Kefir diet: 5 options

The fact that kefir is a very useful drink for the body, written a lot. And in your childhood memories for sure there are grandmother's lamentations: "Drink kefirchik – you will be healthier". It is not at all surprising that this sour-milk product is included in the diet of many popular diet programs. There are diets in which kefir is the main ingredient. About this and talk more.

What is the secret or useful kefir properties?

Lactoculture prebiotics – this is the most important and useful kefir component. In order for the food to be well absorbed, we need special bacteria with which the intestinal microflora can function normally. As a consequence, the immune system is strengthened. Therefore kefir is highly recommended for:

  • almost all diseases of the digestive system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity;
  • liver and kidney diseases;
  • swelling and high blood pressure.

The famous scientist M.G. Mechnikov in his works confidently said that regular consumption of kefir is the simplest and cheapest way to prevent aging. The purifying effect of fermented bacteria helps the cells to keep youth longer.

Which kefir to choose?

Depending on the strength, kefir can be of three types:

  1. One-day. That is, weak. Such a drink will have a laxative effect and relieve constipation. And consequently, will accelerate the processes of excretion of slags and toxic substances.
  2. Two-day (average). Such kefir will gradually strengthen your immune system and normalize metabolic processes.
  3. Three-day (strong). This drink is often used as a fastener. It affects the production of digestive juices and gently cleanses the intestines.

Choosing on store shelves kefir, it is worth remembering the following recommendations.

  1. Fermented milk products should be stored in a separate refrigerator at a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius.
  2. Pay attention to the integrity of the package. If you notice scratches, jammed corners or dirt, discard the purchase.
  3. Remember that the most useful yogurt is considered only in the first three days after the spill, so carefully look at the production time.
  4. Choose a product of local production. In this case, the probability to buy fresh and useful yogurt increases.

Kefir diet: the menu

Any kefir diet is cleansing. It will help cleanse the intestines, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, accelerate the metabolism and the release of harmful substances. But here it is necessary to adhere to such rules of nutrition:

  1. Prepare for a day of rest. To do this, two weeks before the diet, exclude fatty, spicy and smoked food, sugar, forget about alcohol.
  2. Tea and coffee are not welcome. Replace these drinks with herbal decoctions. For example, prepare chamomile or ginger infusion.
  3. Drink water, at least two liters a day.

There are a lot of kefir diet recipes. Consider the most popular of them.

Beet-kefir diet

In this product duet, kefir acts as an additional filler of protein in the body, and the beets gently cleans and saturates the cells with useful substances. The course of this express diet is three days, for which you really lose up to 3-5 kilograms of excess weight. The daily diet of this technique is the following:

  • 2-2,5 liter of mineral water without gas;
  • one kilogram of boiled beets;
  • one and a half liter of low-fat kefir.

You can consume kefir and beets in separate dishes, but the ideal option is a kefir-beetroot cocktail. It can easily be done with a blender and used in equal portions throughout the day, but at least 5-6 times. In between meals, you must drink water.

Despite a very strict diet, this method of losing weight is quite popular and, judging by the reviews, it is very effective.

Kefir and Cucumber Diet

The second name for cucumbers is the "illusion of eating." After all, these vegetables at 95% consist of the most useful structured "living" water and that is why they are of great benefit to man. And the most interesting is that thanks to special enzymes, they help the body to digest animal protein much better. And that's why cucumbers are so compatible with yogurt.

The main rule of the diet: for three days to drink only kefir-cucumber cocktail. To cook it, grate one large cucumber and fill it with 1,5 l of kefir, mix thoroughly. Drink a drink at least six times a day in equal portions. All other food products, except water, are strictly prohibited.

Judging by the reviews, the diet is difficult to tolerate, but the results are stunning. For a day you can lose up to two kilograms of excess weight. But you do not need to overdo it, it's not recommended to "sit" on yogurt with cucumbers for more than three days.

Kefir-cottage cheese diet

Unloading days on kefir and cottage cheese are ideal for fast weight loss in just a few days. In the three-day period, you can get rid of five kilograms of unwanted weight. The daily menu consists of four hundred grams of cottage cheese and one and a half liters of kefir. And, of course, do not forget about clean drinking water. In this strict diet there are several advantages for lovers of coffee and spices. A cup of natural flavored espresso without sweeteners is allowed once a day, and in kefir you can safely add dill or other greens.

Kefir and fruit diet

This is the most varied kefir diet. Its menu includes:

  • kefir (one and a half liters a day);
  • any fresh fruit and berries, except bananas, grapes, peaches);
  • fresh vegetables and greens;
  • water and green tea.

You can give vent to your imagination and come up with a lot of interesting fruit or vegetable salads with yogurt, or you can use all the products individually, the choice is entirely up to you.

The results of this method of weight loss is not worse than the above programs. For five days (this is the maximum period of such a way of feeding) you are guaranteed to get rid of 3-5 kilogram of excess weight, strengthen your immunity and cleanse the intestines. And this will undoubtedly affect your appearance for the better.

Diet kefir Malyshevoy

According to the well-known expert in matters of healthy life – Elena Malysheva, in order to change the body volume it is necessary to completely change the way of life. And, of course, you need to start with the organization of food. Elena is convinced that it is not necessary to refuse favorite dishes, but it is only necessary to reconsider their attitude towards them and make sour-milk products the basis of the ration. So, the basic rules of Malysheva's diet on kefir:

  1. Avoid starvation and do not torture your digestive system. If you want to eat, fresh fruit or a cup of kefir will always come to the rescue.
  2. Learn how to count the amount of calories eaten and stop overeating.
  3. Love the food and treat all the products you use with a positive. To think that food is harmful is strictly prohibited.
  4. The diet should consist of fresh plant foods, lean meat and kefir. Prepare yourself salads, boil or bake the meat and enjoy a sour-milk drink.
  5. Elena believes that losing weight should be gradual. Therefore, the diet of Malysheva is two or three months. During this time, you lose about ten kilograms.


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