Kiwi Diet

Mono-diets today are very popular among women, because they allow you to reduce weight quickly and efficiently, and without feeling a strong sense of hunger. The average duration of a mono-diet is 3-7 days. During this time, you can reset to 6 kg in weight!

And one of these nutrition programs is a diet for kiwi. It helps to easily lose weight to those who love exotic fruits and can consume them in unlimited quantities for several days.

Benefits of kiwifruit for the body

Kiwi is a very useful fruit. In addition to the fact that it has low caloric content and promotes weight loss, it contains a lot of different micro and macro elements. This allows you to adjust the work of internal organs and systems, thereby improving your health and your health.

The kiwi contains a lot of vitamin PP, K, A, E and B vitamins. Also in this fruit there is a lot of vitamin C. It is much more in it than in citrus fruits. And aluminum and boron in it is much more than in any other fruit.

But the most important is that in 100 grams of kiwi contains only 40 kcal! Therefore, if you want to lose weight with this fruit, then you probably can do it. The main thing is to strictly follow the diet and not depart from the prescribed recommendations. Otherwise, no positive result can not wait.

Mono-diet for kiwi

Diet for kiwi slimming is designed for 4 days. During this time, you can lose up to 5 kg in weight. In a day you can eat up to 1,5 kg kiwi (only ripe). They can be eaten either at one time, or divided into several equal parts and eaten in several receptions.

Thus it is necessary to drink a lot of water (up to several liters per day). Water is basically useful during weight loss, as it helps to accelerate metabolism and removes toxins from the body. You can not eat anything else.

To sustain a similar diet is very difficult, even for ardent admirers of exotic fruits. However, the result is worth it. But in order to keep it, you need the right way out of the diet – all foods should be introduced into the diet gradually. First time should minimize the intake of salt and fat.

Weekly diet for kiwi

Kiwi diet 7 kg per week does not have such strict restrictions in nutrition, but it is still effective. What dishes will be present in the diet, you decide personally. But they must be low-calorie and contain a minimum of fat.

A day should eat up to one kilogram of kiwi and half a kilogram of any other food. It can be:

  • dairy and sour-milk products;
  • low-fat varieties of meat and poultry (veal, beef, turkey, chicken) boiled in slightly salted water;
  • other fruits, vegetables and herbs (except potatoes, legumes and beans);
  • cereals and cereals – should be 50% of the weight of all additional products.

From other foods should be completely abandoned. An exception is honey. It can be added to various teas and decoctions. In the day you can use no more than 1 tablespoon of honey.

Such a diet is the most effective and safer for the body. And the weight returns after the end of such a diet is much slower.

Whichever of the two proposed kiwi diet options you would not choose, be sure to consult a doctor. Because a severe restriction on nutrition, even despite the great utility of the products allowed, is dangerous to the body and can lead to the development of various diseases.

Video about kiwi for weight loss and health

Reviews about the diet for kiwi

I love kiwi, my favorite fruit, I can eat kilograms. I stumbled on this kiwi diet and decided to try it. Because you just need to reset 5 kg, and then promise that this extra weight will be gone in just four days. However, I can not decide which diet to start with – a hard four-day or a sparing one-week diet? Tell me, who tried it? After all, you do not want to waste effort, and besides, it's unclear how the hard diet will be affected by a rigid diet, if you start with it. And yet, I would like to know if these diets can alternate and with what frequency? Thank you in advance for your advice.

After pregnancy and childbirth recovered at 10 kg. I was looking for a diet where you can lose quickly and without much difficulty and fasting. The kiwi diet saved me. For a week, I dropped 6,5 kg and this is when I consider that a couple of times I allowed myself to eat a prohibited product. Plus, all the kiwis love and ate it not only as an empty fruit, but also made a milkshake with it (diet is allowed dairy products). In general, decide not to regret it.

The diet was advised by my sister. She also recently quit smoking and faced the problem of gaining weight. Kiwis are now sold at affordable prices, so bought immediately for a couple of weeks. It lasted only 13 days, but volumes decreased. Old jeans are now just what I'm unspeakably happy about. True, I'm afraid that weight can return. Girls, and you managed to lose weight? Share your experience.


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