Ketogenic diet for epilepsy

According to many doctors who specialize in the treatment of epilepsy, a great effect is achieved by using a ketogenic diet. Epilepsy is a disease that is accompanied by characteristic seizures: convulsions, mood changes, mental disorders, hallucinations, aggression, panic attacks, delusions, etc.

Significantly improve the condition of patients, as well as stop epileptic seizures, will help complex therapy, which includes: physiotherapy procedures, medicines, ketogenic diet.

Currently, in the treatment of epilepsy, specialists use a ketogenic diet that is contraindicated in infants who have not reached 1. Due to very strict dietary restrictions, this diet should be prescribed by the attending physician, after a comprehensive examination of the patient.

Long-term restriction in nutrients supplied to the body from various products, can significantly reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. In some cases, the attacks of the disease completely disappear, and patients can lead a full-fledged lifestyle. When appointing a diet to patients, the attending physician should constantly monitor their condition and take action if any side effects or disorders are found. Its main principle is starvation. The first three are allowed to consume drinking water without gas.

Patients are strictly forbidden to drink mineral water, as it contains various microelements and gases in its composition. During the ketogenic diet, patients are strongly encouraged to reduce physical activity. The attending physician may prescribe a bed rest for the patient if he sees all the reasons for this. Starting from the fourth day of the hunger strike, patients need to gradually introduce solid food into their daily diet.

The daily norm of the products should be divided into small portions (in 4 times less than always), which in 5-6 receptions can be consumed as food. Patients should learn how to count the amount of nutrients they use, as this is very important for their body and overall well-being. They should focus on the following indicators: 4 part of fat / 1 part of protein / 1 part of carbohydrates. During the ketogenic diet lasting 3 day, patients should completely exclude from their diet the following products: beets, potatoes, carrots, cereals, wheat bread, pasta.

During treatment of epilepsy in children, whose age is in the range from 1-th year to 12-ти years, specialists use a slightly modified ketogenic diet. It differs from the standard dietary diet as follows: young patients should use special fatty cocktails made on the basis of milk. Such a milk drink has a special composition, over which professional dieticians are working.

Patients can choose in which form they will drink this drink: in the form of ice cream or in the form of a cocktail. The main task of dieticians who developed a milk drink is the instruction of the child's organism for regular consumption of food with a high fat content. This is due to the fact that fatty food has antiepileptic effect. The attending physician individually for each young patient determines the list of foods that can be eaten. Ketogenic diet is able not only to restore lost forms, but also help the body to fight serious diseases, in particular with epilepsy.

Before starting a ketogenic diet, the patient should receive a consultation from his attending physician, since there are a number of contraindications for it:

diseases of the kidneys, liver (a large amount of fats can adversely affect the work of these organs);

endocrine diseases, in particular diabetes, metabolic disorders, etc .;

diseases of the cardiovascular system;

cerebrovascular and lipid diseases.

Each patient entering the ketogenic diet should maintain a diary of his own. In it, he will be able to mark the periodicity and duration of epileptic seizures. Duration of the diet can be determined only by the attending physician, after studying the diet diary of his patient.

Some patients may develop side effects:

lowering of blood acidity;

for diabetics such a diet can end fatal.

That category of patients who are contraindicated in a ketogenic diet, it is recommended to abandon hard-to-digest, acute, salty and smoked food. They are also advised to limit the use of liquid.

During the ketogenic diet, patients can consume the following foods: turkey and chicken meat, eggs, dairy and milk products, marine fish, in particular tuna, salmon, herring.

Entering the diet begins with 3-day fasting, during which patients are allowed to drink clean water. On the 4 day, patients should gradually enter into their diet products approved by a dietician.

Menu, for a week ketogenic diet:

chicken eggs (cooked) 2p., butter creamy 1 tsp, coffee or tea with cream (high fat content);

boiled sausages 2 pcs., mayonnaise 1,5 tsp, 1 a quarter of a tomato;

fatty cottage cheese with addition of sour cream 150 gr .;

boiled chicken breast 1 pcs., butter 10 gr., string bean steamed, olive oil 2 st. l., tea or coffee with cream.

bread with butter;

meat of turkey 150 gr., vegetable salad (cucumber and onion), olive oil for refueling;

soup with the addition of fatty sour cream, pork, fried with tomatoes, tea with cream;

fried eggs, with added brisket, fresh cucumber and a slice of bread.

cooked in a steep quail eggs 4 pcs., coffee with cream;

boiled beef 150 gr .;

cooked turkey fillets, tomatoes, dressed with mayonnaise;

a piece of boiled lean fish, cooked asparagus beans (half serving).

Between meals, patients can do snacks: yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, kefir. During the ketogenic diet, fat burning tissues are burned in the patients, and there is no effect on muscle mass. Currently, many bodybuilding athletes have begun to use this principle of nutrition, so they are always full of energy and energy.

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eggs (chicken) – 2 pcs .;

pork bacon (lean) – 2 slices;

butter – 1 tablespoon;

cream (low-fat) – 100 gr;

salt and pepper – to taste.

Preparation: bacon cut into small strips and fry in a hot pan for 1-2 minutes on each side. After this, pre-beaten eggs with cream (with the addition of salt and black pepper), pour bacon. Cooking omelet follows 10-15 minutes on a slow fire.

chicken eggs – 2 pcs .;

cheese fused – 50 gr .;

vegetable oil – 1 st. a spoon;

greens, spices to taste.

Method of preparation: First of all, you need to fry the ham, then add the eggs. On the almost ready dish, you should lay the cheese and fry the eggs on a small fire, for 3-x minutes. Sprinkle with greens before serving.

Bulgarian pepper – 200 gr .;

olives (olives) – 1 st. a spoon;

olive oil – 1-2 st. spoons;

spices, vinegar to taste.

Preparation: Vegetables cut into rings and marinated in a special sauce (vinegar, spices, capers, olives). Put on a grate and bake until the formation of characteristic strips.

cheese (hard varieties) – 150 gr .;

eggs of chicken – 1 pcs .;

sour cream – 1 or 2 st. l .;

spices, salt to taste.

Method of preparation: peeled turnips should be filled with cold water and cook for an 1 hour. After readiness turnips cool and mix through the kitchen assistant with sour cream and spices. In the resulting homogeneous mass, add the egg and cheese, then a few more minutes to beat in a blender. The resulting mixture is put in a mold and put in a bake in the oven until a crust is formed. The temperature in the oven should be in the range of 170 degrees. Before serving, cool and sprinkle with chopped greens.

The results, testimonials and recommendations of doctors on ketogenic nutrition

Involvement of the ketogenic dietary program in the treatment of epilepsy is due to the fact that patients throughout the period of fasting do not experience discomfort. They have a dull feeling of hunger, despite the limited intake of calories in the body. When entering the ketogenic diet in patients, the pancreas begins to produce insulin in smaller quantities. As a result, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

Currently, the ketogenic diet has been used in the treatment of cancer. According to many experts who left their feedback on a ketogenic diet, 70% of patients noticed significant improvements in the general condition of the body, including a reduction in the number of seizures, and 30% of epileptics did not experience any effect. With the appointment of a diet to patients of young age, there were cases of complete healing from this severe illness. Many people use a ketogenic diet to correct their weight. Only six days of dietary nutrition can get rid of 5 extra pounds.

When using a diet for weight loss, experts recommend not limiting themselves in the liquid, so that slags quickly leave the body, and its cells at an accelerated pace updated. Before you exclude from your diet any products, anyone should get advice from their doctor or a professional dietician. The human body is able to independently produce from fatty deposits the necessary amount of nutrients for the full operation of the brain.

Everyone knows that the liver contains a certain amount of glycogen (glucose), which is enough for no more than 1 day. After consuming this stock, the body starts to start the process (ketosis), at which fats begin to burn (the pancreas processes the fat cells into keto-bodies that are capable of replacing glucose).

After ketones penetrate the brain of a person suffering from epilepsy, there is an arrest of seizures, since they have an anticonvulsant effect.

Over the years, various studies of epilepsy have been conducted, the result of which allows us to assert that there is a direct link between the patient's well-being and the nutrition system used by him. Patients who participated in the tests and sat on a ketogenic diet found dehydration, which was achieved due to the exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet.

The menu should be consulted by specialists, since the presence of fatty milkshakes or ice cream in the daily diet is extremely important for young epileptics. Such products are able to replace the necessary carbohydrates, so they should be eaten in sufficient quantities. Adult patients do not need to eat foods that replace carbohydrates, since they should be completely excluded from the diet during the diet.

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Epileptic seizures may be different in different patients. First of all, they depend on those areas of the brain where the pathological discharge arises and spreads. In this case, the symptoms will be directly related to the functions of these departments. Movement disorders may occur.

Epilepsy is a chronic disease that affects the patient's brain and is accompanied by a predisposition to convulsions with disconnection of consciousness. However, despite the chronic course of the pathology, its treatment is possible, it can be medicamentous and surgical.

During an attack, the patient may have clouded consciousness, obsessive ideas, even hallucinations. If the attack happens in the child, then it can be vomited, he sweats and cries all the time. When a patient suffers from only one side of the brain, he can.

Epilepsy is an incurable disease and belongs to the category of chronic. Therefore, although there are many ways to help sick people, however, an attack can happen at any time. In the past, an epileptic seizure injected people into.

It is impossible to keep kitchen utensils from ceramics and glass, its safe alternative is plastic utensils. Sausage products, cheese, bread and other products are bought chopped. It is desirable to use the knives less often, keeping them in a closed place. From the gas stove is better.

To achieve good results, medicinal plants should be used in the treatment of epilepsy for quite a long time. Often, infusions of them have to drink for several years. It is recommended that you do not use only one plant at a time, as well.

As with the vast majority of diseases, with epilepsy there are a number of groups of disabilities: from the first to the third. In accordance with international statistics, they are distinguished among themselves by the following criteria, which must necessarily be known to those who claim to.

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