Is it possible to eat muesli on a diet?

Modern manufacturers offer us a lot of different products, which no one knew before. One such product is muesli (in other words, a mixture of cereals and any additives that impart taste). However, sometimes pure cereals are sold, in which you can add supplements yourself, depending on what you wanted for breakfast today.

Convenient breakfast without cooking

Muesli is very convenient because they do not need to be cooked. Yes, these are flakes similar to those from which they usually cook porridge, but for their use in food it is enough to have a drink that they could drink. Muesli in bars and at all you can eat on the go, if you are somewhere late. They perfectly satisfy hunger and do not take up much space in the bag.

Are muesli useful?

This is a dispute of many nutritionists and people who want to lose weight. Someone says that bars do not work, someone – that they act too well. We will stop approximately in the middle – we will tell that bars of muesli enough enrich your diet, possessing thus wide enough variety of tastes. In addition, they improve the absorption of nutrients, so that you will not feel hunger for a very long time. If you buy muesli with oatmeal, you get an additional positive effect – heavy metals and toxins that are in your intestines, bind and leave from there much faster. Such a diet will help lower cholesterol to an acceptable level.

Any bar is equally useful?

When buying a bar of muesli, be sure to look at their composition. Sweet muesli with various additives like coconut and chocolate is not the best option for a woman who is dieting. They are much more calories than others. Roasted muesli also should be removed from the ration – due to the effect of heat, the amount of useful substances in them decreases, and the calorie content, on the contrary, increases.

Immediately it is worth talking about contraindications. Yes, even for such a simple product as muesli, there are contraindications. They are few: in fact, only a person with celiac disease should give up such a diet and find something more suitable. Try not – a serious allergy and intestinal frustration is the minimum that you will get. With prolonged use of bars, people with this disease may have a general deterioration, requiring immediate hospitalization.

In the rest, muesli can be used calmly (of course, in limited quantities, because even the most useful substance will harm the body if taken without measure). Elderly people, children, nursing mothers and pregnant women can eat such bars during diets. They will not see an instant result, but a few kilograms will go away.

How to eat muesli during a diet?

All is simple enough – you should have breakfast muesli, so that the calories you got go to replenish the energy spent. The body feels satiety for a very long time, while absolutely all the muesli that has entered the body go into energy, which will be enough for various physical exercises for the purpose of losing weight: on fitball, in the pool, on the ball.

Menu or methods of preparation will not be given, since they are extremely simple. If you buy ordinary loose muesli, before meals pour them with yogurt or mineral water. If you follow a yogurt diet, you can even more effectively accelerate the process of losing weight. A bar can simply be eaten on the way to work. The only thing – do not forget to drink as much as possible after this, to stimulate the digestive system.

Video about cooking homemade muesli

Video on how to make a bar of muesli

Video about who should stop muesli

Reviews of muesli bars

I confirm that muesli dampens hunger for a long time and it is difficult to imagine the best breakfast. In addition, they are useful, muesli is also very tasty. It's hard to recall a more pleasant product for a diet)

Good day! I just do not understand how such a diet can work, but it WORKS! After the operation, I started to gain a kilogram per kilogram. I tried to drink all sorts of pills and various diets, but there was not much use. Plus, I had a craving for sweets. I found a diet on the muesli bars and decided to try it, it's easy to prepare and can always be taken with me. The result amazed me, of course to the ideal is still far away, but the fact that my weight has moved from a dead point I'm just happy. Try it and you will not regret it!

The main difficulty with muesli is to force yourself to eat this. But if it will give a result, then it is worthwhile to suffer.

And in my opinion muesli is very tasty, I with pleasure eat them for breakfast. The only thing, it is better to cook them yourself. The stores are very high-calorie and contain a lot of harmful additives. From this you will not lose weight .

I quite agree with you that these muesli bars are delicious, I sometimes buy them, because it is very convenient to satisfy the hunger with such an oatmeal bar. But when I sit down on a diet, then I refuse them, because I give preference to ordinary oatmeal porridge, it is still a healthy healthy food, I even try to buy not oatmeal, but whole oats.

Over the winter I noticeably recovered, I wanted to throw a few extra pounds. Decided to try the muesli bars, especially in the mornings, it is very convenient, you can and on the run to bite them. Well, on the weekend, of course, ordinary oatmeal porridge. While success is visible, – 2 kg.

I like all the girls who dieted, tried many different options. Buckwheat, kefir diets are all a passed stage (alas, without result). On any of the diets arose the same problem – I wanted something tasty, sweet. And I was frustrated. Hearing about the diet on the muesli bars (and in general that muesli, it turns out, can be thinner), I decided to try. Why not? It turned out that this really works! While it's too early to talk about serious results, it's only the beginning of the road. Unequivocally I can say that the constant feeling of hunger is gone, which means that it became much easier to live on a diet

I once at muesli and lost weight. A delicious diet. One drawback – I want them to hrumble and hrum. Is it possible to eat muesli on a diet? Can! Precisely it is possible.

Muesli is very useful, they have a lot of vitamins and few calories, no doubt on a diet they can eat. But all the same it is necessary to avoid muesli in bars, there can be contained sugar or chocolate. Personally, I used regular muesli in boxes on the diet, diluted them with juice or skim milk and everything was fine. As they well satisfy hunger. I think this is a good alternative to kasha).

I also like muesli. With their help, I dropped 4 kg in two weeks. Sometimes I eat with milk, more often with juice. By the way, I like to eat them not only for breakfast, but also in the evening. Of course I went to the gym.

Muesli is a great example of how to lose weight delicious! I try to use them regularly for breakfast, it is very useful and energy is enough for a long time.

So I dropped 4 kg in two weeks. Of course, the gym went to the gym. I also like muesli. Especially pour juice. By the way, I like to eat them not only for breakfast, but also not late in the evening.

Muesli is a good and delicious way to lose weight. But it is rightly said in the article, you should study the composition well, in our time these foods can be stuffed into food . If everything is in order, and in the right amount there are, then everything will turn out!

I only dieted once in my life and at that time I was eating muesli, I was wondering whether it was possible to eat them, or if it was necessary to limit oneself only to fruit, as it turned out for replenishing energy, this product suits just perfectly, the easier it is to apply. I'd like to add some more about the bars-now there is a department with healthy food in every supermarket chain, here there are muesli bars. Very comfortably.

Muesli is definitely one of the best ways to lose weight. And tasty and not harmful. I sat on such a diet, very quickly saw a good result.

Girls, it was on muesli that I lost weight by 5 kg. Instead of sandwiches with sausage, she began eating muesli for breakfast. I pour hot milk, add blueberries or bananas, sometimes nuts. It turns out nutritionally and delicious. And at work I snack with apples, biscuits, take muesli bars. With tea just fine. Muesli is vitamin and therefore does not recover from them.

but where do you usually buy it? just in the supermarket or in the special. departments? I'm used to breakfast for oatmeal, but I can not have it not sweet . I add decently sugar ((I think, maybe on muesli go? they are still more delicious than usual porridge

I have long wanted to sit on this diet. I really liked the bars, I have enough calories and a charge of vivacity for the whole day! The taste is very attractive. I alternate with kefir or fruit, I use muesli for breakfast. Of course, I would like to do some more jogging, I heard that physical exercises also help to throw off extra pounds. Maybe I'll try!

The diet for a muesli bar is one of the easiest and easiest to stick to diets. Plus the effect of it is excellent.

Fair! I do not understand how you can lose weight on a diet of muesli!

It's carbohydrates! But she was sitting on the muesli – there was no opportunity to cook porridge, and she needed to eat kashki. My impression is ambiguous. The effect of losing weight is not – this is 100% Minus 2 kg per month, I do not consider the result. But the weight in the abdomen left, the metabolism returned to normal. And for real weight loss without sports training anywhere!

I would not expect to lose weight only thanks to the bars. There are no magic diets, and the "diet bar diet" is no exception. I used muesli in different types for breakfast and at the same time minimally limited myself to the amount of food during the day + doing sports – and yes, it helped. Yes, and muesli give a good supply of energy in the morning.

I also think that muesli is an excellent option for breakfast: nourishing, nutritious, useful. But alas, on some muesli you will not lose weight especially. I especially like with natural yogurt or kefir 1%. Then a cup of green tea without sugar, to stimulate digestion.

You are right, only the muesli of the result will not be given, but as an alternative to sweets it is quite possible. Instead of a chocolate bar you can eat a bar of muesli, well, of course, proper nutrition and sport. I, after making such a replacement, easily said goodbye to 3 kg per month)


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