Intensive program for breast

Primary goal: build-up of muscle mass

A type: for one muscle group

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 1

Necessary equipment: dumbbell, barbell

Audience: men and women

To the beach or pool was not ashamed to undress, attack the pectoral muscles in all directions and use the drop sets, combined in an intensive exercise for the chest!

Raise the efficiency of breast training to a new level! Nobody denies that the bench press with a large tonnage – the king of the mass-gathering in the chest, but adding to it new variants of the vector of force, position of hands and equipment, we can work more effectively and achieve more impressive results.

A well-considered training plan aimed at muscle hypertrophy will be an excellent starting point.

Laying out in the gym for a hundred, ending with an extra repetition and crushing the muscles, you will definitely get the desired result! Our goal is to make this result maximum and raise the productivity of the training to the next level, and for this it is necessary not only to puff under the bar, but also to think with your head. Connect these techniques to bring out the training of the chest and your results to a new orbit.

1. Start with weights! Add a drop-set

You need to start with a heavy bench press on the horizontal bench. In the exercise, shoulder and elbow joints are simultaneously involved, and this is one of the reasons why bench presses are better suited for weight gain than single-joint data. You can raise a significantly larger tonnage.

Do not forget about the workout. A good option – some exercises for the rotator cuff of the shoulder, and then a couple of light approaches to bench press. Some prefer to lift dumbbells, other barbells. If you always started from the bar, for a change, switch to dumbbells, and vice versa. With dumbbells, you will achieve a little better muscle contraction, and maximum working weight will gain in the bar press.

However, multi-joint presses are ideal candidates for muscle hypertrophy and muscle involvement. They allow us to move the transverse cargo across the entire range of motion, working the target muscle to the maximum.

In general, the ideal range of repetitions for muscle development is 8-12 repetitions, but in the first training approach (after a couple of warm-up exercises), take a larger working weight, do 6 repetitions and shock the muscles with increased stress. Perform 3 heavy work approach on 6-8 reps.

On the fourth approach, perform a drop-set; noticeably reduce weight and make the muscles burn, focusing on contraction and squeezing pectoral. In a pair of last repetitions, you can even take an 5-second pause on hold at the top point, and for greater effect, lower the load as slowly as possible. It should be noted that with this type of training the insurer's help will be very useful!

It's time to aim at the ever-lagging upper chest, and for this purpose, the bench presses are best suited to an incline bench. Use the same scheme as in the previous exercise, but now the heavy approaches from the 6-8 repetitions closes the fifth drop set.

One of the important points is the degree of tilt of the bench. We do not want the bench in the slope to become a stress for the deltoid muscles, we need a small slope that will load the upper chest without unnecessary overload deltas.

Take the exercise to the next level. Perform an 2 approach with a slope of about 30 degrees, another 2 with a slope of around 15 degrees, and then make a final jerk with the help of a drop set, focusing on contraction and squeezing muscles. Recruit the muscle fibers in full and get the ultimate result!

Next on the line is a bench press with a negative slope, another amazing exercise for full development of the chest! If the first two exercises you did with dumbbells, it's worth switching to the bar, moving to Smith's simulator or even to the Hammer Strength simulator. In some cases it is better to work in simulators, especially after several exercises against the background of accumulated fatigue. In the simulators you can fully concentrate on the bench. And they are especially good for burning sets, if you do not have a reliable insurer.

In the simulator, you can slightly change the motion vector, adjusting the seat and the position of the handles. As a rule, we can generate the maximum force with handles at the level of the lower divisions of the chest. Start with two approaches in this position, and then change the angle of the bench and press from a higher point in the middle / lower chest area.

One of the best insulating exercises for the chest is the reduction of the hands. We have the opportunity to choose from several options: you can perform information in the butterfly simulator, in a rope simulator or with dumbbells. I would not say that one option is better than another, it all depends on personal preferences.

I prefer mixing on the block or with dumbbells, since it has no limitations in amplitude and trajectory. You can keep your arms and shoulders in the most comfortable position for the entire range of motion. Try to make the 4 approach on 8-12 repetitions. In them we try to focus completely on squeezing and contracting pectoral muscles with the help of their isolation.

If you use a rope simulator, you can safely change the motion vector in this exercise. In the standing or lying position on the bench, follow the approach, taking your hands to the center of your chest. Then, do the approach with a slight shift of the vector down, and one more, pointing the vector up. Remember that you need to keep your arms straight (elbows only slightly bent), make the pectoral muscles work! Do not let fatigue spoil the technique of execution and turn the exercise into a regular press.

Most of the powerlifters would be pleased and would call this an excellent breast training. But our goal is to reach the next level, to force muscle growth, to really crush already tired muscles and make them adapt to new realities. We want, that as a result of restoration of a muscle became stronger, more massive and stronger.

It was the turn of the exercise, with which for many years of training we had a relationship on the verge of love and hate – push-ups. A great option for the development of pectoral muscles and even the best exercise for working on the verge of failure. When you have finished all the heavy lifts, push-ups will seem simple.

In the final exercise, make the 3 approach to failure. (Rest 60 seconds between approaches). To make a difference, change the vector, rearranging the hands in each approach.

Intensive pectoral muscle training program

Sports nutrition for rapid muscle mass gain

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