Lentil diet for weight loss

Lentil is a unique product that contains very few calories and fats, which allows it to be used for weight loss. Lentil contains a large number of proteins, which allows you not to lose muscle mass during weight reduction, but to increase it, due to which the figure acquires a clear outline and looks taut and sexy. Lentil diet exists in several variants.

The first variant of the lenticular diet

This option is the most stringent, since it involves the use of a lentil for three to four days in a boiled form, in the preparation of which you can not use oil, salt and other spices.

There are as many and as many as you like. The main thing is to not eat any more food. It is recommended to drink plenty of water.

The second variant of the lenticular diet

This option is the most sparing and carried much easier than the first, since its menu is much more diverse. This diet is calculated for 7 days.

Breakfast options (you must choose one of them or alternate them):

  • two toast, greased with a thin layer of honey and 100 d curd;
  • one toast, smeared with a thin layer of butter and a couple of slices of ham;
  • muesli (50), pear, a glass of drinking yogurt.

Dinner every day should be different:

Dinner can consist of the following options:

  • a small slice of bread, a couple of slices of cheese, radish and onions;
  • a serving of vegetable soup;
  • a few tablespoons of vinaigrette and one slice of black bread.

Eating this way for a week, you can throw 4 – 5 kg. More than 7 days to adhere to this diet is not recommended. You can only retry after 30 days.


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