Kiwi, benefits and harm to the body

"Chinese gooseberries" – a fuzzy fruit of brown color with a green flesh inside, dotted in the middle with black small grains.

It tastes like strawberries to our taste, and to whom is the fruit of a banana combined with melon.

The native land of this plant is China, hence the name – "Chinese gooseberry", we have it is called – Kiwi.

Since the man began to use this fruit for food, the researchers began to pay attention to its effect on the human body, there was an interest in studying its composition and the benefits of human consumption.

Fruit Composition

The basis of the composition of this fruit is water.

Like most berries and fruits, the constituents are carbohydrates.

Also has a small percentage of proteins with fats.

This fruit is rich in micro and macro elements.

Iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine, cobalt, molybdenum, fluorine, on the average they are contained on the order of 0,8 to 47 mg.

But potassium, boron, manganese, copper, zinc from 100 to 295 mg.

Aluminum predominates in the composition of kiwi, its 815 mg.

Many useful vitamins, groups A, B, PP, E, but most of all there are: vitamin C, and vitamin B9 (folic acid).

It contains glucose, fructose and fiber, which help to fully saturate the body and not feel hungry.

Along with this, in these small fruits (the weight of the average kiwi reaches 60-90 grams) is present up to 58 kcal per 100 g of product, so it can easily be used as food for people who follow a diet for weight loss.

At the same time, such a diet will supply the body with a sufficient number of vitamins and nutrients, and will also bring a sense of satiety.

The Benefits of Fruit

Useful properties of fruit kiwi directly flow out of its composition, even if it is dried, it contains a sufficient amount of useful substances.

The richness of the product with vitamins of various groups allows us to use it not only for food, but also for use in cosmetology and medicine.

Based on the content of a huge amount of beneficial elements of the body and vitamins, this fruit makes it possible to strengthen immunity, normalize blood pressure.

The fruit contributes to the production of collagen in the body, which allows to normalize blood pressure.

Also, the fruit is used for preventive maintenance of colds.

In winter, this fruit should be introduced into the diet, because of the content of vitamin C.

Using constantly kiwi, it is possible to reduce the risk of heart disease, it contributes to the removal of cholesterol from the blood, (in the prevention of thrombosis) and the withdrawal of excess salt (reduces the possibility of kidney stones), neutralizes nitrates and excess iron.

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Fiber, which is rich in fruit, improves digestion and helps quickly get rid of the severity in the stomach, with overeating.

Many doctors believe that kiwi can be given to small children.

Pregnant also follows its menu to diversify this fruit has useful properties and is rich in vitamins and macronutrients.

Due to the huge base of elements that make up the composition, kiwi interferes with the development of hypertension, strengthens the walls of all the vessels in the body.

Experts advise eating this fruit daily.

Regular use in the diet will help in the prevention of depression, it is recommended for overloads of the nervous system and stress.

Another interesting nuance is the kiwi peel.

Contained in it a huge amount of antioxidants, help to cleanse our body of everything unnecessary.

In our body with poor-quality food gets a lot of harmful bacteria, namely in the skin of this fruit, contains particles that can eliminate their growth.

Also kiwi peel has another useful property, laxative, because it is used to treat and prevent constipation.

Application of kiwi (in cosmetology, for weight loss)

Kiwi is used not only in gastronomy, it is intensively used by women in cosmetology, to maintain youthfulness of the skin and its elasticity, thanks to its beneficial properties

The easiest way to apply for this purpose is kiwi, wipe their face and neck, chest area.

Experts say that this fruit, rejuvenates and tightens the skin.

You can enhance the effect by mixing a gruel obtained from fruit with honey, or with yoghurt, and apply a homogeneous mass to all the same areas of the face and body.

Vitamin C breaks down very quickly.

All serums in cosmetology with this vitamin are used immediately after unpacking the product.

Kiwi can also be used after cutting the pulp, it does not lose vitamin C from its composition, and keeps it of the order of 5-7 days.

A small number of calories and the ability to burn fat, allows you to use it and people prone to fatness and obesity, not being afraid for the consequences.

Also this fruit contains elements – enzymes, they participate in the splitting of fats, promote its burning.

Nutritionists recommend eating one fruit, after a meal or arrange on this fruit, unloading days.

There is a list of diets, of which kiwi is a part.

  • Breakfast. 50gr oatmeal dressed with 1% yogurt. Tea without sugar. 1 fruit of kiwi fruit;
  • Lunch. A glass of citrus juice;
  • Dinner. 200 grams of curd with kiwi slices;
  • Dinner. Citrus salad (green apple, kiwi, banana) dressed with yogurt or lean cream.

Between meals to drink about 0,5 liters of water.

Contraindications and harm

Kiwi, although the owner of valuable and useful properties, but without contraindications here as not was.

Contraindication is also the presence of diseases of the stomach (ulcer or gastritis).

With diarrhea – a disorder of the stomach, just do not go too far with this fruit, perhaps complication.

If you take this fruit, there was a laryngeal swelling, breathing became difficult, appeared, a sip in the tongue, it is necessary to consult a doctor without delay.

Kiwi, like any natural product is very rich in various useful properties.

Knowing all the features of this fetus, a person can safely apply it in the treatment or prevention of various ailments, cosmetology and to enrich their diet with vitamins.

However, kiwi, like any product has its own contraindications.

This is why, before using it, you should carefully study its properties in order to avoid negative consequences for the body.

Video dessert

Video shows how you need to choose the right kiwi and what kind of useful properties it has.

Kiwi grows wild in China, its fruits are small and sour, there it is also called "monkey peach". In 1906, a wild kiwi plant was brought to New Zealand, where varieties with larger and sweet fruits were bred. And the name received this amazing fruit for its resemblance to the kiwi bird, which is the emblem of New Zealand. I really like kiwi, especially the tasty it produces jam and jelly.


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