Japanese diet for 7 days – lose weight without complications

In the world of numerous diets and complexes for weight loss is difficult not to get lost. How to choose the right system to throw a few extra pounds. Firstly. You should decide on nutrition, which is what your body likes. Even if the diet is a pleasant and easy way to get a beautiful tightened body.

Today I want to talk about the Japanese diet, all "for" and "against" both the luminaries of medicine, and regular users of this method for losing weight for 7 days!

Just a few years ago, the Japanese diet for Europeans became known, the inventor of which was Dr. Kovalkov, a professor of the famous Japanese clinic "Jaeks". Why is there so much talk about this eating pattern today that attracts slimming people in such a complex of products that should be consumed at least 7 days?

Before you throw the meat and cakes from the refrigerator, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of such a complex of food.

Pros of the Japanese diet for 7 days:

  • The more weight, the more significantly the body loses weight. During the diet, you can lose more than 7 kg per week.
  • The body quickly adapts to a new way of eating, the menu of the Japanese diet is not complex and quite common for everyone.
  • The essence of the Japanese diet is not only to deprive the body of several kilograms, but this is also an excellent option to normalize the metabolism and change the better habits of eating.
  • Stable result that lost-no more returns!
  • Too low calorie diet for each day, which can cause weakness, exhaustion, impaired coordination, drowsiness and loss of consciousness. Therefore, nutritionists are not advised to sit on it more than 7 days a year. Yes, yes, no longer. Beauty is beauty, and health is above all!
  • Presence of a huge list of contraindications, these are problems with the stomach, heart, blood vessels, liver, high blood pressure. Coffee every day not every organism will survive.
  • NO diet in Japanese pregnant and breast-feeding, there is a risk of loss of milk and a lack of vitamins for the developing fetus.
  • And most importantly, it's three meals a day with a diet, this is provided that all leading doctors and nutritionists are advised to take food 5 once a day, but in small portions.


Such a Japanese diet for 7 days is more for people who are trying to lose a huge amount of kilograms, and so far they have not been able to. A week of time, and a stable satisfied result. But in any case, before you switch to an unusual way of eating, you need to consult a specialist.

A strict menu of the Japanese diet for a week. Let's start losing weight

For a better effect before starting such nutrition, dieticians are advised to prepare the body, for this it is necessary to try to eat food completely without salt in five days, remove sweets, smoked foods, alcohol from the ration and spend a day on kefir. This will already contribute to the deprivation of hated centimeters of fat.

The Japanese diet of 7 days is fully balanced, detailed by experts to take into account all the needs of the body, so it must be done strictly by order.

Notice. You can not replace products with similar ones and change the days in places, then the result will be lower than desired.

It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, more than two liters, preferably without gas and sweeteners. After waking up and every time two hours before a meal you need to drink a glass of ordinary purified liquid, and afterwards already eat other foods.

If in the early days of the diet according to the menu of the Japanese protein diet you will not be saturated with the body, then experts advise to resort to small tricks:

  1. During the meal, you must thoroughly chew the food, it will promote effective digestion and digestion of food, and also help reduce the caloric intake of the diet by 12%. From an early age, children are taught not to rush during meals, this is the best option to keep the pep stay and the harmony of the body.
  2. If the feeling of hunger does not leave, you can drink a glass of water, often a sense of thirst provokes the body to take unnecessary food, and all in all enough to saturate the diet clean and gas-free liquid.
  3. To avoid overeating, food should be placed in small white plates that visually shorten the space for food additives and increase the feeling of satiety. Do not recommend eating while watching TV and talking on the phone. Do not overeat, focus only on the required amount of taking food.
  4. In a few days the body will get used to such an eating pattern, the stomach will shrink in volume and the feeling of saturation will come faster. The Japanese advise eating in handfuls, saying that this is quite enough to satisfy hunger. That's why they are all thin and fit. Let's keep up with it!
  5. Forward to a beautiful and slim body!

Exit from the Japanese salt-free diet

No matter how hard you try and follow all the instructions of specialists, an incorrect exit from the diet can lead to lamentable results, and all the weight dropped can return instantly. To prevent this, you need to permanently fix the weight gained in the process of weight loss, so do not recommend after seven days of a strict diet to pounce on the whole meal at once and consume it in large portions. To fully adapt the body, it is desirable to stick to some elements of the Japanese diet for a month, eat plenty of fruit, drink plenty of liquid, eat less sweet and spicy, and not abuse smoked foods and salty dishes.

Perhaps your body will become so used to proper nutrition that all subsequent time will not have to worry about extra pounds and inches at the waist.

The adaptive period is also called the Japanese diet 13-14 days. According to the table, you should alternate the menu of the ninth day to the fifth, 10-4, 11-3, 12-2, 13 on 1.

Popular reviews of the Japanese diet of doctors and users of this type of food.

If properly prepared for the beginning of the diet, then the results will be comforting. For example, Elena writes from the city of Krasnodar.

  • Before the beginning of the weight loss course, I consulted with a nutritionist, he prescribed me a prescription adjusted for my body, and I strictly adhered to it 7 days, after slowly leaving the diet for three weeks. I lost weight on 6 kg, this was enough for me. Now I continue to adhere to some features of Japanese food and I do not regret that I took such a risk. My figure is slender and the mood is excellent.

But Katerina from the city of M. decided this issue drastically, as a result of which the results were paid. Let's listen:

  • I tried the Japanese diet for seven days without special preparations, sat down and everything. I wanted to lose 10 kg by the principle of "today and immediately". Me ate was enough for six days, there was terrible fatigue, vomiting, an unceasing feeling of hunger. Yes, I lost 5 kg, they did not return to me, but I completely ruined my stomach during this time. Two months of treatment in the hospital and then still not all thank God. Maybe it's because of my body's non-acceptance of such a way of eating, I do not know. One thing is for sure, you can not take such a cardinal decision on your own. Only with a nutritionist or other specialist. I am very upset, to me the Japanese diet has brought only harm!

Japanese diet as a cardinal change in appearance

To date, the Japanese food system – it is only a healthy and balanced food, where the main source of complex carbohydrates in the diet is brown rice, and fresh fruits and vegetables saturate the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. Only small portions, and not any overeating.

All experiments with the body should be conducted under the supervision of a physician.

Be healthy and beautiful, let your inner voice remember telling you every morning: "You are the most charming and attractive!", believe me, then there will be no reason to go to a nutritionist and starve yourself.

Video about the Japanese diet


How many myself I remember was overweight. To me now only 22 year, but, believe, I have tried about 50 various diets! And it's better not to find a Japanese diet! Personally for me, she came just perfect !! I dropped 6 kg per week. But this is not the main thing. It was the simplest and most effective for me. The most difficult was to get used to "hungry" breakfasts, I was used to eating a lot in the morning, but adapted quickly enough. And after this diet, finally, I did not have to sit on diets anymore, I just fell in love to eat right :))) Now I weigh 52 kilograms with the growth of 165. For me, this is an ideal ratio. I recommend to try!

Because of prolonged stress and prescribed by the doctor, antidepressants scored as many as 17 (!) – it's scary to think – a kilogram. While coming out of depression, excess weight did not bother me much. I came to myself, looked in the mirror and was horrified, fat all over my body! I will not say that the Japanese diet for 7 days completely restored my former harmony, but I wrote down "minus 9 kg" in my personal asset!))

During the second pregnancy recovered at 32 kg. For me, this is a critical indicator, since before pregnancy I weighed 54 kg. While breastfeeding it was hoped that the weight would decrease by itself, but two years passed and the floor scales showed 86 kg. On the Internet, revised a lot of diets, but for some reason chose its choice on the Japanese weight loss diet for seven days. I can not say that the first week was easy for me, but there were no side-effects fortunately. and a week minus 5 kg. Now my weight is 59 kg. Thanks to this diet.

And most importantly, all these foods can be eaten by nursing mothers! I was also bribed. I like fish and chicken very much. You can eat your favorite foods and lose weight. Coffee in the morning is also very happy!

I totally agree! It is very difficult to eat, what is suitable for the child, so that it does not affect the figure. And in this diet everything just perfectly matches. And the baby is full and happy, and Mom too!

Over the winter, I collected more 10 extra pounds. She did not have a healthy lifestyle, there was a lot of stress, because of this, she recovered very much, she began to get ready for the summer, and she wanted to lose weight, tried many different diets, but failed at all, could not go through the diet to the end. And already disorganized in everything, hands fell. Then the girlfriend recommended a Japanese diet, honestly I did not believe that I could survive the whole diet, and then a week of training takes place and I drop 6 kilo, was shocked, and realized that this should not stop, as a result, for a month I threw off about 15 kg, not could believe in this miracle. I recommend to all!

Totally agree with you, Elena! At first it was very hard! It seemed that I was about to surrender! But when I began to notice the results of my work, I began to get easier and easier! With each weighing, the stimulus grew with the number of kilos that had been discarded!

The only thing, I had a hard time with coffee. I'm not an amateur at all, but I almost need to drink almost every day. Sometimes my stomach hurt because of coffee. But I also withstood it, because the article says that it is not advisable to change something in the diet.

As a result, 17 kg per month. Now I just support the form.

Thank you very much to this diet.

In winter, as always, the question arose, how to manage to lose weight by the summer? And I went in search of a new, suitable diet for me. I stumbled upon the Japanese diet 7 days, I will say at once I'm a big fan of coffee and have breakfast only for them, so I immediately chose this diet, because half of the diet is already there))

The food list was printed and hung on the refrigerator (since the products can not be replaced or replaced) next to the leaf where the results were recorded. What was my surprise when once again becoming on the scales, I realized that I threw off 5 kg and it's only a week. Yes, and I felt much better, there was such a feeling of lightness. For me, this is a chic result, so it's definitely a diet for me!

Just be careful there are quite a lot of contraindications, well, be sure to get out of the diet correctly!

How much or As far as I have understood, you have decided in the winter to grow thin by the summer. But the Japanese diet is not designed for such a long period. How could you constantly maintain the achieved result after losing weight?

My mother experienced a lot of stress and this greatly improved. She had depression on this basis. And I found a Japanese diet, and advised her to try. Mom thought for several days and decided, the more I found my girlfriend in misfortune and they decided to compete. They added fitness classes to the diet and a week later they were not recognized. Everyone has lost weight and looks happy and happy. Now everyone is recommended this diet.

Oh, I have a similar situation. Mom did not fit well, no diet: the food is small, that is, often uncomfortable, then tasteless, and then miracles. Eats with pleasure, because the diet is not just water and rice, but a varied menu with meat and fruit. The result was not long in coming: for 7 days minus 4 kg)

At me growth 160 see, and weight 65-67 kg, and so he about one year keeps. I can not lose weight in any way! ((((

And sitting on kefir, and on cabbage, nothing helps. A little thin, and after a week – two again, my extra pounds returned .. (((

And after trying this diet, I threw off a month 5 kg, and weight after the termination of the diet is kept long enough)))))))

And the diet is so delicious .. us-us))

The Japanese diet really helps! I have a sedentary job, and after work immediately go home, so I do not have time for myself at all, especially for sports and exercise, in the evening I always wanted to grab a cookie, a candy, a cutlet! Tired, and decided to try the Japanese diet, of course, at first did not believe in the result, but when with 73 kg I lost weight to 63, and then 59 – it was unexpected. Just set myself the goal – to be slim, at least slimmer than it was. The main thing is to believe and go to the goal, the diet will help for sure!

It's not a diet, it's my salvation. I never thought that I would ever be on a diet, but one serious stress that I had eaten for several months terrified me, on the scales + 10 kilo and aversion to my own reflection in the mirror. The Japanese diet found on the Internet, she was very praised, they said that weight was not lost and metabolism was changing. They talked in vain, I tried it in December, threw down 7 kilo (!) And still (and already in June) I keep this weight. The Japanese diet is just my salvation, I did not even think that I could easily transfer it.

"The Japanese diet for 7 days – lose weight without complications" – sounds like a fairy tale. But in fact, believe my experience, it is. A week before the graduation, I decided to try this diet, this was my last chance. In the end, for the promised 7 days I managed to throw off 5 kilogram. On the last day I even had to sew a dress, because it stopped sitting right!

I was seven days in Japanese, all the minus 1 kg. Given that the original weight of 62kg with the growth of 166sm. All strictly according to the list. Conclusion, all these are the below said sms vranje. And people hope, believe = (


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