Kefir diet – menus and recipes for every day

Kefir diet is one of the most famous mono-diet. The popularity of this method of losing weight is due to the fact that kefir is considered a low-calorie product. The substances included in its composition, remove water from the body and cleanse the intestines. The use of kefir techniques is allowed even in cases of severe obesity.

Also kefir diet contributes to effective weight loss due to the acceleration of metabolism.

This method of weight loss stabilizes the intestinal microflora and helps the fats to split.

Efficacy of kefir diets

Kefir diet gives quick results. The use of losing weight on kefir is in the very composition of the product. Kefir contains a set of useful vitamins and microelements, which the body needs so much.

Due to the content of beneficial bacteria, the dairy product has a rich supply of nutrients, is well absorbed and promotes the normalization of the digestive process.

Kefir weight loss simple and effective. This method of weight reduction helps to accelerate the metabolism and the splitting of accumulated fats in the body.

The sour milk drink should be low-fat. The permissible fat percentage is 0-1,5%.

Kefir diet will achieve results if the following recommendations are observed:

  1. choose for consumption fresh, low-fat kefir;
  2. the last meal should be for 2 hours before bedtime;
  3. a prerequisite for all subsequent types of diets is the abundant use of clean water: 1,5-2 L per day;
  4. supplement the daily diet with the intake of vitamin complexes;
  5. exit from the diet should be smooth, it is forbidden to overeat and eat large portions.

Kefir weight loss on 7 days

There are different types of diets on kefir. They can be of different frequency: 1 day, 3, 5, 7, 9, two weeks. Everything depends on the weight category of the slimming and its purposefulness.

Diets on kefir can also be mixed or classic.

Diets on 1-4 days suggest the consumption of only one product – kefir. But in this case, it will be about mixed type of kefir diet.

The procedure was calculated for 7 days. The benefit is that during this time, slag and excess fluid are eliminated from the body.

So, kefir diet for 7 days – menu for every day:

  • kefir product;
  • boiled fish fillet / or steamed;
  • kefir.
  • kefir product;
  • fruit and vegetables in raw form (we remove from the diet of bananas);
  • kefir.
  • Only water (without gas, mineral is allowed).

Seven-day kefir diet allows for a few days reduce the stomach and lose weight by 3-5 kg. Nutritionists recommend during the 5-7 days to take vitamins and minerals. Since the body for a week is deprived of certain types of beneficial trace elements.

This type of diet is allowed to repeat only after 2 months. Otherwise, the body will be depleted and the reverse process will follow.

Kefir-apple diet

Kefir-apple slimming is more stringent. The menu and diet of the diet is strictly limited. It is allowed to use only 2 products: kefir and apples.

This kind of weight loss allows you to reset from 5 to 6 kg per week.

The plus of the apple technique is getting fast results in a relatively short period of time. It is important to note that kefir diet on apples has the whole set of vitamins necessary for the body.

Kefir-apple diet – a version of the menu for every day (the duration of this weight loss can vary from 3 to 9 days):

  • Eat 1-1,5 kg of green apples all day long;
  • Apple day (we adhere to the same diet);
  • Apple diet – apples green and red 1-1,5 kg;

It is allowed during the diet to use green tea. Also it is necessary to drink at least a liter of water a day.

With this type of weight loss, use vitamin complexes to improve the body. Apple menu allows the use of fruit both in raw and in baked form.

For the ten-day option you can use the alternation: 3 days use apples, 3 days kefir, then again 3 days use apples.

Exit from the diet should be gradual.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

The diet with the addition of buckwheat in the diet is a strict one. Specially developed menu allows you to lose weight on 5-10 kg per week. The combination of these two products has an amazing effect. This type of weight loss makes it possible not to starve the body, but, on the contrary, to saturate it with useful vitamins and microelements.

The menu of the technique includes a daily intake of a fermented milk product in combination with buckwheat.

So, the diet for 5 days (if desired, to achieve great results, the process of losing weight can be extended to 7-9 days):

For the morning reception, we strictly follow the recipe:

In the evening we take buckwheat (half a cup) and pour it with kefir. Without mixing, pour 1% kefir. In the morning, before breakfast, mix and eat.

  • Lunch: cooked buckwheat and 1 chicken fillet (boiled or steamed);
  • Dinner: 0,5 a drink.
  • Lunch: cooked buckwheat and 170 g of boiled vegetables;
  • Dinner: 0,5 a drink.
  • Lunch: buckwheat cooked and 1 fillets of lean fish (boiled / baked or steamed);
  • Dinner: 0,5 a drink.
  • Lunch: buckwheat porridge and salad from raw vegetables;
  • Dinner: 0,5 a drink.

The menu can be represented by another option:

  • We exclude any products, except sour-milk drink and buckwheat porridge. This method of weight loss eliminates slagging and produces a diuretic effect. If you adhere to the 2 menu option, you can easily reduce the waistline on 2-3,

Kefir diet of Larissa Dolina

The technique of Larissa Dolina managed to earn positive, approving reviews. Weight loss refers to the category of low-calorie and allows you to throw off 5-6 kg for a week.

Efficiency is not only in reducing weight, but also in improving the entire digestive system as a whole. The intestinal microflora is restored, the metabolism is accelerated, there is lightness, a healthy appearance, the general condition improves.

The menu and diet of this weight loss features a useful composition of products. This allows a person not to starve, but to walk well-fed.

So, the menu for every day. The first thing we do is distribute the food on 5 methods:

  • Boil 6 potatoes and distribute them to 5 receptions. In addition, during the day we drink an acidic milk drink (0,5 kefir for every meal).
  • Boil half a kilo of chicken. The principle of nutrition is the same, the difference is the use of a chicken breast (boiled or steamed) during the day;
  • Five meals a day. All day eat low-fat cottage cheese. In breaks we use yogurt.
  • Five-time reception of a sour-milk drink.
  • On this day, in addition to sour milk drink is allowed to eat for a five-time intake of 1,5 kilograms of apples and 250-300 g of dried fruits.
  • Five-time reception of a sour-milk drink.
  • The seventh day is very strict. It is allowed to drink only mineral water. This unloading of the body makes it possible to "relax" the stomach and start the maximum production of substances that remove toxins and excess water from the body.

Larisa Dolina's weight loss effectively, that there is a natural process of splitting fatty deposits. Literally in a couple of days you will feel an unprecedented ease and strength.

Useful recipes for losing weight

The menu of this type of weight loss is characterized by a certain scarcity of its composition. But, this is not a reason to lose heart! We provide you with several useful recipes that could enrich the menu and make it a pleasant note of diversity.

  • 250 g of kefir drink;
  • oat bran;
  • 2 liters of honey;
  • cinnamon;
  • adding flavor to taste.

All mixed. Add 2 drops of flavor (for example, strawberry), mix. The dessert is ready! This recipe will be an excellent addition to breakfast or dinner.

The recipe for a delicious kefir soufflé

  • kefir – 500 ml;
  • it is allowed to take 100 g of sour cream;
  • sugar – 50 g (can be replaced with honey);
  • water – 50 ml;
  • gelatin and vanilla.

In 50 ml of water (cold, boiled), soak gelatin. Leave all this to swell for 30 minutes. Next, it is necessary to warm gelatin (without boiling). In addition, we take the mixer / blender (or in the usual way) mix dairy products.

Add sugar, pinch of vanilla and gelatin. Whisk the mass until completely dissolved. Through the filter we remove the dissolved grains. Re-beat (2-3 min) the resulting mass at high speed.

Next, portionwise beat the souffle on the cups and put in the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

All products are mixed. Beat with a blender.

All the ingredients are mixed and whipped with a blender. Such a cocktail is incredibly useful. It promotes weight loss and increased metabolism.

What results can be achieved?

Kefir weight loss gives incredible results. Reviews that have grown thin from around the world are full of approval and delight. Kefir method helped people lose weight on 5, 10, 15 kg and more (depending on the duration) and do not gain weight again.

The only important thing is to comply with all the rules of weight loss, physical activity and good spirits.

So, the results of losing weight – photo "before" and "after":


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