Lenten diet for weight loss: what can and can not?

Fasting Great is one of the most significant events in the life of every person, because it is during this period that both physical and spiritual purification take place. And, accordingly, many people have one very exciting question: Can I lose weight in fasting? We answer you, you can, but not everyone succeeds.

The thing is that the diet in the post excludes from the ration of a person fast food, which includes products of animal origin, including eggs and butter. These are fish, beef, pork, poultry, milk, caviar and seafood.

But the rejection of these is not a guarantee of successful weight loss. The thing is that besides these products there are also others, such as nuts and dried fruits, which are just allowed for use during the period of fasting. They are high-calorie, and therefore there is a high probability of gaining weight.

Therefore, if you decide to observe the Great Lent and still want to lose those extra pounds, we offer you several options for diets that do not include forbidden foods.

Mushroom diet

Most people, refusing from fast food, for some reason forget about the existence of mushrooms. But they are an excellent substitute for meat products, which can provide our body with proteins and other useful substances. In addition, mushrooms contain very few calories. In total, 100 gram is from 20 to 40 kcal, depending on the type of mushrooms.

There are several variants of the mushroom diet. The first option is to replace meat and fish products with mushrooms. That is, all those dishes that you cooked with meat or fish, you can cook with mushrooms. However, as in all diets, everything is fried. Therefore, the best way to eat mushrooms is boiled or stewed.

For example, you can prepare a hodgepodge or mushroom soup. But one should be wary of adding potatoes to dishes. This vegetable is the enemy number 1 for our figure and its use should be minimized.

By the way, other vegetables and fruits are welcome. They should be very much in the diet.

The second option – prepare 400 gram of mushrooms, divide them into 5 equal parts and use for the whole day. In this case, the fungi must necessarily be salted and, preferably, boiled. In between meals, it is recommended to drink green tea. It will normalize blood pressure and contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body.

This version of the mushroom diet can only be followed by 3 – 4 days, in the end you lose from 2 – 4 kg.

Vegetable Diet

Since in the post vegetables are only welcome, a vegetable diet for weight loss will come in handy. This diet allows you to completely clear the body of all harmful toxins and toxins, as well as help reduce body weight by 5 – 7 kg per month.

This diet is very simple and does not require a special approach, calculating calories or anything else. You just need to eat every day 1 kg of any vegetables. In this case, they can be boiled, stewed, steamed or raw. The main thing is not to lean on potatoes.

Sometimes the church allows the use of fish in fasting. Special days are assigned to this. And since fish is an indispensable protein, its use is also necessary. And on days when you can eat fish, be sure to include it in the diet. However, it should only be boiled.

Diet "5 table spoons"

According to nutritionists, the problem of most people suffering from obesity is that they eat a lot and their stomach is very stretched and sometimes even goes beyond the set by Mother Nature.

And such people need to reduce the amount of their stomach to lose weight. Diet 5 tablespoons – this is the norm that a person should eat at one meal.

That is, you should eat at one meal 5 tbsp. soup or any porridge, no more. In this post, this technique will allow you to lose a lot more kilograms, as the fat and fried varieties of meat and fish leave the diet.

Mirimanova's diet "minus 60"

Mirimanova's diet is terrific, as during her extra pounds go away, and the psychological attitude does not give breakdowns. Why? Yes, because with this type of food, which offers Catherine, you can eat anything!

How is this possible, you ask? And like this. The thing is that before lunch our body works in an accelerated mode and is able to digest any foods quickly, not allowing them to be deposited in the form of fat deposits in the sides and abdomen.

Therefore, up to 12 hours of the day you can eat anything, even confectionery. But in the dinner only boiled or steamed dishes are allowed. Soups, salads, etc. But in the evening it is recommended to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy and sour-milk products. But only the last meal should take place no later than six in the evening.

Such a diet can quickly get rid of extra pounds. Even after the fast is over and you enter forbidden foods into your diet, you will not gain the lost kilograms, unless, of course, you continue to adhere to this diet.

Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet during the fasting period is also ideal for weight loss. We offer you an approximate menu for a week, compliance with which will lead to the loss of 2 – 3 kg.

For breakfast, you can eat 2 a sandwich with vegetable caviar, bread can only be used whole-grain from flour, grind a cup of unsweetened tea, and also eat a handful of dried fruits. For lunch, you can eat a little raw vegetables, and for dinner a pumpkin, cooked for a couple.

For breakfast, you can eat porridge, cooked on the water with the addition of dried fruits (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal). For lunch, vegetable soup, and for dinner, raw vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities.

For breakfast, you can pamper yourself with vegetable fritters and tomato juice, and for lunch eat a serving of vegetable stew. For dinner, you can boil potatoes or buckwheat porridge on the water.

Breakfast – Lenten pancakes with jam or jam. Lunch – any pasta, you can combine them with tomato paste. Dinner – vegetable stew from zucchini, potatoes, onions, cabbage and sweet pepper.

On this day, you must completely stop eating food. Drink more fluids – teas or herbal decoctions. This will help shake the body and activate metabolic processes, which will lead to weight loss.

For breakfast, oatmeal porridge on the water with dried fruits, for lunch stewed beans or carrots, but for dinner you can eat boiled potatoes and vegetable salad.

Eat for breakfast semolina porridge, cooked on the water, with jam and raisins. And for lunch, bake vegetables in the oven with potatoes. Well, for dinner, make yourself a pancake fritters and eat them together with jam.

Here such menu you can take advantage in a post for growing thin. You can change it, starting from your taste.


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