Hypoallergenic Nursing Mother Diet


All about the hypoallergenic diet!

Dishes of a hypoallergenic diet of mothers are ideal for those people who have any allergic reaction. This type of diet helps reduce the effects of allergies on the entire body. Such a diet is very often adhered to by young mothers who still feed the baby with their breasts. The duration of dietary intake is determined by the degree of allergic process, or as in the case of young mothers, the duration of the period of breastfeeding.

This kind of diet is very convenient for alimentary allergy. Under the alimentary allergy means those cases when as an allergen any food product acts. In this case, dietary nutrition decides immediately 2 important problems – diagnostic and dietary. The patient gradually excludes certain foods from his diet, thus revealing the true cause of the allergic reaction. Further, the patient excludes this product from the diet, which leads to his recovery.

Menu with hypoallergenic diet of nursing mothers

It should be noted that the food composition of such a diet can vary greatly depending on the type of allergy and the state of health of the patient. An approximate menu for hypoallergenic diet after careful examination is made by the attending physician.

What foods can be consumed in most cases?

  • Low-fat soups, cooked from the permissible vegetables and cereals.
  • Dietary meat – white chicken meat, boiled beef.
  • Sunflower and vegetable oil.
  • Fermented milk products – yoghurt, kefir, yogurt.
  • Vegetables – potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, green peas.
  • Bezdozherdzhevoy pita bread, dried white bread.
  • Compote of dried fruits, tea, plain water.

Hypoallergenic Nursing Mother Diet

What products should I completely reject?

  • All kinds of nuts.
  • Fish and caviar.
  • Spicy vegetables (horseradish, radish, radish).
  • Coffee and chocolate.
  • All citrus fruits.
  • Hard cheese and smoked products.
  • All spices.
  • All berries and fruits that have a red tint.
  • Eggplants and tomatoes.
  • Eggs and mushrooms.
  • Confectionery, pastry and honey.
  • All alcoholic drinks.

Dietary food for children

The hypoallergenic diet for the children of the menu is slightly different from the recipes for adults. In children, most often an allergic reaction to sweets, eggs, cow's milk and fish. Also, there is often a sensitivity to the proteins of rice, banana and oats. As practice shows, in 76% of children, an allergy is observed immediately for several food products.

A hypoallergenic diet for crumbs is prescribed by a doctor depending on the established allergens and the age of the baby. At the first symptoms of an allergic reaction, parents should immediately turn to a specialist. Independently to treat a child and prescribe their dietary food in any case impossible. The fact is that a prolonged hypoallergenic diet can lead to a shortage of nutrients, which are very important for the normal functioning of the child. That's why such a diet should be prescribed only by a real professional.

Dietary food for young mothers

Hypoallergenic diet of a nursing mother should exclude all foods that can harm a child. The thing is that at this age the immune system is not yet strengthened in the crumb, so some of the foods that the mother uses can cause the development of an allergy in the child.

A few decades ago, doctors claimed that such a diet for nursing mothers should exclude almost 90% of all fruits and vegetables. However, at present, many experts believe that if a young mother is not an allergy sufferer and is not disturbed by the symptoms of an allergy, then no special diet should be adhered to.

However, if there is still cause for concern, it is better to immediately consult a doctor who will make a diet menu.

Hypoallergenic Nursing Mother Diet

General recommendations

Experts advise in stores to pay attention to the components that make up the product. Very often, confectionery products are added not only to eggs, which often act as allergens, but also chemical nutritional supplements. And as you know, food additives very often cause the strongest allergy. Also very carefully choose sausages. In their composition, too, often there are harmful components.

Recipes for a hypoallergenic diet should not include too much of the ingredients. One should remember an important rule – the simpler the dish, the less the risk that any product entering into its composition will cause an unpleasant reaction.

The more fresh the product, the more chances that it will not cause allergies.

Menu hypoallergenic diet for the week:

  • Breakfast – a cup of unsweetened tea and oatmeal with fruit and butter.
  • Dinner – vegetable soup, a piece of beef and a glass of jelly from apples.
  • Dinner – kefir, an apple and a little rice porridge with a steam cutlet.
  • Breakfast – tea, a sandwich with cheese and butter.
  • Dinner – 1 a glass of compote, a piece of red meat and vegetable soup.
  • Dinner – banana, beef goulash and mashed potatoes.
  • Breakfast – pears and bananas with yogurt, cookies with butter and tea.
  • Dinner – Fruit, tea and vegetable soup with cutlets.
  • Dinner – buckwheat with vegetables and compote.

Hypoallergenic Nursing Mother Diet

  • Breakfast – sour cream with cottage cheese and sugar, unsweetened tea.
  • Dinner – a banana, a glass of compote and vegetable soup with allowed meat.
  • Dinner – a glass of kefir and porridge with stewed vegetables.
  • Breakfast – an apple and tea with a sandwich.
  • Dinner – banana, compote and vegetable soup.
  • Dinner – Kissel, salad with cabbage and greens and millet porridge.
  • Breakfast – tea with a piece of curd casserole.
  • Dinner – fruit, compote and vegetable soup with a frying pan.
  • Dinner – Banana, yogurt and porridge.

Following these tips, you can reduce the effect of products on the child's allergen background.

Let the colic in the baby's belly not get the trouble to the baby and his mother. Health to all and carefree joy of motherhood!

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