Indian diet or how to lose weight yoga


Buddhist religion and the philosophy of yoga . How mysterious and incomprehensible for ordinary people in these terms. But it is absolutely clear to everyone that the adherents of these directions are always in excellent shape, and the problems of excess weight for them do not exist. Why does this happen? Is it only a matter of thinking and special physical exercises? It turns out that no, and the lion's share of success in maintaining good health and slenderness of the body belongs to a special food system, which has recently become more widespread around the world, and is called the Indian diet.

The essence of the Indian diet

It should be noted that this diet is not an artificially created technique, but a time-tested natural food culture of the population of India. Thanks to this, people in the country practically do not suffer from obesity and diseases of the digestive system, including oncology.

The basis of the traditional Indian diet usually includes rice with a national seasoning of curry, black tea, milk, vegetables and fruits, as well as cinnamon. This simple menu for every day has almost all the necessary components for the human body and does not harm it.

In order to examine in more detail the effect of all components of the Indian diet for weight loss, it is more specific to consider the mechanism of action of each of its elements on metabolism.

Indian diet or how to lose weight yoga

This cereal, especially brown varieties, is rich in vitamins B, PP, E, as well as carotene. It contains a large number of microelements such as potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, selenium, calcium, iodine.

An important component is also starch, which in combination with lactic and fermented milk products contributes to weight loss.

And in rice contains eight essential amino acids, which are responsible for the following processes:

  • fat and carbohydrate metabolism,
  • recovery processes of the brain and muscles, as well as their performance,
  • for normal activity of the thyroid gland and maintenance of the level of all the hormones in the body;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • lowering cholesterol;
  • normalization of the digestive system;
  • neutralization of toxins and synthesis of enzymes;
  • the production of hormones of joy.

The very surface of the rice grain has a fine-pore structure, which ensures the rapid removal of harmful substances out. In other words, this effect can be called the effect of activated carbon or a sponge for the digestive tract.

Such a combination of useful components is extremely rare in products, which leads to the conclusion that rice cereals have a special value.


Curry seasoning consists of 70% of turmeric, which prevents the growth of fat tissues due to the unique substance of curcumin. This and the rest of the seasoning ingredients actively suppress appetite and activate metabolic processes. When curry is used with rice, the effect of both products strengthens each other.


Cinnamon is a part of the curry and is additionally introduced into the dishes while observing the Indian diet, which ensures a decrease in appetite.

Black tea and milk

In India, the main drinks have long been black tea and milk. Useful properties of tea consist in suppression of appetite, increase of a tonus, improvement of digestion and deducing of salts of heavy metals, and also surpluses of a liquid. Milk also plays the role of nutritional component, which has a balanced composition of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

Indian diet 7 days

In order to lose weight on 7 kg, you should apply the course of the Indian diet for 7 days. Each day includes 3 meals.

Indian diet or how to lose weight yoga


Breakfast should be an alternation of drinking in the form of black tea and milk. As a food use the following:

  • banana;
  • ½ grapefruit;
  • 2 tangerine;
  • salad from one cucumber with carrots and butter;
  • two eggs;
  • one orange and almond (10 pcs.);
  • a tomato salad with pepper and butter.


For dinners in 2, 3, 6, 7, it is necessary to eat 5-6 tablespoons of boiled rice with a teaspoon of curry (you can pour a little).

On the first day, 3 tablespoons of rice and 100 g vegetable ragout (Indian dish "Bhuji") from eggplant eggplant diced and grated carrots stewed with 3 tomatoes for 15 minutes and seasoned with 1 a spoonful of curry, 2 cloves of garlic and a little salt.

In 4-th day, 2 boiled potatoes are eaten, and in 5 100 g of boiled string bean.

As a drink at lunch, tea and milk alternate.


Dinner on 1 day is 200 g "Bhuji", in 2, 3, 5-days 5-6 tablespoons of rice with curry.

On the 4 day, a dish of 2-x cut apples with straws with 1-th grated carrots, seasoned with 1 a spoon of honey and lemon juice, which is called "Haadi", is prepared.

For dinner 6-day, milk rice soup is cooked from 40 g of rice and 350 g of milk or cream, slightly salted.

On 7-th day, one grapefruit and one banana should be dined.

You can drink only tea for dinner.

Proceeding from this menu, we can say that the Indian diet is not at all strict and quite affordable. Adhering to her recommendations, you can quickly and forever get rid of extra pounds.

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