Hypocholesteroleic Diet – Menu for the week


Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the week

Hypocholesterol diet – a powerful foundation of healthy nutrition, eliminating the risk of heart attacks, severe strokes, frequent excess of blood pressure. It is indicated for patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis and angina pectoris.

A diet based on the hypocholesterol principle is not aimed specifically at weight loss, but it favors weight loss.

The hypo cholesterol diet presupposes a well-designed menu, a useful therapeutic diet that significantly improves the vital activity of the whole organism.

All about the hypocholesterol diet

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the week

The basis of our life is the blood flow, supplying through the network of vessels the tissues and organs with all the substances required. A good condition of the vessels is a key element of health. It is important not to allow the formation of plaques in the vascular bed that block the blood flow.

Normalize your cholesterol blood will help a special hypocholesterol diet.

Cholesterol is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system, brain, gallbladder, liver, endocrine system. Full refusal of products with cholesterol leads to an acceleration of the synthesis of cholesterol by the liver.

It is advisable to perform a detailed blood test every year, demonstrating the level of cholesterol. Blood cholesterol: 3,6-5,2 mmol per liter.

The hypo cholesterol diet is in lowering the intake of cholesterol with food, limiting the fat content of food.

Hypocholesterol diet Table No.10 is the best medical nutrition in hypertension, proved to be effective for healthy body and weight loss. This hypocholesteric diet is also useful for heart problems.

What is useful hypocholesterolemia diet?

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the week

The basic principles on which a hypocholesteric diet is built:

  1. restriction of foods with increased amounts of cholesterol;
  2. Exclusion from the hypocholesterole menu of fried foods;
  3. ways of preparation of dishes at a diet – suppression, cooking, baking;
  4. refusal of butter, yolks of egg, cheeses of solid high fat content, limitation of vegetable oil;
  5. ban on trans fats, margarines, palm oil, pastries, confectionery, baking;
  6. restriction of simple carbohydrates, sugar;
  7. use of low-fat meat in the hypocholesterol menu;
  8. refusal of fatty dairy products in favor of milk with reduced fat content;
  9. wide use of a variety of fish and seafood in the menu;
  10. inclusion in the diet of vegetables, cereals, fruits, legumes;
  11. refusal of mayonnaises, canned fish, meat, offal, any sausage products, sausages.

Hypocholesterol nutrition includes in your diet: fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates. The basic principle of construction, which includes hypocholesterine diet – fats are limited.

An important rule: in the process of hypocholesterolemic diet, it is necessary to give up coffee, strong tea, alcohol, and smoking. Fast food is completely excluded.

The meeting recommendations, which state that with hypocholesterol nutrition is acceptable application in the menu of margarine Instead of butter and the exclusion of fatty fish from the diet. These remarks have long been outdated. Exactly fats of fish are maximally useful for this principle of nutrition.

Hypocholesterolemic effect of reducing cholesterol has statins. Natural statins are contained in champignons, oyster mushrooms.

For patients with hypertension The hypocholesterol method is based on general principles with the restriction of table salt to three grams. Main option Table №10, hypo-salt, hyponatric, potassium hypocholesteric diet.

More attention should be paid to rich potassium, magnesium dried fruits, baked potatoes. When hypocholesterol diet strictly restrict salt. Such nutrition positively affects the health of hypertensives.

Products that can and can not be consumed

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the week

Hypocholesterol diet is represented by a special table of products useful to the body.

  • allowed a pair of eggs per week, egg whites unlimited, lean meat, chicken,
  • veal, turkey, rabbit;
  • It excludes fatty meat, goose, duck meat.
  • One-percent milk is allowed, kefir, ryazhenka, cottage cheese, cheeses less than 20% fat content;
  • Ice cream is excluded, fatty products are dairy, fatty cheeses, condensed milk, sour cream, cream, mayonnaise.
  • fish, seafood – use at least a couple of times a week;
  • exclude fish fried, salted, herring, caviar;
  • vegetable oil, except for palm, coconut, in the amount of two and a half spoons of st. per day;
  • excluded fat, hard margarine, animal fats.
  • a large variety of vegetables and fruits are needed;
  • Exclude fried vegetables, any chips, French fries, candied fruits.
  • need cereals, whole wheat bread, oatmeal cookies;
  • excluded sweet pastry, baking, confectionery.
  • vegetable soups are needed;
  • refusal of soups on broths of meat, package soups.
  • soft coffee, tea, mineral water without gas are allowed;
  • the number of juices is better limited;
  • refusal of alcohol, coffee, tea, soda.
  • allow jelly, fruit ice cream;
  • other sweets are excluded.

Standard menu for the week

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the week

With the hypoxolesterol diet menu for a week with recipes allows you to build a useful, therapeutic diet.

The approximate hypocholesterole menu looks like this:

  1. Breakfast: Oatmeal porridge, cottage cheese 0,15 kg, tea not strong.
  2. Snack: Apple, berries.
  3. Lunch: Wheat soup with chicken lean broth, some rye bread, boiled chicken.
  4. Snack: Low fat yogurt 200 ml.
  5. Supper: Braised beans with carrots, a pair of egg boiled eggs.
  1. Fruit salad with kefir, rusk.
  2. Kissel 200 ml.
  3. Steak salmon 0,15 kg, vegetable salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil.
  4. Low-fat cheese with dried bread, greens.
  5. Chicken meatballs, stewed cabbage with pepper, carrots.
  1. Buckwheat porridge with tomato juice.
  2. Baked apple with honey and tea.
  3. Vegetable puree, champignon salad, bread bran.
  4. Kefir.
  5. Rabbit stewed 0,2 kg with Greek salad.
  1. Cheeses, kefir, salad from nuts, apples, carrots.
  2. A handful of dried fruits, a broth of a dogrose.
  3. Vegetable soup with rye bread, veal boiled 0,15 kg.
  4. Cottage cheese with raisins 0,15 kg, compote.
  5. Boiled fish with macaroni of hard wheat.
  1. Millet porridge, apple, broth of wild rose.
  2. Kefir.
  3. Salad from olives, seafood, tea.
  4. Orange.
  5. Lobio from beans, cucumber.
  1. Lazy dumplings with tea.
  2. Tomato, a slice of Adyghe cheese.
  3. Okroshka, some bread whole-grain.
  4. Dried fruits, broth of wild rose.
  5. Boiled broccoli with chicken breast.
  1. Pearl barley porridge, steam chicken cutlet.
  2. A pair of pieces of lean cheese.
  3. Baked fish with vinaigrette.
  4. Garnet.
  5. Rice milk porridge with broth of wild rose.

Useful recipes

The most delicious and useful recipes for a hypo cholesterol diet:

Gaspacho – an excellent remedy for hypocholesterol nutrition:

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the weekGaspacho

Products: three large tomatoes, cucumber, sweet pepper, a piece of white bread, a pair of teeth

  1. garlic, spoon art. olive oil;
  2. scald tomatoes, peel;
  3. clean cucumber, garlic, pepper;
  4. soak the crumb of bread;
  5. we grind the components in the blender;
  6. we add olive oil, greens.

The hypocholesterol diet includes recipe for sweet pilaf:

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the weekSweet pilaf

Products: rice brown glass, dried apricots 0,2 kg, olive oil three spoons st. carrot;

  1. boil the rice;
  2. we cut carrots, dried apricots;
  3. fry the carrots in the cauldron;
  4. add dried apricots, rice, water;
  5. stew for 1 / 3 hours.

Corn corn with apples and pumpkin

Hypocholesteroleic Diet - Menu for the weekCorn corn with apples and pumpkin

Products: pumpkin 0,5 kg, a pair of apples, a glass of corn cereals;

  1. we clean, cut pumpkin, apples;
  2. bake at 190 degrees;
  3. cook corn porridge;
  4. for 5 minutes before the end of cooking, add pumpkin, apples.
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