Isolating exercises

Isolating (isolation) are called exercises, which always involve only one group of muscles or one muscle (it works in isolation) and only one joint. These exercises are focused on the qualitative development of one muscle.

Isolating exercises are also called grinding exercises, because it is they who grind your muscles and give them a relief and a correct look. These exercises are auxiliary, they are performed after basic exercises and give you the opportunity to refine the target muscle or work out the lagging one and cause its growth.

Isolation exercises are performed with dumbbells, in special devices or simulators.

It is not recommended for beginners in bodybuilding to resort to isolating exercises in the first year of classes, since the muscle mass is still too small for grinding muscles. An integral part of training beginners – this is the basic exercises, because they allow you to gain muscle mass.

Later, when sufficient muscle mass is collected, in order to get the best effect from the training, in the training programs, along with the basic exercises, you should include isolation exercises, but not more than 20%.

The training program, consisting only of basic exercises, gives less muscle growth than the same basic exercises, but supplemented with isolation. Why is this happening? After all, these exercises are not aimed at muscle growth, with their help you can only grind the muscles well and make them more embossed. Scientists explain this by the fact that basic exercises only trigger the growth of muscle tissue, and isolated exercises allow the expansion of a thin capillary mesh in the muscle tissue. There is a filling of muscles with blood and nutrients, which ensures the growth of muscle fibers.

Adding basic exercises to the insulating will be the basis of success in pumping huge muscles.


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