Kefir-buckwheat diet or lose weight without stress

Quickly lose weight without harm to the body and prevent the return of excess kilograms with an additional "trailer" . Is it possible? In this century, boiling with new discoveries and inventions in the field of dietetics and healthy lifestyles, every woman has a rich experience of dietary restrictions on the way to harmony. But, as a rule, most of the tried and tested methods did not lead to a long-term and stable result, and many of them could do harm to health.

What is a kefir-buckwheat diet? Is it a serious technique, confirmed by clinical trials, or another fashionable invention with dubious evidence of effectiveness? To answer these questions, you need to understand where the roots come from and what is the useful essence of this diet.

Origin of kefir-buckwheat diet

Kefir-buckwheat diet in the medical language refers to the category of mono-diet, i.e. The organization of a food with prevalence of the same products during 10-14 days. The invention of this method of rapid weight loss refers to the last century.

Modern specialists in the field of proper nutrition also often use such techniques, most often in cases where a quick result is required. But an important condition for the appointment of a mono-diet is the complete health of the patient's gastrointestinal tract and good general health. Otherwise, a combined type of diet is assigned, i.e. with the additional introduction of a small number of different products and a stronger thermal treatment of the main ingredients.

On the example of kefir-buckwheat diet it looks like this.

Kefir-buckwheat diet is ideal

For perfectly healthy people, the kefir-buckwheat diet supposes the use of buckwheat groats for the whole day with minimal heat treatment (without cooking) in amounts up to 400-500 grams in combination with 1 liters of kefir and 1.5 liters of pure water.

This mode is maintained for at least 7 and not more than 14 days, with a repetition of the course in one month. During the diet, a small amount of non-sweet fruit and vegetables is allowed in the morning and at lunch. In addition, the entire period of time when a diet is being taken, it is necessary to take a complex of vitamins and daily exercise.

Expected Results

As a result, during this period of time the body gets rid of excess fatty tissue in the amount of 10-12 kg, depending on the individual characteristics of the body, as well as swelling, toxins and toxins.

To maintain weight at the achieved level, experts recommend, after achieving the desired effect, to conduct weekly unloading days using this method.

Menu of kefir-buckwheat diet

Before proceeding to the menu of the ideal variant of kefir-buckwheat diet, it is necessary to study the features of the way of cooking buckwheat in it.

Preparation of buckwheat groats

One glass of washed buckwheat is poured with half a glass of boiled water, then drain the water and once again pour in the same amount of fresh boiling water and insist the mixture throughout the night. It is not allowed to add salt and sweeten the dish.

  • For 30 minutes before the main meal, drink a glass of yogurt, Next, eat 150 g buckwheat.
  • For 30 minutes before a meal, 1 a glass of kefir is drunk. Portion of buckwheat is 200. You can consume kefir-buckwheat soup and a slice of bread.
  • 150-200g salad with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 a glass of kefir.
  • For 30 minutes before a meal, one glass of kefir is drunk. Portion of buckwheat is 150

During the whole day at least 1.5 l of water is used.

The last meal is carried out for 3-4 hours before bedtime. Within a week, you can eat two or three times on 80 g lean meat or fish. Drink green tea without sugar.

Kefir-buckwheat diet for all

The method of kefir-buckwheat diet can be used in cases of certain diseases, but in the form of a complex menu, when various foods are introduced into the diet in small quantities, but well-boiled buckwheat porridge and kefir prevail. In this case, there is no strong stress on the digestive system and a sharp loss of the body of the usual components of food. There is only a decrease in calorie content and the amount of food.

There are a number of prohibited products. These include:

  • fatty meat, fish;
  • cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, butter;
  • confectionery;
  • sweet drinks, sweet fruits, alcohol.

The duration of such a diet should be at least 3-x weeks. The course is recommended to be repeated every month until the desired effect is achieved. After the last hated kilograms have gone, you should spend a weekly unloading days using this method.

Expected results of kefir-buckwheat diet

As a result of this type of kefir-buckwheat diet, it is possible to achieve good persistent results, which are now claimed to be safe for a person with any type of obesity, by most dieticians and doctors around the world. This is getting rid of 1-2 kg of excess weight per week. In general, it takes up to 8 kg in three weeks.

The result is considered stable and the reverse action mechanism is not formed. There is a general health-improving effect on all body systems, especially on the digestive, excretory, and also on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. When all the conditions of the diet are fulfilled, the result is fixed for a long time.

In this case, infused during the night in boiling water buckwheat groats, cooked over a slow fire for half an hour.

  • 1 a cup of yogurt for 30 minutes before taking the main food, 100-150 g buckwheat + a small slice of cheese.
  • Apple or other non-sweet fruit in the amount of 150 g, 1 a glass of yogurt.
  • 1 a cup of yogurt for 30 minutes before taking the bulk of the food, 150 g buckwheat + 50-80 g fish or meat + 100 g salad with one teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Not sweet fruit 10-150 g, yogurt or kefir 100-200
  • 1 a glass of yogurt for 30 minutes before the main meal, 100-150 g buckwheat + 100g salad.

The daily volume of drinking water should be at least 1.5 l.

The last meal should be no later than 3-4 hours before sleep. You can vary the menu with dried fruits and seafood. Exercise with a kefir-buckwheat diet is a must.

Pros and cons of kefir-buckwheat diet

Both ways of diet have their pros and cons.

In the first case, among the main shortcomings is:

  • health restrictions for use;
  • risk of failure due to rather large restrictions.
  • rapid loss of a lot of excess weight;
  • purification of the body;
  • Resilience of results.

In the second case, the main disadvantages are:

  • duration of the diet;
  • not very fast and relatively not great results.
  • absolute safety for health;
  • comfort in the process of losing weight;
  • the intake of all groups of nutrients in the body with natural products;
  • Resilience of results.

When you are going to apply this or that kind of kefir-buckwheat diet, you should conduct a preliminary preparation of the body in order to avoid stress. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the amount and caloric content of the daily ration of food within a week before the beginning of the process of losing weight. Also, consultation with a dietitian doctor will not be superfluous.

Video about buckwheat diet

Video about buckwheat diet for weight loss

Reviews about kefir-buckwheat diet

Three years ago I was thin as a match. To change this, I decided to go to the gym. In general, over two years I gained weight very well. But the last year I have very strongly typed (and I continue to type) a fatty weight. In general, not for me is not an option, because I did not want to lose results. Then I learned about this diet. Guys, I was very surprised, but really fat goes away and muscle mass remains, so this is a very good diet for both the average person and athletes.

My work colleague was losing weight on a kefir-buckwheat diet. Willpower to sit on almost one buckwheat with yogurt and one apple a day was enough for only two weeks, even though she intended to hold out so 21 day. Has grown thin for 6 kg, that at its not so big initial weight was essentially appreciable. Hips noticeably lost weight, the waist became more pronounced and the face ceased to be so round. On the joy of the result of the diet, she signed up for the gym.

Quit smoking 4 a month ago, began to "seize" and almost immediately began to catastrophically gain weight! For these 4 months already the weight gain is 6kg. I was terrified, tried to do sports on my own, but for a long time I was not enough. After 6 I do not eat, I can afford only an apple or a glass of milk, before 6 I do not attack the refrigerator too. Those who have well shodnul tell me please – how do I get rid of the weight? because it is not in place – it grows every week for about 500 grams! What to do? Kefir-buckwheat diet really helps? How soon will the result begin to appear? The girlfriend sat there for a while, said that she was feeling well and the weight was moving, but I would like to hear more reviews – is it worth starting?

I'm 62 years old. I'm already 2-0 time I sit on the buckwheat-kefir diet. 1-th time, sitting on it 2 weeks, lost weight by 6,5 kg. 2-th time, sitting on it 7 days – at 5 kg. Lose weight on it is easy! The main thing is to get out of the diet correctly, otherwise it's all nuts. A good diet.

Before the graduation at the university I lost weight on the buckwheat-kefir diet. I was only enough for a week of this diet, but the result, however, I got excellent. Minus 5 kg with a relatively small weight for 7 days – quite good, as for me. Belly, sides were excellent. And the dress, which before that I could not fasten on myself, on the graduation seat was amazing, even without corrective underwear and other tweaks!

I'm fond of various diets, and did not pass by kefir and buckwheat. And I must say, it actually works! My figure is prone to fatness (there's nothing to be done with genes), you can not take fat on the sides and hips with proper nutrition. Already after a week on kefir and buckwheat, I saw the result: -5,3 kg from the weight of 64 (168 growth), the figure became more dried, the hamster cheeks left. Weight has not yet returned

Girls help out, never smoked, led a more or less healthy lifestyle, but a year ago there was heavy stress, eating constantly, and this affected my figure. At first I did not care about it, but now I seriously think about how to reset 8-10 kg. This diet, it is possible to hold out? or will always want another meal, not buckwheat?

I turned 20 years old, and I realized that buns at night affected my figure. I recovered to 5 kg from my usual and comfortable weight. Kefir-buckwheat diet seemed to me a good opportunity to regain its form. As a result, for 9 days of such nutrition, the extra kilograms are gone, a pleasant bonus was the improvement of the skin condition. Yes, and the work of the intestine was normal!

I 17 years and with the growth of 160 I weigh 47 kg) Parameters: 88 / 58 / 88. For me, this is the perfect combination and ideal weight. Looking at me now, very few people could have thought that a year ago I weighed all 73, and the volume of my waist reached a terrible figure 70. Everything has changed thanks to the kefir-buckwheat diet. For those who will start snorting, I say at once: this diet was prescribed by a dietician, it is balanced and useful for cleansing the body. This is not a hunger strike, it's normal eating habits and the body's charge of energy and vitamins. I adore buckwheat, I love yogurt, so the ration provided me only pleasure. For the first week, I dropped 4 kg, then more. Girls, do not starve yourself, better find a balanced diet, such as the above-described kefir-buckwheat and lose weight with benefit to the body.

Hello! My story began in the distant 2011 year. Then I was professionally engaged in boxing. In any sport the weight category is very important, and even more so in boxing. It so happened that before serious competitions I gained enough extra pounds. Before the competition, only 2 weeks remained. Without thinking for a long time, I began to roam the Internet in search of a good diet. I came across Kefir-buckwheat. My attention was attracted by the fact that no cooking is needed, it's still easier, you do not need to stand by the stove. In conjunction with the daily physical loads for 2 weeks, all the extra was gone, and at the competitions I won first place!


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