Kefir diet – health and weight loss in one glass

How to pass the way to losing weight without harming your health and not returning to this problem in a short time? Many women ask this question, having tried already a bunch of different diets and pills for weight loss and losing faith in the possibility of having a good figure after giving birth or having 40 years behind them.

And the answer to this, a difficult question, at first glance, like all ingenious ones, is simple. It is only necessary to study the useful properties and mechanism of action on the body of ordinary kefir. Cleopatra herself, in her recipes for youth and beauty, often used diets and cosmetics on his basis. From our contemporaries it is necessary to mention the kefir diet of Larissa Dolina, which was developed by professionals for her and, which for already 30-ти years, helps the singer to be in great shape. Thanks to this diet, the famous diva threw out over thirty months more than thirty kilograms.

How useful is kefir?

Kefir is a natural product obtained from whole milk in the process of fermentation, caused by lactic-acid bacteria. This unique product is rich in its composition by vitamins of group A and B, microelements of potassium and calcium, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are in easily digestible form. In addition, he is rich in rare substances formed in the process of life, microorganisms.

Thanks to such a wealth of useful components, kefir in the body performs the following functions:

  • an excellent source of nutrients;
  • low caloric content;
  • good feeling of hunger in small quantities;
  • normalizes the processes of digestion;
  • accelerates metabolic processes;
  • accelerates the processes of removing excess fluid;
  • accelerates salt removal processes;
  • contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora;
  • promotes the rapid breakdown of fats in the body;
  • removes toxins, slags.

From all of the above, it follows that yogurt is not only an effective tool for weight loss, but also a great product for general health of the body.

It is difficult to create an artificial way more useful tool for weight loss than kefir. Nature has already taken care of this. One has only to believe in her wisdom, to put a little zeal, and the result will surpass all expectations.

One of the readers can say: “If everything is so simple, why is there no rest for the nutritionists all over the world? Apply kefir and there is no problem.“For the” rehabilitation “of specialists in the field of healthy nutrition, the following arguments can be cited:

  • there are diseases in which you can not eat kefir in significant quantities – kidney and digestive diseases, increased stomach acidity;
  • for the treatment of severe forms of obesity kefir diet can be one of the concomitant methods;
  • the development of new methods of treating obesity and combating obesity – an advantageous business that brings good income to the state.

After the use of kefir with weight loss is proven, it is worth considering some of the most effective diets with his participation. It should be noted that in general in the world there are about a hundred kefir diets. With his help, they grow thin in Europe, and in Asia, and in America, and in Africa.

In this article, European recipes will be considered, tk. in medicine there is one law that is that food territorial traditions play an important role in the effectiveness of treating obesity problems. In other words, this means that for the people of each country or climatic zone, the products that their ancestors used and they themselves throughout their history are appropriate.

Kefir diets Larisa Dolina

This diet refers to the type of low-brow. Its duration is 7 days, for which you can reset 4-6 kg depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Menu of kefir diet

  • For five receptions, distribute 5-6 medium potatoes welded in uniforms, and 0.5 liters of kefir. During the day, you need to drink water in an amount of 1.5 liters.
  • For five meals, distribute 0.5 kg of boiled chicken without skins and without salt, as well as 0.5 liters of kefir. Drink 1.5 liters of water.
  • For five meals, distribute 200 g cottage cheese low-fat and 0.5 liters of kefir. Drink 1.5 liters of water.
  • For five meals, distribute 200 g sour cream and 0.5 liters of kefir. Drink 1.5 liters of water.
  • For five meals, distribute 1 kg of apples or 300 g of dried fruits, except raisins and 0.5 l kefir. Drink water in an amount of 1.5 liters.
  • For five meals, distribute 1 liter of kefir. Drink water in an amount of 2 liters.
  • During the day, drink mineral water in an amount of 1 liters and plain water in an amount of 1 liters.

Before the start of the diet should be during the week to reduce the total number and caloric content of the daily diet. The last meal should be done no later than 18 hours.

Exit from kefir diet

From the diet to go out gradually, without a sharp increase in the volume of food. The persistence of the effect of losing weight is fixed for a long time. For the purpose of recovery it is recommended to spend one week a month on such a diet. As physical exertion, you can apply 30-minute morning exercises.

3-day diet on yogurt

The diet is tough, suitable for absolutely healthy people. You can lose weight on 3-4 kg.

During the day until 19 hours, it is necessary to drink kefir in the amount of 1.5 liters in equal parts. You can repeat the diet every three weeks. After the course, follow a balanced and not very high-calorie diet. It is desirable to engage in physical education during and after a diet.

9-ti day strict kefir diet

During the diet, there are three periods in which certain foods are used.

  • In the first 3 day is used fat-free kefir – 1.5. liter.
  • In the second 3 apples are used – 1.5 kg.
  • In the third 3 day is used kefir with fat content over 3-x percent.

All food is divided into equal parts on 5-6 receptions and eat up to 19 hours.

During the period of weight loss you can get rid of 9 kg of excess weight. After the termination of a diet it is necessary to enter gradually in a diet different products. To fix the effect should be carried out unloading kefir-apple days. Physical loads are mandatory.

Weekly comfortable kefir diet

The essence of the diet is that every day is eaten the same diet strictly in time.

Throughout the day, drink 1.5 l of water. Be sure to practice physical exercises. During this diet, you can get rid of 5 kg of excess weight. The result is stable. It is useful to repeat the course in one month.

According to the women who used this or that kefir diet, one general opinion can be singled out: the process of losing weight is relatively easy in terms of state of health, and the result is preserved for a long time if you adhere to the elementary rules of healthy nutrition.

All of the above types of kefir diets can be used under good health conditions. Otherwise, the need and type of kefir diet should be discussed with a nutritionist. Do not use diets during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Video about kefir diet Larisa Dolina

Video about Yana Rudkovskaya’s kefir diet

Video about kefir diet

Video about kefir diet for weight loss

Reviews about kefir diet

I found this quite simple diet last winter. After weaning the baby from breast regained to 63 kg with the growth of 170, for me it is very much! And so, in the spring I took to putting myself in order by the summer! I tried the nine-day strict kefir diet, the first 4 days were easy, but then I had to pull myself together and motivated with photos of three years ago! In the first “call” it was possible to reset about 3 kg, then I added physical exercises, and repeated 9 days, and after that I began to adhere to easy proper nutrition. As a result, a month later I had 55 kg, I am very pleased with the result, and prepared myself for the summer, and normalized the work of the intestine))))

I am a fitness coach myself and advise you to use ionized water in addition to training, it helps to remove toxins from the body and normalizes metabolism. According to my observations, all without loss of weight, and due to fat deposits. So for those who want to really lose weight and restore their body, take the advice of the water ionizer Aqualife for the test period, and this is as much as 2 months.

I tried all sorts of kefir diet options. I can say the following – the first drop of kilograms – it leaves not fat, girls! Weight will come back if you only drink kefir or stupidly minimize calories! By the diet itself – it is easy and problem-free, just add vitamins. I lost weight on kefir-buckwheat diet for 4 kg for two weeks (with the growth of 160 and the initial weight of 56 kg). Only mono-kits should be seldom repeated; they are not very balanced.

I changed the work to a pretty nasty in a disgusting collective (as it happened), well, in the evenings I ate everything that was not nailed, seized with stress. Well, as a result, + 10 kg for the winter. Tried to sit on various diets, it did not help. She began to drink a glass of kefir before going to bed and felt that I no longer felt heaviness, and in due course the weight became very meager. And I decided to look for a diet based on kefir. And here it is, my salvation, Kefir diet (logical)! It is convenient to sit on it, do not have to work for a whole grocery store. Well, most importantly, in a month I regained my normal weight!

In general, kefir is a real salvation for all who are somehow worried about their figure. In kefir contains approximately 30-50 kcal per 100 gram, and at the same time kefir has a saturation property, which is also important: you can drink a liter of kefir (

500 kcal) and at the same time do not feel hunger all day. Because of this, recently I have fallen in love with kefir with all my soul and body)) That’s why I often do unloading on kefir mono, I also tried 3-day kefir diet, I liked very much, minus 3 kg for 3 days + the volumes were noticeably gone, and the body is cleaned)

I think that this is a good diet, sour-milk products are very useful, they help digestion. I already tried this diet in May this year, I chose 9-day, but stayed there for 10 days. The first 3 days were not difficult, but the next three days were given to me hard, because the apples in me cause an appetite) Last 4 days I held out normally. The main thing is to drink plenty of water and observe the number of foods allowed per day. and I also did not eat anything, except water, after 6 evening. for 10 days, it took 6 kg, I’m glad I think I’ll repeat it soon.

I after breastfeeding recovered to 12 kilogram and did not know how best to choose a diet for weight loss. I found kefir, the good thing in the house with a small child of dairy and sour-milk products is complete. Adhering to the recommendations, I got rid of ten kilos in three months, but I can not overeat and I knew beforehand that I was absolutely healthy. Although it was difficult to rebuild, but for the sake of losing weight everything is real.

I really love girls, I just adore. And the benefits of this diet are also known that you can drink your favorite product and lose weight. I think every girl wants to lose weight by the summer. Get rid of everything that you have accumulated over the cold winter and New Year’s feasts. And of course I signed up for the gym, but soon realized that I was not losing weight, but instead I was gaining muscle mass. Then I began to look for a diet. Many pereprobyvala. But still I found the best for myself this kefir diet. I lost weight on 7 kg, now I think every guy will look at me on the beach, and all the girls will envy me. Thank you very much, excellent diet!

Kefir is associated with weight loss in many, so it is quite expected that on its basis there are whole diets. I decided to put myself in shape after the decree, before going to work, and I chose the kefir diet. Growth of 160, the weight was 65 before the diet, after 58 kg. In volumes it is very thin, from 48 to 42-44. I liked that the diet is as close to proper nutrition as there are proteins and fats, and fiber. It is transferred easily and very much reduces the size of a stomach, now I gorge myself in much smaller portions.

After birth, my figure was just huge. It is clear that neither my husband nor I liked my appearance. I rummaged on the Internet and found a kefir diet. Of all the listed liked a week comfortable diet – for me it is best to close your mouth and eat by the hour. Yes, the effect was! For a week he made 2,8 kg. It’s just fine. She took a break for a week and continued. In addition, I really love yogurt – it is not only delicious, but also useful, as it saturates the intestines with useful bacteria that play an important role in our immunity.

Mom was sitting on the kefir diet. With age, the metabolism slows down, and

hence there is excess weight. Mom found a variant of Larissa Dolina.

Diet is not difficult, except that it is not very balanced, so you need

must additionally take vitamins, well, play sports

never will be superfluous. Has lost weight on 6 kg, weight does not come back! Once in

month we arrange unloading days on kefir-helps to keep ourselves in

form and for digestion it is useful! And I really liked the option

comfortable kefir diet, I think it is less “hungry” and more

balanced. Be sure to try with Mom! The results otpishus!

Hello everybody! I tell you my story . For a long time I dreamed of losing weight, but did not reach my beloved . And once, once again, after reading stories about wonderful weight loss, I stumbled upon this diet! Kefir I love since childhood, so I immediately decided to try it out for myself! And you know, I did not regret a bit! The diet was easy, just like losing weight! earlier I weighed 156, now I lost weight on 48 kg.

I also tried a weekly kefir diet – the mood was not particularly enthusiastic. I always wanted to relax and conduct a thorough audit on the shelves of the refrigerator to grab a sandwich or a cake. According to reviews, this often happens – girls conscientiously hang out on yogurt for a week and a half, and then many return to the former dense diet. Because it is difficult to combine a busy work schedule and home care with a long abstention from animal proteins.

I read a lot on this topic and came to the conclusion that if it is not possible after the diet to give up high-calorie food, it is better not to strain the body with constant dietary shakes. It is better to choose a light diet and adjust the metabolic processes. It seems that proper digestion affects only the gastrointestinal tract, however, an overloaded intestine interferes with the absorption of nutrients and reduces the ability of the immune system. The body literally suffocates in its own waste.

Now I have eliminated all the extra carbohydrates, canned and refined foods, reduced portions and got the rule of daily consuming not less than a liter of natural sour-milk products. I cook kefir and yogurt for myself, I take it for work, I have to share it. I’m helped out by the ferments of Bakdzdrav, very useful, they contain bifido and lactobacilli.

By my considerable experience in losing weight I can say: the main thing is how you will behave after you sit on a diet. What will you eat next, whether there will be sports, etc. If you are not going to change your diet regime, all your attempts will not succeed in the end, because the weight will then go away (right after the diet), then return to the speed after it endings. My main advice: if you decided to sit on a kefir diet, then at least make the most of its component, and do not take the first packet on the counter. Kefir diet is based on the fact that in this product live bacteria, which play a huge role in the proper operation of the stomach. And the more you populate it with normal microorganisms, the better will be the fat metabolism. And, of course, it’s a low-calorie product, which all nutritionists recommend as an excellent means for satisfying hunger, when it’s not time to use something more serious. I always cook on leaven, I like it to be the same, but with souring on sour cream, etc., it does not work out that way. Therefore, I buy Bakdzdrav (and domestic, and the price is normal). In any case, you will periodically sit on diets or your entire diet review: drink 2-2,5 l clean water a day and do not eat hours for 3 before sleep – and this will already have a great effect on your figure.

Kefir diets are very effective, provided that after them you will stick to PP and play sports. I do not sit on diets, I just try to eat less correctly and every day I use home-grown dairy products to normalize the work of the digestive tract. I cook myself, in a multivariate on natural dry ferments (I have BakZdrav). I believe that if you decide to do your health, then you should choose natural products, and better, like me, prepare them yourself! Moreover, it is not difficult at all, the main desire.

I am treated for thyroid disease. Lose weight does not work, so I decided to just limit calorie intake per day. I do it with smart octal dinners. I dine strictly up to 7 hours, then only a yogurt I can drink a glass, and that’s not always enough for one portion to eat. Weight goes not so fast as an ordinary person. But for 10 days on 1,5-2 kg leaves.

only forgot to mention that the Valley diet implies an enema daily, insanely harmful to the intestines. In general, kefir diet is very strong, I fold for 7 days, I cook kefir for a leaven, I used Vivo before, I tried Laktin-not really somehow, milk might not have got very good, but kefir liquid was very successful, Bakdzdrav really good, they are strong, one packet of three liters of milk is fermented, and sparingly and tasty. In general, store is better not to use for a diet.


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