vegetables – carrots, tomatoes and young potatoes, as well as medicinal herbal preparations and alcohol.

Add to the ration: bread products, vegetable and meat broths, macaroni and various cereals. Also eggs and sour-milk products, such as: low-fat cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir, will be useful. Still you can safely prepare dishes from beans – peas, lentils or beans. And from vegetables only eat cucumbers.

  • Allergy due to cow’s milk

Of course, adhering to this diet, limit yourself in dairy products and even those that have a milk protein in their composition. For example, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented milk, yogurt, whey, ice cream, cream, butter or margarine.

You can use any fruits and vegetables, pasta and bakery products, fish, meat, offal, cereals, nuts and berries.

Often allergic people do not know that the fish can be a food irritant, that is, an allergen.

The diet for allergies to fish may include products with a high protein content: any meat, sausage canned. Also you can safely eat all the vegetables and fruits, sweets, cereals, dairy products, bread products.

It is worth noting that exception for you there will be only any fish, as well as crab sticks, bone meal, fish oil or caviar.

With such a diet should be excluded from the diet not only chicken eggs themselves, but also dishes, products from them. For example, baked goods, sweets, milkshakes, mayonnaise. By the way, you can not eat quail eggs that have low allergenicity. It is worth preparing the meal yourself, excluding fast food or ready-made.

You can eat: meat, fish, all vegetables, fruits, cereals, mushrooms, nuts, butter and sweets that do not contain egg white.

Observing a diet with such an allergy, should limit food in the following products: wheat, flour, bread, macaroni, semolina, breadcrumbs, bran, canned meat, sausages and sausages. It’s still not necessary to eat sweet and drinks, the basis of which is wheat, as well as beer and whiskey.

What you can eat: vegetable and meat dishes, eggs, dairy products.

Such plants include quinoa, ragweed, wormwood.

With such a diet, you should limit yourself in salted, smoked, spicy, pickled food, as well as in dough products, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, halva and honey. It is necessary to exclude from the diet collections and infusions, some fruits – watermelon, peach, melon. The use of alcohol and herbal medicines will also be out of place.

But you can eat any soups, dishes from meat, fish and eggs, dairy products, casseroles, cereals and vegetables – cucumbers, radish, cabbage, beets and potatoes.


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