Is the protein harmful to health?

There are opinions that claim that sports nutrition and, in particular, protein and amino acids, cause various side effects, and in terms of the degree of adverse effects can be compared with anabolic steroids. There are suggestions that the protein can cause physical dependence, have a harmful effect on potency, worsen the work of the liver and kidneys, and also cause many other harm to the human body. However, these assumptions are groundless, although there are exceptions.

Proteins can be used not only for athletes and bodybuilders, but also for ordinary people of all ages without harm to health, since they are all made from food raw materials. After a special method of purification, a protein is obtained that is devoid of fats and carbohydrates, which are integral components of almost any food. The protein contained in sports supplements is obtained from natural products and is absolutely physiological in relation to the human body. In connection with the peculiarities of the modern way of life, purified protein is necessary in the daily diet. Constant stress, hypodynamia, short-term physical exertion – all this reduces the need for carbohydrates and fats, but the need for protein remains at the same level.

Scientific progress, new developments in the field of sports food products have allowed us to change the diet, adapt it to a modern lifestyle. A striking example of this are proteins and mixtures with a high protein content, the use of which is almost indispensable for maintaining an ideal sports shape, reducing body weight and bodybuilding. It is also worth emphasizing that the potential harm of protein and protein is negligible compared to changes in the human body that arise when eating fatty foods and fast foods, confectionery and saturated fats in pure form.

It should be noted that there are people with individual protein intolerance – various kinds of allergies to proteins, as happens with other products. This can occur in digestive disorders and allergic reactions. Digestive disorders arise from the lack of enzymes in the body that can break down the protein, another cause of the ailment is the intestinal dysbiosis. In this case, the pathogenic flora of the intestine begins active division, because the protein is a nutrient not only for the human body, but for a multitude of microbes. This condition follows the principle of food poisoning and manifests itself in the form of diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain. If you suffer from a similar disease, we recommend taking additional enzymes or reducing the amount of protein consumed.

Significant harm from the protein is really possible, when it comes to kidney disease, in particular, with kidney failure. There is an opinion according to which protein in large dosages alone can provoke the development of kidney diseases. However, numerous clinical studies have confirmed that doses recommended to people engaged in bodybuilding, including professionally, can not damage internal organs. In isolated cases, when the reception of a protein was associated with the manifestation of kidney disease, it turned out that the disease either already existed in humans or a genetic predisposition to such a reaction of the organism was detected. However, in this case the changes were reversible, and after the abolition of protein supplements, the state returned to its original norm.

Certain types of side effects can occur with the constant use of soy protein by men, because it contains various phytoestrogens, which are similar in effect to estrogens – female sex hormones. Often allergic reactions occur on soy. Gluten intolerance can also be a consequence of protein intolerance. If you know for sure that your digestive system does not "favor" gluten, then carefully study the packaging of the drug.

In one experiment, for example, 20 men who are engaged in bodybuilding took part. All of them were healthy. During a month-long experiment, they all took an additional protein in an amount slightly less than 3 g per kilogram of body weight. After the expiration of the study, a laboratory study was performed on the condition of the organs, which showed that no negative effect on the body was provided.

It follows that if you do not have allergies to certain proteins or pathologies of the kidneys, then introducing additional amounts of protein into the diet will be completely safe for you. You can read a special article: Calculating the daily need for protein to find out your daily protein norm or using a calculator program that calculates the necessary amount of protein without side effects and harm to health. Do not forget that the protein concentrate is exclusively auxiliary, and the main quantity of protein must be obtained from meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs and other natural products.


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