Italian diet for weight loss

The Italian diet involves several stages of weight loss, which allow you to effectively lose weight and keep the results. The first three days are the body's preparation for losing weight, by reducing the caloric content of foods consumed in food, and leaving the usual amounts of food.

At the second stage there is not only a decrease in the calorie content of dishes, but also their number, which leads to rapid weight loss.

The first stage

At the first stage it is necessary to eat exclusively low-calorie food. For breakfast, you need to drink a cocktail made with fresh fruit (500 g) and yogurt. Prepare a cocktail in a blender. It must be drunk all in one or two doses.

For lunch it is recommended to eat half a kilo of stewed vegetables and any 200 g of boiled rice cooked on vegetable broth. If you can not use such amount of food for one method, you can divide it into two equal parts. One part to eat for lunch, the second for dinner.

Thus it is necessary to eat for three days.

The second stage

The second stage lasts until the weight is normalized. At this stage, you need to reduce the amount of food.

For breakfast it is recommended to eat 200 g oat flakes cooked on the water. You can add a little prunes and walnuts to them.

For lunch, you can prepare 100 g spaghetti from durum wheat with one tablespoon of canned green peas and one boiled egg.

And for dinner, you can prepare a light salad of cucumbers and lettuce, dressed with olive oil and various spices.


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