14 days Japanese Diet. Recommendation and Review

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Every woman wants to stay beautiful and fit. Not all nature is endowed with a slender and feminine figure. This means that some girls will have to try hard to achieve the ideal result. One of the most effective methods in the struggle for harmony is the 14 Days Japanese diet. It has already won a large number of fans. And the result after it is stunning!

Basic information about the 14 Days Japanese diet

Before you start losing weight, you need to learn as much information about the chosen method. Below you will learn the basic rules of the diet in Japanese. So, if you are ready to show restraint, will and are hardy enough, then we offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of the diet.

  1. Duration – exactly 2 weeks or 14 days.
  2. The result is excellent, the diet helps to get rid of 5 to 8 kg. Unlike mono-diets, the effect of the Japanese is preserved for a long time.
  3. Price – low
  4. To resort to this method of losing weight you need no more than twice a year
  5. Diet is a balanced low-calorie, protein diet with a small number of carbohydrates.
  6. The 14 days Japanese diet is quite strict, therefore it requires special psychological preparation. Tune in advance to avoid a breakdown from the diet.

japanese diet 14 days


The Japanese diet for 14 days has its own contraindications, it cannot be used by pregnant and lactating women, people with disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, heart diseases. Before you go on such a diet is best to consult a doctor to avoid negative consequences.

Basic conditions

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To achieve the desired effect, namely, to throw off the extra pounds, you must:

  • Follow the diet menu, do not deviate from it and eat strictly according to it
  • Do not confuse days
  • Take plenty of fluids, 1,5 l of boiled or pure water without gas
  • Completely eliminate salt and sugar, sweet, alcohol and flour products from your diet.

The creators of the diet promise that the weight loss will not return to the woman for several years. Is not it an excellent motivation? You need to withstand exactly 2 weeks of a strict diet, but 2 a year after it you will look great! Important: the composition of the Japanese diet includes coffee, you need to drink it almost every day. That’s why on such a diet should sit with great caution to people who have problems with pressure. For them, this diet is not entirely suitable.

14 day japanese diet

What will be in the plate for these 14 days

As already mentioned above, the Japanese salt-free diet is very strict. Sweets and floury are completely excluded, but in your plate, there will be other useful and tasty foods. It’s good that you do not have to think out what to eat – it’s only necessary to follow the menu clearly. During each day, the obligatory rule is to drink one and a half liters of water a day.

14 Days Japanese diet menu:

1 day:

  • For breakfast – one cup of natural coffee without sugar.
  • For lunch – salad with boiled cabbage, dressed with olive oil plus two boiled eggs. You can drink it with tomato juice without salt.
  • For dinner – fish fillet steamed (about 250 g)

2 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee and biscuit, made from rye bread.
  • For lunch – fish in any form, 250. Salad from cabbage and vegetables with vegetable oil.
  • For dinner – boiled beef (100 g) plus kefir.

3 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee and biscuit.
  • For lunch – a large zucchini, cut into slices and fried in a small amount of butter.
  • For dinner – two boiled eggs plus boiled beef (200 g). Cabbage fresh salad with vegetable oil.

4 day:

  • For breakfast – Coffee.
  • For lunch – raw egg, a couple of carrots with vegetable oil, some hard cheese (15 g).
  • For dinner – Any fruit in a small amount. Exceptions are grapes, mangoes, and bananas.

5 day:

  • For breakfast – salad from a raw carrot with lemon juice.
  • For lunch – 250 g fish fillets in any form plus tomato juice.
  • For dinner – fruits, except banana, mango, and grapes.

6 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee,
  • For lunch – half a small boiled chicken or chicken fillet. Salad from cabbage and carrots in olive oil.
  • For dinner – two boiled eggs, a salad of carrots.

7 day:

  • For breakfast – green tea without sugar,
  • For lunch – boiled beef about 200 g, fruit in small quantities.
  • For dinner – Any choice from the previous days except the third day.

8 day:

  • For breakfast: carrot salad with lemon juice.
  • For lunch – fish plus tomato juice.
  • For dinner – two boiled eggs.

9 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee,
  • For lunch – 250 fish fillet for a couple plus tomato juice.
  • For dinner – fruit.

10 day:

  • For breakfast – green tea,
  • For lunch – raw egg and carrot salad, hard cheese 15
  • For dinner – boiled beef 200 g, salad from fresh cabbage.

11 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee plus crackers.
  • For lunch – fish and a salad of vegetables.
  • For dinner – 100 g of boiled meat and yogurt.

12 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee and biscuit.
  • For lunch – fish, and vegetables.
  • For dinner – boiled meat and yogurt.

13 day:

  • For breakfast – Coffee.
  • For lunch – salad from boiled cabbage and olive oil, 2 boiled eggs. Tomato juice.
  • For dinner – 250 g any fish.

14 day:

  • For breakfast – coffee,
  • For lunch – boiled fish or steamed, fresh cabbage salad.
  • For dinner – 200 г beef and yogurt.

When preparing foods, you can not use salt, this is a special protein-free salt-free diet. And do not forget to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. This is the kind of diet you should have if you decide to lose weight on the Japanese diet.

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And the Japanese themselves offer another type of diet, in which the following foods are allowed:

  • 400 grams of rice
  • 200 g fruit
  • Beans – 60 g
  • 120 g fish fillets
  • Milk 100 g
  • One egg
  • A couple of spoons of sugar
  • Vegetables 250 g

What doctors think about the Japanese diet for 14 days

This low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diet are considered strict and tough, consuming less per day than 1200 kcal. The body starts a kind of stress – the metabolism becomes slower, food frustration is not ruled out. However, it is the Japanese salt-free diet that is the most balanced among other diets. Some experts recommend taking a complex of vitamins during weight loss.

japanese diet for 14 days

Preparing for a diet

Before the beginning of difficult two weeks, it is necessary to prepare yourself not only psychologically. On the eve of the diet make yourself a light dinner – a small portion of rice, a little vegetable salad with Peking cabbage and radish or cucumbers and tomatoes. Do not salt it, but fill it with olive oil and a drop of vinegar. We recommend you to buy special chopsticks, you will immediately improve your mood, you will feel like a real Japanese. At the same time and learn to eat with their help.

What you need to buy for a diet of foods

Since in these two weeks you will have a different diet, you will need to go the day before to the store. We will help you make a list of the necessary products:

  1. Coffee is a premium natural, can be in beans or ground – 1 package
  2. Fresh eggs – 20 pcs.
  3. Fish fillet – 2 kg
  4. Green tea without flavors – 1 packaging
  5. Beef – 1 kg
  6. Chicken fillet – 1 kg
  7. Olive oil
  8. Vegetable oil
  9. Carrots – 2 kg
  10. Freshly cabbage – a couple of pcs.
  11. Courgettes – 1 kg
  12. Fruit – 1 kg
  13. Tomato juice – 2 l
  14. Kefir
  15. Lemon

Reviews about the 14 days Japanese diet

I did not think it would help at all. I sat on a variety of diets, oatmeal and buckwheat, even kefir, but did not lose weight. There was 78. Growing around 159 and this was giving me a lot of trouble. I decided to take care of myself.

I did not expect that the Japanese diet for 14 days will indeed work.

For a month 8 kg was burnt! I also go in for sports, I run. I’m in a good sense of shock.

How much I remember – all Japanese women are thin films. So I thought that probably they all have a secret – a true diet for weight loss. I stumbled upon a Japanese diet and cheers understood that I like it. Yes, in the beginning, it was difficult to adhere to all the rules and strictly observe the food. But after a couple of days I went into a rut and for 14 days I threw off 6 kg. For me, this is a great indicator. The diet actually works.

Decided to “test” the diet after gaining excess weight, after quitting smoking. At that moment, I always wanted to eat something. Simply, I began to replace smoking, very frequent meals. Found such a diet! The menu, definitely, liked it, and coffee in the morning, especially! The diet is very balanced and not “boring”, and most importantly, helped me get rid of 6 kg of excess weight!

Two weeks on this diet sat, I was attracted to its composition. Nothing complicated, fish, boiled meat, coffee can be (that I love), but as if I did not want to salt – it’s impossible, I sprinkled lemon juice if unbearably unbearable that. At the beginning of the 74 diet – at the end, two weeks later 68 kg! Am I happy with that? Of course! I wanted to eat, not without it, but I immediately green chicken, it helps!

Excellent diet. Yes, hard, but you can withstand if you have set a goal to lose weight. 5-6 kg leaves. This is the most effective diet and it is good that on every day the diet is strictly defined, so it is easier not to afford a “retreat”.

My result is 1-th time 5 kg, second time after birth 6 kg and weight is not returned, unless, of course, start eating everything »

After pregnancy, I gained extra pounds and for a long time could not lose weight. But in the end, I decided to take on myself and stopped on a strict (as for me) Japanese diet. The result was very gratifying, although at first, it was difficult. I was glad that almost every day for breakfast coffee is allowed – without it, I can not live. On the third or fourth day has already got used, and it became much easier to adhere to the diet. For two weeks I managed to lose almost 7 kilogram! I think I’ll repeat it in a couple of months. Girls, believe in yourself and be beautiful!

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