Juice Diets for Weight Loss – How to Correctly Apply?


juice diets for weight lossWhat is the Juice Diets for Weight Loss? Contents of jars, small bottles, boxes which are restricting on shelves of shops? Not absolutely so. The above-named liquids are sweet drinks containing or concentrated juice divorced several times, or dyes and flavoring additives. They do not fully slake, but also add extra calories.  However it isn’t needed to think that recently squeezed organic juice – panacea from all issues. If to use natural 100% juice intelligently – it is possible to provide additionally benefit to itself, and thus lose weight.

How is it done?

Juice diets for weight loss be called juice clarification, because throughout reception of juice there is, first, organism saturation by multivitamins and microcells, and second, juice has healing effect. In our case it will be getting rid of toxins, acceleration of processes of a metabolism and metabolism improvement.

This type of diet is a low-calorie, so organism receives a very small amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates. For this reasons the juice diet is so successful for weight loss. And another surprise: together with the decision of problems of excess weight it is probable to get rid of related illnesses such as atherosclerosis, pressure jumps, various diseases of the liver and kidneys, and also diabetes.

Scheme of juice diets for weight loss.

You can find many plans according to which it is possible to carry out juice diets. Within various days prior to starting of a diet it is required to minimize consumption of meat food, in 2-3 days to decline from fried and smoked, slowly adding a portion of juice, or replacing juice, for example, dinner or breakfast. It is possible to carry out previous to eating plan a fasting day on vegetables and fruit. Or spend it on the juice, drank about one liter of beverage, which consists of 3 parts juice and 1 portion of filtered or distilled water.

Scheme diet one chooses their own, depending on the characteristics of the organism, the work and relax schedule, and also persistence on observance of principles of a diet:

  • Some experts suggest simply introduce more juice to the diet without changing your lifestyle. However, you will get a minimal effect.
  • It is possible to replace also a breakfast and a dinner with a glass of the natural juice diluted with water, and to make a dinner vegetarian. Experience shows that such scheme gives much bigger effect.
  • The most permanent, resolutely aimed on fast and unconditional growing thin are able to afford from 3 to 5 and more days to sit on only one juice, drinking it about a liter a day. Thus it is necessary to be ready to that  diet is very close to starvation.
  • Who strongly focused on the rapid and unconditional weight loss can afford 3 to 5 and more days to sit on only one juice, drinking it about a liter a day. Thus it is necessary to be ready to that diet is very close to starvation.

How to cook the juice for weight loss.

All already know that for preparation of juice it is necessary to take the ripe fruits, not impaired. Only they will give the desired effect therefore you shouldn’t experiment and spend money on unsuitable products – to lose weight fail. Depending on a type of fruit use a juicer or blender, previously having cut a product on small pieces. The juice is desirable to drink immediately after cooking, as early as the first hour it loses some vitamins and minerals, and after 4 hours of storage is just useless.

The cooking process can be turned into a kind of a fantasy game. It’s not necessarily to drink only one kind of juice at the same time. It is possible to make such cocktails which recipes will be envied by the most prestigious restaurants. From this you get the benefit and enjoyment. In any diet are very important mood, commitment and belief in the positive effect.

Disadvantages juice diets for weight loss.

This diet is very low-calorie. Therefore at its observance there can be a headache and the temporary weakness, some drowsiness. Allergic reactions to fruit, and also exacerbation of gastritis or stomach ulcer aren’t excluded. It is necessary to watch also acidity of a stomach and if it is increased, to exclude reception of apple, lemon, orange and garnet juice. At serious diseases – such as diabetes or a urolithic illness – consultation with the doctor is obligatory. And one more caution: it is better to drink sweet fruit juice through a straw because they contribute destruction of tooth enamel.

Pay close attention to the reactions of the organism during two months after procedure. The human body can transfer a juice diet, and then tends to return everything back. Emergence of “brutal” appetite isn’t excluded. At identification of these symptoms drink more water or green tea. Everything will go back to normal. Otherwise, the lost kilograms will quickly return.

During nutrition you need to adhere to a healthy food. You should avoid fast food. Food should be fresh, healthy and tasty.

Choice of juice for weight loss.
First, you need to know opinion of the doctor.

Secondly, you have to be guided by own taste. So cabbage juice overnight not necessary. Beet juice should not be drinking in a pure form – it acts on the irritable bowel. But at all this the advantage of beet juice is huge – it helps to adjust work of a liver and normalizes a fatty exchange. It can be diluted with other juice or water. Fruit juices are also useful.

Two-day juice diets for weight loss menu.

First breakfast: cup of unsweetened good green tea, herbal tea with a lemon slice, or a slice of lemon brew with boiling water and add a bit of cayenne pepper. Glass of tomato or carrot juice, or a mix of several vegetables.

Second breakfast: herbal tea or a glass of water  (mineral without gas). Juice from pumpkin, cabbage, beet, or the mixed vegetable. A glass of water with lemon or lime.

Lunch: the vegetable mixed juice. Example: 2 parts of carrot, 3 parts cucumber, 1 portion of beet, 0,3 parts of juice of a celery. Or: 2 parts of carrot, 2 parts apple, 1 part of the beet. This is a useful and tasty. Tomato juice is better to dilute a small portion of celery juice. Juices are used most rich, nutritious.

Afternoon snack: glass of warm water. Any vegetable juice or vegetable broth.

Dinner: the juice from vegetables or mix of vegetables and fruits.

Juice diets for weight loss should be followed two days. If very much torments hunger, it is allowed to add a few avocado, carrots, apple puree – no more than one cup at a dinner.

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    I would like to know directly the most simple way I could eat so that I am stable and feel well. I am on 55 different prescription for Lupus, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, arthritis, and chronic pain disorder. My hair is dry and briskly, my skin is discolored, I am in pain most of the time with out any ease. I am on Morphine and narco, pain patches, and was just put on an antidepressant. I want to do so many things in my life at age 65 now, I am 5′-4″. I weight about 130lbs, but I have about 44% fat content. My cholesterol is high but the good cholesterol is also high. I eat mostly salmon, but I have a sweet tooth. I eat lots of fruit and recently started eating celery. I like cheese too much and a recent habit of eating bread. can you suggest anything to help me or should I just go get with a good hospice group.

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