Interval slimming run: a program of training for weight loss and fat burning

Running is an activity that is available to everyone. Everyone who adheres to a healthy lifestyle and wants to always have a tight body, uses the run in his training program. At first glance, everything seems very transparent – run and lose weight, but it's not entirely true. Running is a monotonous activity, which after a certain time can quickly become boring. In addition, jogging over 60 minutes triggers a catabolism process in the body. (Catabolism is the process of destroying muscle tissue to produce energy.) This is the first negative.

Second – the body quickly adapts to the load, and the benefit of running is not the same as before. Continue to develop physically, and time for hours of training just is not enough? There is a great solution! This is an interval run.

Interval run is a run with alternating high-intensity and low-intensity loads. The rest phase occurs during the interval of low-intensity loads.

What effect does the interval run on the body have?

Interval running is very popular, both for fans of an active lifestyle, and for professional athletes. This is a very energy-intensive exercise. During this run, there is a direct splitting of fats and their use as energy.

Why is this happening? During jogging, glycogen is used as an energy source. This continues until the glycogen stores are below normal. And only after that the body switches to an alternative source of energy – fats.

During the interval run, the body experiences a maximum load. Heart rate (heart rate) reaches 60-80% of the maximum allowable. Simultaneously with this, there is a large consumption of oxygen, which results in oxygen starvation. All this has a stress for the body. As energy, he uses all available sources. Since fats are the most energy-intensive nutrients, the body uses them as energy.

There are several types of interval running, which are very different from each other.

Such interval run is often used by professional athletes who are at the stage of drying the body. (Drying is the reduction in the amount of subcutaneous fat.) Interval sprint involves alternating segments cut at maximum speed with a jog. As a rule, high-intensity segments do not exceed two hundred meters.

Fartlek – a cyclic race, which involves overcoming the distance with a subsequent alternation of a certain segment. For example, 1 kilometer – quickly, then slowly. And so from 3 to 10 repetitions, depending on the level of physical fitness.

This is the most difficult training, for which, in addition to a high level of training, will require the moral and volitional qualities of a person, as they will have to endure. The bottom line is to overcome the distance from 2 to 10 kilometers at a fast pace. During a tempo workout, the body experiences a severe oxygen starvation.

Running with constant speed increase

Such a run implies overcoming the distance with only one condition: each subsequent kilometer should be faster than the previous one. For example, in the 10-kilometer cross-country, with a difference of 5 seconds per kilometer, the difference between 1 and 10 kilometers will be 45 seconds. This training well develops overall endurance and ability to control the pace.

How correctly to prepare for interval training?

Interval running is a very hard training, which requires a serious approach to preparation. To properly prepare for interval running, it is necessary to consider in detail two main points. The first point is who should not be engaged in interval running exercises. The second is the stages of preparation for interval training, which will make it as effective as possible. Before any physical activity, regardless of the level of preparation, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor.

Who should not engage in interval racing exercises:

  • People with a lot of excess weight.
  • People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • People who have low physical training.
  • Very neat! Athletes who have a lot of muscle mass, as there is a high risk of injury.
  • People who have contraindications to great physical exertion.
  • Athletes undergoing rehabilitation after illness or injury.

What should be done, so that interval training would be beneficial and give the maximum result:

  • Comfortable clothes that will not cause any inconvenience. Pay special attention to sneakers, do not save on them.
  • Between the last meal and the beginning of the workout, at least 2 hours must pass.
  • Qualitative warm-up.
  • Hitch after workout.
  • Adherence to the training regime.

This means that if you engage in interval running once every two weeks, then the benefit will be zero. It is necessary to form an individual regime and strictly adhere to it. For example, interval training three times a week. Two times – tempo interval, once – interval sprint. When scheduling, it is necessary to proceed solely from your results, desires, opportunities and level of preparation.

  • The presence of additional devices: a stopwatch and heart rate monitor.

The presence of devices that allow you to track the statistics of training, time, pulse, speed and the like, will help to more competently make up an individual plan and later to correct it.

A few tricks that will help make interval training easier and more fun:

Favorite music is a good source of motivation during interval training.

When designing a training program for the first classes, it is necessary to focus on the duration of the training, and not on its volume. Such training is psychologically easier.

After a productive workout, you can reward yourself for a fruitful occupation, for example, buy some small dessert.

Objective assessment of their capabilities

At the first stages you do not need to chase time. This is fraught with the fact that you can earn overtraining. Overtraining is a process in which physical development stops and a decline begins. As a rule, this syndrome is accompanied by a decrease in strength and muscle volumes. The cardiac and nervous systems undergo high loads. Overtraining occurs when the amount of physical exertion exceeds the restorative capacity of the organism.

The first time the training process should be a pleasure.

If you feel a special fatigue and there is no desire to exercise, then in this case, you need to arrange a short rest from 1 to 2 days.

A similar situation arises due to the fact that the body has not yet fully adapted to such loads. Also, the cause can be large loads, because of which the body does not have time to recover. In such a situation, it is necessary to reduce the load and revise the training plan.

Training plans for interval running aimed at developing certain qualities

Below are the training plans for the development of the following indicators:

  • The plan of classes for the development of general endurance.
  • Plan of classes for losing weight.
  • Plan of exercises to increase speed-strength endurance.

As an example, the athlete will be considered who has the result of 11,8 seconds on 100 meters and 3 minutes on 1000 meters. Next to the results, the percentage of the athlete's maximum speed for a particular distance will be indicated. This will allow you to put your own data into the table and make up your own individual plan. For this you need to know your best results on 100 and 1000 meters.

Plan for the development of general endurance

  • Warm up 10-15 minutes.
  • The cross is 10 kilometers.
  1. 1 kilometer 5: 00 (50%).
  2. 2 kilometer 4: 30 (60%).
  3. 3 kilometer 5: 00 (50%).
  4. 4 kilometer 4: 25 (70%).
  5. 5 kilometer 5: 00 (50%).
  6. 6 kilometer 4: 30 (60%).
  7. 7 kilometer 5: 00 (50%).
  8. 8 kilometer 4: 15 (80%).
  9. 9 kilometer 4: 50 (55%).
  10. 10 kilometer 5: 30 (45%).
  • Special running exercises.
  1. (Jumping from foot to leg 30 meters through 20 meters walk) x2 series.
  2. (Running with the sweeping of the shank back 30 meters through 20 meters walk) x2 series.
  3. (Running with a high hip lifting 30 meters, through 20 meters walking) x2 series).
  4. (Jumping with extra steps 30 meters, after 20 meters walk) x 2 series each side.
  5. (Light acceleration in ½ strength 30 meters, through 30 meters walk) x2 series.
  • Hitch. (Stretching for 20 minutes).

Depending on the level of training, the number of kilometers can be reduced or increased.

  • Warm up 10-15 minutes.
  • The cross is 10 kilometers.
  1. 1 kilometer 5: 00 (50% of the result at 1000 meters, then similarly).
  2. 2 kilometer 4: 55 (50%).
  3. 3 kilometer 4: 50 (55%).
  4. 4 kilometer 4: 45 (55%).
  5. 5 kilometer 4: 40 (55%).
  6. 6 kilometer 4: 35 (60%).
  7. 7 kilometer 4: 30 (60%).
  8. 8 kilometer 4: 25 (65%).
  9. 9 kilometer 4: 20 (70%).
  10. 10 kilometer 4: 10 (75%).
  • Special running exercises.
  • Hang-up 20-25 minutes.

Depending on the level of training, the number of kilometers can be reduced or increased.

Plan of exercises to increase speed-strength endurance

  • Easy cross 10 minutes (about 2 kilometers).
  • Warm up 15-20 minutes.
  • Special running exercises.
  • Sprint interval run:

150 meters 19 seconds (80% of the result at 100 meters).

  1. 400 meters jogging
  2. 150 meters 18.5 (85%).
  3. 400 meters of jogging.
  4. 150 meters 18.0 (90%).
  5. 400 meters of jogging.
  6. 150 meters 18.0 seconds (90%).
  7. 400 meters jogging
  8. 150 meters 18.5 (85%).
  9. 400 meters of jogging.
  10. 150 meters 19.0 (80%).
  11. 400 meters of jogging.
  • Hang-up 30 minutes.

Depending on the level of training, the number of kilometers can be reduced or increased.

Advantages and disadvantages of interval running

  • Strengthening of tendons and ligaments.
  • Adaptation of the body to large physical loads.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Increase the overall muscle tone.
  • Reducing the amount of fatty deposits.
  • Drying the body (reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat).
  • High intensity.
  • Availability.
  • Great risk of injury.
  • A high chance of overtraining the body.
  • High stress on the heart.

Despite the high level of my training, trainings are carried out at a time. Very tough load and for the result had to fight literally for every meter. After 3, such training became much easier.

I was practicing this run about 3 months while preparing for the season. And oddly enough, the training was good. And already at the first start of the season I "shot" 400 meters for 48,4 seconds, thereby improving my result by 0,8 seconds. I want to add that in addition to improving the result, I became much more impressive. Thank you.

Maxim 20 years old, Ekaterinburg.

Hello, I'm doing sports exclusively for myself. You can say that an amateur, but an amateur with a long record. I like to run very much. It is a lot of to run. I constantly run crosses on 10-15 kilometers. When the mood is good, I can run and kilometers 20. In general – everything from the mood, employment and weather. And once, while on another run in the park, I met my good friend. In short, we talked with him, and he said that he was going to run a marathon in the summer. I forgot to say, it was in April. Well, I caught on with this topic and began to prepare intensively.

In early June, I was greatly disappointed. Caviar began to clog terribly. And all this sad looking for answers on the Internet. Solving my problem, I came across a comment forumchanina. Something like this: "I have long been alternating regular crosses at intervals."

And all this inspired, I studied this topic in detail. And he started using fartlek in his training. To say that after the training I spit out the lungs – do not say anything. Me, a man with 15 years of active life experience, carried with 12 kilometers of interval running. Initially, of course it was hard, but later it became easier. And yes, I mastered the marathon. Not fast, of course, but very satisfied.

We bring to your attention a video that will charge you with the desire right now to start studying, spend 3 minutes of your time and be sure to look:

It can be concluded that interval running is a specific exercise, which has a lot of advantages and has a colossal positive impact on the human body. There are many options and schemes of interval training, which should be approached with all the responsibility to get the maximum benefit from them. Despite the fact that such training has a beneficial effect on the human body, there are still reasons why occupations are unacceptable. Also, before starting workouts, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor.

Is there any difference in what kind of weather to run, at what temperature?

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And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

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