Japanese diet for 7 days

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The Japanese diet for 7 days is the shortest version of the same method of losing weight: there are also schemes designed for 13 and 14 days. The main advantage of the seven-day regime is that in such a short time, you can achieve impressive results. The average weight loss is 3-6 kg.

However, a Japanese diet lasting only one week is a serious test for willpower. This system of weight loss is not without reason considered one of the most stringent. Therefore, if there is no, first of all, psychological readiness, then it is not worth to sit down on such a diet.

Every person who decided to lose weight and chose a Japanese diet to achieve this goal, you need to understand what is responsible for losing weight.

First, the diet menu is very strict. It practically lacks breakfast, and the number of meals is limited to three. Japanese diet does not suggest snacking.

Secondly, the diet is very low-calorie. On average, a person gets about 1100 calories per day, and sometimes only 700 kcal. In addition, the products are selected so that the body launched certain chemical reactions, which are aimed at burning fat.

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Third, for a week a person eats almost only protein food, which is the main focus. Carbohydrates and fats, of course, are present, but in very limited quantities. Strengthens the effect of losing weight the fact that the menu is not devoid of fiber.

If these arguments seemed convincing to you, then you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the Japanese seven-day diet.

The rules of the Japanese diet for 7 days

You can not adjust the sequence specified in the menu at your own discretion. That is, the diet of Tuesday can not be replaced by the set of products that is intended for Thursday, and so on.

Dishes in the menu of one day can not be changed in places: for example, it is forbidden to eat for dinner those products that rely on lunch.

Coffee or green tea, which is drunk for breakfast, should be without the addition of sugar or milk.

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Food during cooking is extremely undesirable salt. However, if it is very difficult to eat food without salt, then its small number in dishes is acceptable.

The drinking regime must be strictly observed. In a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water without gas. This volume does not include coffee, tea and yogurt.

Every morning on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of warm water. Also, you must drink water half an hour before meals and two hours after eating.

It is necessary to enter the diet correctly, for which it is necessary to start preparing the organism in advance. At least a week, you should stop using fried, fatty, spicy and too salty foods. Preference should be given to boiled rice, low-fat meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as sour-milk products.

To leave the diet, too, you need to gradually. That is, after 7 days you can not immediately return to the menu that the person adhered to earlier. Portions need to be increased gradually. Also, you can gradually start to introduce carbohydrate and fatty foods.

To consolidate the result, you must adhere to the proper nutrition and limit the calorie content of the dishes in the future.

Products are allowed to cook and bake, although even their roasting is possible. But to abuse this method of heat treatment should not be.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be every day at the same time, they can not be missed.

All food should be chewed especially carefully. This will contribute to the fact that the products are better absorbed and digested, which is extremely necessary with such low caloric content.

Mute the feeling of hunger allows a glass of water without gas.

To ensure that the diet does not become torture for a slimming person, you can bring some oriental flavor to it. For example, eat all the food with wooden sticks. During the meal, you can listen to oriental music or watch Asian movies. This will make the process of losing weight more interesting and unusual, especially since the psychological mood remains a very important element in any diet.

How to choose the right products?

Breakfast of the Japanese diet consists mainly of coffee, because it is this invigorating drink that allows you to start and disperse the metabolism. A cup of a cafe does not harm people against a background of complete health, even if they consume it on an empty stomach (having previously drunk a glass of warm water). However, the most important condition is that the coffee should be of high quality. It is inadmissible during a diet to use coffee “3 in 1” or a powder low-grade drink. If a person can not drink natural coffee, then it is allowed to replace it with quality green tea.

Cabbage is one of the basic foods in the Japanese diet. In addition to the fact that it has a low caloric content, the body spends more energy on it than digesting it. Also, cabbage is a valuable source of fiber, which gives the intestines an opportunity to function normally. It is important to choose medium-sized forks so that they do not have rot or mold. The same concerns the choice of carrots.

Chicken and beef, which are used in the menu of the Japanese diet, must be necessarily fresh. It is best to take not frozen, but chilled meat. The product should have a low calorie content, so for the preparation of dishes use chicken breast and lean beef fillet.

Fish also need to choose low-fat, but it should be sea, not river. For example, you can use hake fillets, cod, blue whiting and sea bass. Honeydew, pollock and navaga are suitable for cooking steamed or in the oven. In addition to the fact that these inhabitants of the sea have low caloric content, they are also absorbed by the organism by 100%.

Even for the compilation of the menu you will need chicken eggs, tomato juice, olive oil, low-fat cheese, kefir and fruit. You can use almost any fruit except bananas and grapes.

Lunch: A glass of tomato juice, 2 boiled eggs, a cabbage salad with olive oil

Dinner: Fish for a couple (250 g).

Breakfast: Rye rusk, coffee.

Lunch: Boiled fish (250 g), cabbage salad with olive oil.

Dinner: Boiled beef (100 g), a glass of low-fat kefir.

Breakfast: Rye rusk, coffee.

Lunch: Fried zucchini in unlimited quantities.

Dinner: Beef boiled (200 g), boiled chicken eggs (2 pcs.), Cabbage salad.

Lunch: Boiled egg, cheese (50 g), boiled carrots.

Breakfast: Boiled carrots with lemon juice.

Lunch: A pound of boiled chicken breast, a cabbage salad with carrots, dressed with olive oil.

Lunch: Steam fish (200 g), tomato juice.

Dinner: Cabbage salad, two boiled eggs.

Breakfast: Green tea.

Lunch: Boiled beef (200 g), pear.

Dinner: Fish for a couple (200 g), a glass of yogurt.

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Benefits of the Japanese diet for 7 days

Like any other method of losing weight, the Japanese diet has its advantages, among which:

For a week, you can lose up to 6 kg of excess weight, which is a very good result.

Many people after a seven-day limit in the menu get used to such a moderate type of food and switch to it later (meaning small portions sizes). Adaptation of the organism to food restrictions is quite fast.

In addition to getting rid of excess kilograms, the diet allows you to remove toxins from the body and normalize the metabolism.

The effect of the Japanese diet lasts a long time, but on condition that the person will continue to eat properly.

This diet is suitable even for the most modest budget, since the products on which it is based are affordable. In addition, they can be found on store shelves all year round.

Disadvantages of the Japanese diet for 7 days

The Japanese diet for 7 days has some drawbacks, among which one can especially highlight the following points:

Since the calorie content of the daily menu is very low, a person will experience hunger, especially in the first days after entering the diet. This can trigger the onset of weakness, drowsiness, and sometimes even disruption in coordination of movements. At conditions close to a faint, from a diet it is necessary to refuse.

The diet has certain contraindications, including cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, urinary system diseases, pregnancy and lactation.

The diet involves eating food 3 times a day, and there is no snack in it. Most nutritionists consider this a huge drawback and insist that the number of approaches to the table per day should be at least five. Otherwise, the body begins to experience great stress.

Results of the Japanese diet for 7 days

Seven-day Japanese diet is a very effective method of losing weight. Thanks to it you can get rid, on average, of 5 extra pounds, and sometimes even more. The final result depends on the person’s initial weight, as well as on the individual characteristics of the organism. There are data that for a week some people lost up to 7-9 kg. At the same time, their initial weight was quite impressive.

In addition, that the diet allows you to quickly eliminate excess weight, the result will be kept for a long time. The only condition is just the right way out of the technique of losing weight and observance of the principle of moderation in food in the future.

Elvira. During pregnancy, I gained 20 extra pounds. Ten of them left immediately after birth, and another ten simply did not move from their seats. I decided to try the Japanese diet and did not regret it. Has got rid of 5 kg in just a week and voila – the weight has not returned. Three months have already passed, now I wait for two more to pass, and again I will try to correct my figure. Yes, the diet was given to me hard, but it did not cause any side effects.

Elena. This diet was recommended to me by a friend, since I collected 10 kg during the winter. Especially in the positive result I did not believe, but I tried and was not disappointed. Just a week got rid of 4,8 kg. I will lose weight and all advise this diet. Difficult, but possible!

Alina. It’s not even a diet, but a real life ring for women who are striving for an ideal figure. I hardly limit myself to eating on ordinary days. But once in 3 month I use a seven-day Japanese diet and keep my weight under control. And I live: I have gained 4-5 kg, I lose weight a week. Weight does not return long – about 3 months, provided that I’m inclined to fullness and eat whatever I want. I advise you to try all the girls with a similar problem.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

The menu of the Japanese diet consists of 13 days. The Japanese diet is characterized by the speed of losing weight and an excellent end result. The Japanese diet 13 days is what most people choose! After all, the result is stored on 2-3 year! But we will warn you to strictly follow the diet !! You can not replace a single product! Otherwise it will be.

The minimum result of the Japanese diet, which was observed is 3 kg. The maximum is 10 kg. The average ball in weight loss is 5.7 kg. As you can see, the Japanese diet is very effective. Losing weight is guaranteed to any person! But in no case do not eat up after a diet, otherwise the weight can completely return. Such a problem.

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