Hypocholesterol diet: a simple way to a healthy body


It is known that an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood contributes not only to a set of excess weight, but also to the development of such serious diseases as atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. That is why, nutritionists advise to control the level of cholesterol in the blood. And for those who have already encountered this problem, there is a specially developed hypocholesterol diet, which allows to lower the level of cholesterol and normalize the general state of the body.

Hypocholesterol diet: a simple way to a healthy body

Cholesterol: a friend or an enemy?

Cholesterol is a vital component produced by liver cells and is of great importance for the stable functioning of the whole organism. Without cholesterol, such processes as the production of sex hormones, the formation of bile products, the conversion of sunlight into the necessary vitamin D organism, the isolation of nerve fibers and the metabolism of vitamins A, K and E.

At the same time, the increase in cholesterol in the blood is fraught with the following consequences for a person: increased risk of atherosclerosis (blockage of the arteries), risk of infarction and coronary disease, the emergence of angina and other cardiovascular diseases.

A lot of people are facing the problem of increasing cholesterol levels these days. Dietitians associate this ailment with the presence in our diet of a large number of harmful and fatty foods, as well as with the wrong way of life. Among the causes of this disease can also be distinguished: unbalanced diet, heredity, mobility restriction, excess weight, smoking and regular use of alcohol. From all of the above it becomes clear that the level of cholesterol is very important for the body, and its fluctuation can lead to the development of many serious diseases. That is why it is so important, in time to identify this ailment and to comply with all the recommendations for its cure, one of which is a special diet.

The essence of the hypocholesterol diet

Hypocholesterol diet is a joint development of experienced doctors and nutritionists, which allows to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. Accurate adherence to the rules of this diet program allows you not only to improve your health and change your lifestyle for the better, but also to feel a general surge of energy, dropping those extra pounds. Like any other technique, the hypocholesteric diet has the basic principles, the strict observance of which gives visible results. The essence of the dietary program is the reduction of the level of harmful substance in the blood of a person. That is why the main postulate of a hypocholesteric diet is a complete rejection of "harmful" fats.

Hypocholesterol diet: a simple way to a healthy body

Golden rules for a hypocholesterol diet

  • Full refusal of fats or restriction of their consumption. From the diet completely excluded products containing palm, coconut and butter, fats of animal origin.
  • The consumption of non-fried fish is not less than 2-x once a week.
  • Discard fatty meat and replace it with rabbit, chicken and veal.
  • Prohibition on alcohol.
  • Restriction or total rejection of sweet and flour.
  • Introduction to the diet of vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products.
  • Replacing fried foods with boiled or stewed.
  • Replacement of mayonnaise with lemon juice and low-fat spices.
  • Prepared meat broth should be cooled and rid of the fat layer.
  • Chicken is prepared without fat and skins.

"Useful" hypocholesterol diet: table of permitted and forbidden foods

Hypocholesterol diet: a simple way to a healthy body

The menu of the hypocholesterolemic diet should include exclusively allowed products, which, apparently, are not that small, which gives room for culinary solutions.

Sample menu with a hypo cholesterol diet for a week

  • Breakfast: 1 a glass of milk with toast, smeared with honey;
  • Lunch: an Apple
  • Dinner: vegetable soup, 100 grams of boiled chicken, a slice of bread, a vegetable salad with olive oil;
  • Afternoon snack: Mandarin
  • Dinner: 125 gram of boiled beans, 100 gram of oatmeal on water, 1 stewed apple, tea with 2 low-calorie crackers.
  • Breakfast: 1 egg, fruit juice without sugar, toast with margarine.
  • Lunch: 1 pear
  • Dinner: 200 gram of vegetable soup, 100 grams of boiled veal, cabbage salad with carrots, dressed with olive oil, 1 slice of bread;
  • Afternoon snack: 50 grams of homemade cheese, 1 slice of wholemeal bread.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, diet yogurt, 1 oatmeal cookies, green tea.
  • Breakfast: 100 grams of boiled beans, 1 toast, not strong coffee.
  • Lunch: 1 peach.
  • Dinner: Boiled rice with boiled chicken about 200 grams, 1 glass of low-fat yogurt, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Afternoon snack: 1 orange
  • Dinner: Boiled potatoes, baked fish, cabbage and apple salad.
  • Breakfast: Oat flakes on the water, jelly from cranberries.
  • Lunch: 1 toast, tea, stew
  • DinnerBoiled potatoes, boiled turkey, beet salad.
  • Afternoon snack: 1 pear.
  • Dinner: White fish baked in foil with tomatoes and lemon juice, vegetable salad.
  • Breakfast: 100 gram of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 stewed apple, 1 toast, tea.
  • Lunch: 1 banana
  • Dinner: vegetable soup, spaghetti with mushrooms in tomato sauce, salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers
  • Afternoon snack: 1 a glass of yogurt, 1 oatmeal cookies
  • DinnerGrilled steak from turkey, brown rice, vegetable salad from apple and cabbage.
  • Breakfast: low-fat pudding; tea, 1 a piece of bread;
  • Lunch: fruit ice cream;
  • Dinner: Silver hake in its own juice, vegetable salad, 2 slices of bread;
  • Afternoon snack: 1 plum, 1 pear;
  • Dinner: turkey, boiled potatoes, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal on water, 1 egg, not strong coffee with milk.
  • Lunch: jelly from cherry.
  • Dinner: vegetable soup, 100 grams of boiled veal, radish salad and cabbage.
  • Afternoon snack: 1 orange;
  • Dinner: 150 grams of cottage cheese, 1 stewed apple, 1 toast.

Hypocholesterol diet: a simple way to a healthy body

Hypocholesterol diet: recipes for healthy eating

Despite significant restrictions in the diet, the diet of a person with high cholesterol can be quite full and varied. Among the most popular and interesting recipes are dishes such as risotto with vegetables and chicken, stewed vegetable stew with rabbit meat, turkey steak with broccoli and asparagus, boiled rice with steamed fish, okroshka with boiled chicken fillet and other delicious dishes.

To maintain good health and vitality for many years, the hypocholesterolemic diet should be adhered to not only for the duration of treatment, but also for later life.

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Reviews about the hypo cholesterol diet

I want to note that after trying to sit on this diet, I feel much better. To study in the gym became easier. On the treadmill, the results rose noticeably, and on the basis of increased repetition. The components of the diet are suitable for people who are engaged in the hall. From the products I get everything you need to build muscle and lose weight. It's good to leave your tummy if you connect cardio to such nutrition.

What could be better – diet and health benefits? I'm glad I came across something like that on the Internet for a hypocholesterol diet. it was really hard to give up flour and sweet. But once I decided that I should lose weight, I do not even look at dessert now. Thanks to this diet, I managed to lose 6 kg per month. The state of health became better. I'm very happy – super diet

Girls, I already despaired of losing weight! Now after pregnancy, I recovered to 21 kilogram and the tests showed elevated cholesterol in the blood! Hypocholesterol diet is very pleased, the restrictions are not very large and the diet can be varied. And most importantly it will help reduce cholesterol and lose weight. Has anyone been on this diet? How much did the cholesterol drop?

This diet has become my salvation! Since childhood, I have had heart problems, because of this physical activity was forbidden. And without them to lose weight is more difficult. I was plump, and already did not believe that something would help me . The hypo cholesterol diet seemed another vain attempt . But I was wrong! Has included in the diet of low-fat meat, sea fish, vegetables, has excluded harmful fats, and, a miracle happened – I lost weight. In addition, my heart stopped worrying me, I could enjoy life again!

I've been blown in all directions during pregnancy, because in the last couple of months I've been pulling everything that was in sight. I thought that I was going to give birth and that's all, I will stop. Yeah, right now. As a result, 65 is good and what to do about it was not clear. While fed fed up with all sorts of diets and eventually grew an ass to 70. And this is with growth in 160. In general, the degree of my discontent is clear already, I think)

In a panic, I hit when I saw myself on the video from the date of the birth of a friend. It's a nightmare of some kind! I after all 55ig weighed once.

Because of problems with the heart, especially sports do not work . Started to seek for themselves in an urgent diet. To not very tough and for health is not hard. Has stopped the choice of hypocholesterol. It goes out to eat quite tasty) That's a flour / sweet from the heart it was hard to tear, that's right.

But the process has gone!

It's only been three weeks, and it's already gone 8. I'm so glad, so glad)))

I've never had a problem with weight. For me, it was never a problem to throw off excess 2-3 kg – you just had to cut down your diet for a couple of days. My height 164 and before pregnancy and childbirth I weighed 54 kg. But everything changed, after birth, my weight was 76 kg . and did not go away. I was always an opponent of diets, I decided that I had to go in for sports. After a month of rocking the press, I did not even run a kilogram. So this was the last drop and I decided to sit down on a hypocholesterol diet. After 7 days, I lost weight by 9 kg, and my weight continued to decrease.

The diet is very easy to transfer. I really liked her, so in a few months I again sat down on her, because I would still like to return to my old form.

Total with 76 kg, I lost weight to 58 kg. My result is minus 18 kg per 2 diet.

Thanks to everyone who invented it, I'm very grateful to you!

I have long wanted to write a review about this diet. My height 175 I always dreamed of becoming a model, and weighing 45 kg. I tried a bunch of diets, went to the gym, ran in the morning, starved. My weight with 54 decreased by 2 kg. And that's how I went to this site purely by accident. And I think I'll try this diet, and what do you think for 7 days MINUS 10 KG. The diet is very easy to transfer. I liked her very much. Thanks to everyone who invented it, I'm very grateful to you!

Of course, sports – the best assistant in losing weight. But there is not always time for the gym. I, like mother of two small children, do not always manage to allocate free time for sports. And problems with excess weight after pregnancy and childbirth remained. On the hypocholesterolemic diet I came across quite by accident, I decided to try it. It was quite easy for me to observe this diet. And I was glad that the weight was falling! I lost weight on 5 kg for 2 weeks. And this is only the beginning.

I, the truth, are very happy!

This diet can be called a way of life, since it is not difficult to comply with all the prescriptions, if you are certainly a strong-willed person, and do not depend on delicious food. The undoubted advantages are that there are no restrictions, and to buy the right ingredients you do not need to look for devils where the headaches. From the initial weight – 65 kg I threw off already 7 kg in about a month and a half. Finally, I feel great, there is no heaviness in my stomach, much more strength)

For a long time I wanted to write a review about this hypocholesterin diet. My height 176 I always dreamed of becoming a model, and weighing 45 kg. I tried a bunch of diets, went to the gym, ran in the morning, starved. My weight with 54 decreased by 2 kg. And that's how I went to this site, purely by accident. And I think I'll try this hypoholesterin diet, and what do you think for 7 days MINUS 10 KG. The diet is easily tolerated. Many thanks to those who invented it, I'm very grateful to you! I recommend to all .

After reading this diet, I realized that she was talking about me! I had high cholesterol! You know, the truth is that a person feels that something is wrong with him. Every morning I woke up feeling like a whole bottle of sunflower oil drank, often in the morning I felt nauseous, but did not vomit. And this girlfriend advised just this diet. Honestly, I did not really hope for this diet .. I just tried a lot of diets, but nothing helped from this feeling. I sat on this diet more because it looks like a proper food, and I, I confess, used to eat chips and other crap. But the diet has helped me from this nauseating feeling. Not immediately, of course. Somewhere in a month, and about two hours later, I went to check the cholesterol, it really went down, but I still need to drop a little bit. So, girls, I advise everyone !! Health above all should be!

This diet is very easy, I did not feel that I was restricting something, or I refused. Was always full!

I always thought that I have no problems with excess weight. Well, yes, I'm a bit overweight, a broad bone, I'll start losing weight from the new year, now there's no time, "I told myself and bursting with everything that came into my hand. Until one day met a school friend who did not seem to have changed at all after school. And I over these years turned into a small mammoth . And so it became a shame. How much I do not like myself, what brought me to such a state? I tried several different diets, the weight went down, but then again everything came back to square one. Salvation was the hypo cholesterol diet. The result: for three weeks lost 7 kg. I feel better, the mood is beautiful and I'm happy again. Life goes on!

Diet in pleasure, is it possible? I will say that yes, I was very happy when I came across this hypocholesteric diet. I really like fish and chicken meat, but unfortunately I liked sweet and I had to give it up, but it was not for nothing! I have extra weight and all this reminded me all the time, but I did not like it very much. And I decided to find an effective way to lose weight and I found a hypo cholesterol diet, I managed to lose a couple of kilograms per week, I'm going to not stop there, and I recommend everyone to supplement the diet with sports.

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