Kefir diet: minus 10 kg of excess weight!

Most women want to get rid of extra pounds. But for this they are not willing to spend too much time, so they resort to strict diets that have a hard diet and strict restrictions on food, which allows you to get rid of 5-6 kg in just a couple of days.

An example of this is the kefir diet. In just one week with her help you can reset to 10 kg! The results, of course, are amazing, but are they worth it? Let's take a closer look at this diet, and also try to understand what is fraught with it for our health.

Benefits of kefir diet for 7 days

As it becomes clear from the name, the main ingredient in the diet is kefir. This sour-milk drink itself is very tasty and healthy. It contains various bifido- and lactobacilli, which promote the normalization of the digestive tract and increase the local defenses of the body.

Kefir is a very "light" product. It is quickly digested, and its useful substances are absorbed with the same speed by the body.

In addition, this remarkable sour-milk drink contains various minerals and vitamins. Also, it contains substances that hinder the development of cancer.

Scientists repeatedly study the effect of kefir on the body and found that it is his regular intake that prevents the development of breast cancer in 80% of cases. Also kefir is an excellent preventive against colon cancer, because it contains a large amount of linoleic acid.

And in the composition of this drink are lactoferrin. They are protein compounds that ensure the normal functioning of bone cells.

It is also worth noting that kefir is a low-calorie food and is ideal for people who are trying to get rid of excess weight. For example, with his help you can arrange periodic unloading days. This is ideal for kefir mono-diet.

It implies the use for itself during 2-3 days of one kefir in the amount of 10-1,5 l. And to drink kefir it is necessary instead of usual food and it is desirable at the same time. However, it is worth considering that this diet is very tough and it is suitable only for people who have no pathological processes in the body.

The essence of kefir diet for 7 days

Kefir diet minus 10 kg provokes a real stress for the body, in which he begins to actively deplete his fat reserves, trying to resist the negative factors. This is due to the fact that kefir contains a lot of protein, but at the same time it practically lacks carbohydrates.

After all, the human body is designed in such a way that, when it receives an increased number of carbohydrates along with food, it begins to instantly transform them into energy, which it immediately begins to spend. But instead of them, he gets a protein that requires the body to work hard to digest and assimilate. It turns out that using kefir instead of ordinary food, we force to spend the body much more energy than it needs, but do not give it extra. Naturally, in such cases, begins to "get" their supplies, which were hidden on a "rainy day."

It is for this reason that losing weight with the help of a kefir diet occurs rapidly. However, it is worth noting that while maintaining this diet, you should eat kefir with a low percentage of fat. Only in this way the organism will not be able to make new reserves, but will spend the already existing ones.

Disadvantages of kefir diet

Kefir diet for weight loss has many drawbacks. It requires severe restrictions in nutrition, which are fraught with the presence of a constant sense of hunger and "mute" it almost fails.

This also leads to a deficiency of nutrients in the body, which increases the risk of many diseases, including the digestive tract. Therefore, when observing the kefir diet, it is very important to take vitamin complexes, which are sold in pharmacies.

In addition to hunger and avitominosis, this diet also has a number of "side effects". It:

In addition, kefir diet can lead to exacerbation of chronic diseases. For this reason, only perfectly healthy people can stick to it. If you are not sure about all 100% that you are completely healthy, before you "sit down" on a diet you need to consult a doctor.


Kefir diet in any case can not be observed for people with the following diseases and conditions:

  • violation of the functions of the digestive tract
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • chronic diseases of various internal organs;
  • diabetes;
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys;
  • violation of the functionality of the cardiovascular system;
  • an allergic reaction to lactose;
  • age of 16 years;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Basic rules of kefir diet for 7 days

Kefir diet for 7 days has strict dietary restrictions. In a day you are allowed to drink up to 1,5 l kefir with a minimum percentage of fat. In addition, it also requires additional food. You are allowed to eat potatoes, boiled lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

But in doing so, you should eat a day only one of these products, and then in small quantities. In addition, it is also allowed to drink mineral still water, but not more than 1,5 L per day.

All other food products are taboo. They can not be used in any form and under any pretext. If you fail, you will have to start the diet anew. Otherwise, you will not achieve your goals.

It should be noted that all additional food should be consumed without salt, sugar and other flavor enhancers. If it's meat, then it must be boiled or steamed. In this case, it can not be salted either.

Kefir diet menu on 7 days

Kefir diet fast has its own specific menu, which must be observed every day.

Potatoes in a uniform (no more than 5 pieces)

Boiled chicken fillet (100 gram)

Boiled beef or diet pork (100 gram)

Any boiled fish (100 gram)

Fresh vegetables or fruits (they can be eaten without restrictions)

Mineral water without gases (no more than 1,5 L)

The diet is strict, but it really helps to get rid of extra 10 kg in just a week. Naturally, this figure is presumable. Here everything depends on your metabolism. The better it works, the faster the loss of extra pounds.

Kefir diet and sport

It has already been said that a kefir diet can cause weakness and dizziness, so sports are contraindicated during its maintenance. Only light sports are allowed. For example, walking or fitness.

But they should be used in practice only if your health is stable and "side effects" do not appear. Otherwise, there may be fainting and the appearance of health problems.

What other types of kefir diet are there?

In fact, there are a lot of varieties of kefir diet. It:

All of them have strict restrictions in nutrition and require strict control over their emotions. They are not safe for health, so it is not recommended to abuse such diets. Repeatedly, they can be adhered to only 1 times in 6-10 months, not more often.

Remember that kefir diets require a special way out. It is impossible at their end to immediately pounce on the food and weave everything that comes to hand. This is fraught with a digestive system disorder. Therefore, all foods are introduced into the diet gradually.

You need to start with "light" products, for example, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese. And only after that to enter various juices, cereals and soups. The first 30 days after the end of the diet is not recommended to eat fatty and fried foods, smoked meat, pickles, marinades, sausages, sweets and buns. Otherwise, the weight will return very quickly.

Video about kefir diet

Reviews about kefir diet

and on such a diet after childbirth can lose weight? I no longer feed the breast, by August I must at least 6 kg throw off

On yogurt I somehow sat, skidyvaetsya in principle not bad, but it was terrifying, and weight after the end returned. She herself recently gave birth, the cycle was knocked down capitally, she also did not breastfeed, and the gynecologist for the normalization of female processes in the body and the normalization of appetite appointed Modelform Slender Mom, I did not even know what it was. Here after 2 of the month the cycle as the clock comes, and on scales minus 6800 kg. And the weight has not returned, I think you should try.

If you decide on a weekly kefir diet, then think about the fact that a week before, you should only eat low-calorie carbohydrate foods to prepare the intestines. And after a diet next week, you must follow strict rules. It turns out, almost a month you will pay much attention only to this problem. I would advise a fasting day completely on kefir, plus one day preparatory and a day for getting out, you get a three-day wellness diet with a very noticeable bowel cleansing. So repeat at least twice a month, and in summer you can try in a row for a month with different vegetables and fruits. Prepare kefir better at home, I advise you to try the yeast "Bakdzdrav", they have excellent products, reasonable prices, I'm very pleased with the results. After losing weight on 6 kg I keep this weight for more than a year.


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