Kefir-apple diet

Kefir-apple diet today is gaining popularity every day. And it has all the grounds – it allows not only to reduce weight in the shortest time, but also helps to cleanse the body of accumulated slags and toxins, which exacerbate the skin condition, slows down the growth of hair and nails, and hinder the full process of metabolism.

Benefit or harm?

The essence of the kefir-apple diet is to eat only apples and yogurt for several days. Therefore, before talking about the benefits of this diet, you need to consider each product individually.

Apples themselves are considered a dietary product, because they contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body, while their caloric content per 100 g of products does not exceed 47 kcal. They on 80% consist of water, so that when they are used, the feeling of hunger quickly disappears. The amount of proteins and fats in 100 g fresh apples does not exceed 0,4 g, and the carbohydrate content in them is slightly elevated – 9,8 g.

And this despite the fact that they contain in themselves:

In addition, according to scientists, apple pits prevent the appearance of malignant tumors. However, their use should be limited to 4 – 6 bones per day, as they contain the glycoside amygdalin, which releases acid in large doses, the effect of which can be compared to poison. But since with a kefir-apple diet, you do not have to eat bones, you should not worry about it.

You can find out more about the benefits of apples by watching the following video:

Kefir is a dietary product, which is one of the main ingredients of most diets. It has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system. Caloric content of kefir is only 56 kcal per 100 g of product. Also in 100 d it contains:

Also this product has the following actions on the body:

  • normalizes sleep;
  • increases immunity;
  • Displays excess fluid;
  • purifies the stomach from toxins and toxins;
  • stabilizes the work of the nervous system.

Kefir is very useful for children and pregnant women, as well as for older people, because it contains a large amount of calcium, which is necessary for strengthening bones. In addition, the rapid assimilation of calcium contributes to other minerals that are in the composition of kefir, so it does not leave the body.

As you can see, these two products are ideal – they not only promote weight loss, but also replenish the supply of minerals and vitamins. But why the apple-kefir diet, and not "kefir" or "apple"? The answer to this question is simple – using these products individually, you will undoubtedly lose weight, but the monotonous menu, which already on the second day begins to "become boring", leads to nervous breakdowns and a desire to return to the previous diet.

And besides, these diets individually can cause even a small harm to the body. For example, the "apple" diet implies the use of 1,5 – 2 kg of apples per day, which can affect the stomach, as they secrete acids. A "kefir" diet removes from the body unnecessary substances only the first 2 days, then the supplies of useful ones start to be exhausted, and there is nothing to fill them with, as there is nothing more to eat than kefir in this diet.

As for the kefir-apple diet, it is good that kefir removes all unnecessary from the body, and apples replenish the reserves of minerals and vitamins. Since apples contain a lot of iron, they help maintain the level of hemoglobin in the blood (red corpuscles responsible for oxygen supply to the organs by the vessels). But those acids that they secrete negatively affect the stomach, while kefir envelops the walls of the organ, supporting acid imbalance. Therefore, the benefits of kefir-apple diet on the face.

Contraindications kefir-apple diet

Diet kefir + apple has its contraindications. Its use is not allowed to persons suffering:

  • violation of the cardiovascular system;
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Also, such a diet is prohibited for pregnant women and children up to 16 years.

How fast does weight go?

If all the rules are followed, the weight will start to go away from the first days of dieting. Apple-kefir diet results in colossal results – for the first 3 days you can lose up to 3 kg in weight, or even more, it all depends on the characteristics of the body.

Duration of the diet should not exceed 9 days. During this time the weight is significantly reduced, up to 10 kg and more. However, such a prolonged diet can inflict great harm to the body, so it can only comply with perfectly healthy people.

Menu of the kefir-apple diet

Kefir-apple diet is calculated for 3, 7 and 9 days. In the diet there are only apples and kefir, the amount of which should not exceed 1,5 kg per day. These products can be eaten either individually or mixed with each other, for example, making a kind of cocktail.

Kefir-apple diet 3 day implies the alternation of foods that are eaten. For example:

  • 1 day – 1,5 kg of fresh apples;
  • 2 day – 1,5 liters of kefir;
  • 3 day – 1,5 kg of apples.

As for the diet, which is designed for 7 days, here the first three days the products are consumed just like in the previous diet, then they can be mixed with each other or eat them alternately, for example, for breakfast – apples, for lunch – kefir, for an afternoon snack – apples, for dinner – kefir.

To diversify the menu of kefir and apple diet for 9 days, you can make a cocktail from these products. To do this, you need to grate the peeled apple on a fine grater, the idea to fill it with one glass of kefir. That the drink was not too sour, you need to use sweet apples.

Unloading kefir-apple diet

This variant of a diet is most suitable for carrying out unloading days, for example, after holidays. It also has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, if it is applied once a week.

So, waking up in the morning, drink one glass of 1% kefir. After an hour and a half, drink another glass of kefir and eat a small green apple. For lunch, it is allowed to eat 200 g of boiled fish. Dinner includes 2 large apples and one small slice of low-fat cheese. If you feel a strong hunger, because of which you can not fall asleep, do not be afraid and drink another glass of kefir or warm boiled water.

Such unloading days will only benefit your body! And how to do this and what you can eat during the unloading of the body, will tell the following video:

You need to lose weight on health, and not to harm!

Reviews about kefir-apple diet

The diet is effective, but I was able to limit my diet to two foods for only 3 days. The result is minus 3 kg and the weight in the abdomen disappeared. Apples and yogurt I love and so for me to eat for three days only they turned out to be quite easy, which can not be said of my friend who is not enthusiastic about apples and has stomach problems. On the third day of the diet, after another sour apple, she started heartburn. Its result is minus 2 kg and in the future will choose a diet with a more suitable menu for a gentle stomach.

To say that kefir-apple diet is effective – do not say anything. Girls, it's just a bomb! Loud on it literally in August. Over the summer, I got 6 extra pounds. I did not want to come to the university on 1 September in a vague form. Decided to act radically. Diet chose because of kefir – I love him very much. But I do not like mono-diet on kefir, so I decided to vary it with apples. The result surpassed all expectations. Barely lasted 9 days. On the tenth she stood on the scales: – 7,2! Is this not the result? Was delighted! I advise all very much as an operative method of combating obesity.

I sat on kefir-apple half a year ago, I liked it. Has thrown out 3 kg and the stomach has considerably decreased! By the way, the weight did not return after switching to normal power, so I was very much afraid that we quickly recruit the kilograms back. Of course, the menu is monotonous, I always wanted to eat a cookie or candy, but the effect is worth it, I believe! The main thing is to take vitamins during a diet, so that the body feels good.

Once again having looked at my photos three years ago, I realized that I need to take myself in hand . otherwise it will blow even more. About the diet read a lot, but decided to stop for kefir-apple. I had no problems with health (this is important, since the diet is very heavy) and I decided . I sat on it for a week, the result was minus 8 kg and . complete hatred of apples and yogurt (passed a month later). After the kefir-apple diet, I tried to keep myself in hand. To fix the result I sit on it for 3 days every 2-3 months. The diet is strict, but effective!

from personal experience I can say that for a long time to sit on such a diet will not work, because everyone likes to eat) it is important to observe the correct way out after a diet. I lost a week in weight on 4 kg, or rather, I think that I cleaned the body of toxins and toxins. The diet I liked, easy, unloading, products available to everyone, so who wants to quickly throw off a few pounds and cleanse the body, diet for this very thing.

My weight went up to a hundred (It's an eerie sight on the scales and in the mirror, I hate myself and the fridge, but my hands are treacherously reaching out there, because there are always tasty cookies for my husband and son, when I was tied at the seam by trousers of 56 size, I realized that this is the limit, either I, or weight. I started with kefir-apple

diet, because both of the products I love, so the choice fell on her. Minus 6 kg for 1,5 of the week! Will you say a little? But for me this is an excellent result! For further weight loss I will use kefir-apple unloading))

Kefir-apple diet is just my favorite! I hate to limit myself to eating, but with this diet, weight loss is easy. I can not say that I was wildly fat, but after a hearty holiday, my stomach and thighs were in a deplorable state. I arranged loading days, and to my surprise in 4 days I got on the scales and did not find 2 kilogram. The stomach does not feel heaviness, the complexion has improved. In general, if you need to quickly lose a few pounds, this diet is the best assistant.

Kefir-curd and kefir-apple diet can be combined and continue 2-3 days, much more noticeable results, if you need to lose weight urgently. Before this, you can drink a laxative decoction, and then add any diuretic decoctions, if the pressure is all right. Instead of water I drink a decoction of dogrose with honey or other useful fees, add a little honey or dried fruit to cottage cheese for a change. I cook sour-milk products myself, the purchase is not recommended for dietary nutrition. Therefore I stock up with all kinds of leaven, recently I use "Bakdzdrav", good reviews about this company, I can fully confirm.


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