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Keto diet or high-calorie weight loss

Most diets suggest a decrease in caloric intake, a pleasant exception is the keto diet. The essence of this diet is to get energy from the body not through glucose, but through the processing of deferred fats. Its name is keto-diet was due to the formation of ketosis, which promotes fat burning under the condition of a shortage of carbohydrates.

Advantages and disadvantages of keto-diet

For the full functioning of the body requires the presence of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. With the exclusion of carbohydrates, the body begins to process its own fat reserves. Therefore, the main advantage of the keto diet lies in its high efficiency, since the cleavage of fats begins already in the first hours of excluding carbohydrates, since the body can not do without energy. An important nuance is that when losing weight, muscle mass is not affected, and fat accumulation is lost.

Disadvantage of keto-diet can be considered a slight decrease in mental activity and performance. This is due to the gradual adaptation of the body to the absence of glucose. Digestion can also be disturbed, since fiber is absent.

After five days of diet, the body is rebuilt and gets used to a new diet. Work capacity and brain activity are restored. However, compliance with the keto diet is not recommended for active physical activity.

Another significant disadvantage of the keto diet is the lack of the necessary amount of trace elements, which are found only in hydrocarbon-containing products.

It is strictly forbidden to use keto diets for people with diabetes. This is due to the fact that the increase in ketones in the blood is directly proportional to the decrease in the body's pH. Too high ketone content can turn out to be even fatal for diabetics. A healthy person easily processes all the ketones formed.

Products approved for keto-diet

In keto-diet, the importance is not so much the products themselves, but their quantity. An indispensable condition is the reduction of carbohydrate intake to a minimum, but not a complete exclusion. The optimal volume of consumed carbohydrates is 100 g per day.

If the keto diet is observed, all foods that do not contain carbohydrates are allowed. At the same time calorie counting is not carried out. However, for greater efficiency, it is undesirable to consume more 2000 calories per day.

The following shall be completely excluded:

Keto diet menu

Most dieticians recommend starting a keto diet with starvation, in which water is used unrestrictedly. It is undesirable to practice active physical activity during this period.

On the third day of starvation, the diet gradually introduces carbohydrate products, about a third of the required portion. By the sixth day the quantity of products is brought to the necessary standard. When compiling the daily ration, it is allowed to use any variations of the allowed products in accordance with the prescribed calorie level.

An approximate daily keto diet menu may look like this:

  • Breakfast – 3 boiled eggs or a servlet of buckwheat porridge, boiled tongue, salad from boiled beetroot with vegetable oil and unsweetened tea.
  • Dinner – soup, wholemeal bread, boiled brisket, vegetable salad, dried fruit compote.
  • Dinner – a portion of boiled veal or fish.

In between main meals you can drink low-fat kefir, skim milk or yogurt.

Keto diet for longer than a week is not recommended categorically, because otherwise you can seriously undermine your health. The way out of the keto diet should be gradual and consist in a gradual increase in the daily intake of carbohydrates, about 30 g per day.

Reviews of the keto diet claim that it is a quick solution to the weight problem, but the effect of its compliance is not particularly long-term. The lost weight will return fairly quickly, if at the end of the diet to return to normal diet. With proper nutrition, the weight will also increase slightly, but this will happen due to an increase in the body's fluid.

In general, keto diet recipes allow the use of any dish with a minimum amount of carbohydrates. To select products, you can use the table of caloric value products. If the carbohydrate content in the product equals zero or a very small amount, you can safely include it in the diet.

Important! If during the keto diet physical exercises continue, then it is possible and necessary to add a few carbohydrates to the carbohydrate nutrition: 30-40 g before training and 40-50 g after.