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Lifting dumbbells to the biceps standing

Lifting dumbbells to the biceps standing – technique of the exercise:

  1. Be straight. In each hand, take a dumbbell. Hands are lowered down, elbows are pressed to a trunk. Turn the wrists so that the palms are facing forward. This will be your starting position.
  2. On exhalation, perform the bending of the hands on the biceps. Keep the arm piece from elbow to shoulder immovable. Tip: only the forearms work. The movement should continue until the biceps are completely cut off, until the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Take a short pause, straining your muscles.
  3. On inhalation slowly lower the dumbbells to their original position.
  4. Carry out the necessary number of repetitions.

Variations: There are many variations of this exercise. For example, you can perform it sitting on a bench, resting on its back or sitting without support. You can also perform alternate bending of the hands on the biceps.

You can also start the exercise by holding dumbbells in your hands, palms inward, flexing, turning your wrist, so that at the peak of the movement the little finger is above the thumb and the palms facing forward.

And if there is only one dumbbell, will not it work?

On the first picture with a man the wrong position of the dumbbells. confuse

If the bicep jot is not much after the end of the exercise Is this normal ??

Clearly, the muscles are heated))

and what's the difference: alternate bending or both (with both hands)?

alternating bending allows you to work with a greater weight

I want to swing for weight, what weight is better or less?

Dmitry, tell me, and if I can not perform the bending of the hands on the biceps, in this exercise, all 12 times (less than 10 times), can I reduce the weight of the projectile, somewhere to have 5,0 kg on each dumbbell and perform more 12 times, or better when the weight of the projectile is more, and the number of times less? (I'm doing with 10 kg on each dumbbell)

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