Lipid-lowering diet

Lipids are fat-like organic substances used by the human body as a source of energy. However, their excess can provoke atherosclerosis – a disease characterized by the formation and deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Lowering the cholesterol level in the body and prolonging health will help lipid-lowering diet, an approximate menu, recipes and basic principles of which are given in the article.

What is a lipid-lowering diet?

A hypolipidemic diet is a food system based on the exclusion of food rich in light for absorption by carbohydrates, cholesterol and animal fats. Nutritionists recommend it to adhere to people who have cardiovascular diseases, as well as those who are predisposed to these ailments.

Lipid-lowering diet: features

There are several rules for a lipid-lowering diet, adhering to which you can get rid of excess kilos and significantly improve your health.

  • Food should be rational and diverse. Reduces the calorie content of food and the daily diet is divided into five or six receptions.
  • Clean water is a source of excellent health and longevity. To fully function the human body and accelerate the metabolism, it must be at least two liters a day.
  • A careful control of the fat introduced into the body is necessary. The consumption of products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids should be increased, and those containing animal fat should be reduced to a minimum.
  • As the main source of energy is to choose complex carbohydrates, and as a building material for the cells – the protein contained in the low-fat varieties of fish and meat, cottage cheese.
  • The number of eggs allowed for consumption is three pieces per week, bread – no more than two pieces a day.
  • From dairy products, preference should be given to non-fatty varieties. Too addicted to such food is not recommended.
  • The last meal should be no later than two or three hours before bedtime.

Foods that are approved for consumption

To regulate the level of cholesterol in the body it is recommended to use:

  • fresh and frozen non-starchy fruits and vegetables, including greens;
  • all kinds of berries and vegetable oils;
  • sea ​​white fish;
  • sea ​​kale;
  • dried fruits;
  • oat porridge, prepared from whole grains;
  • juices, fruit drinks, teas, sugar-free compotes, mineral non-carbonated and spring water;
  • Rye bread.

Products to be Restricted

In moderate quantities are allowed:

  • river and red sea fish;
  • Fresh and condensed milk, butter, dairy products, milk porridge, ice cream;
  • baked, steamed or boiled chicken breasts, lean beef;
  • secondary broth from chicken or turkey;
  • any kind of nuts;
  • soaked in cold water potatoes;
  • eggs;
  • mushrooms;
  • seafood;
  • marmalade and marshmallows.

Prohibited products

From the diet should be deleted:

  • margarine, spreads, coconut and palm oil, pork fat;
  • fat and fatty meats, sausages;
  • red meat and poultry skin;
  • canned food, smoked meat, pork and lamb;
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks;
  • pasta, baked pastry and cakes;
  • meat of crabs, crabs, caviar and liver of fish;
  • sugar, honey, coffee, cocoa, chocolate;
  • fast food products;
  • mayonnaise.

Lipid-lowering diet: a menu for a week

The first day

Like many other nutrition systems, the menu on the hypolipidemic diet provides quite a variety. At the beginning of its observance you can pamper yourself with curd and a glass of orange fresh for the first breakfast, salad with fresh vegetables – on the second. Lunch of the debut day can consist of sweet pepper stuffed with rice and meat, a snack – from an apple and two toasts, and dinner – from a light vegetarian borsch.

Second day

Vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, and a cup of soft tea is the best option for the morning ration. A little later you can grab a grapefruit or plums, and at lunch to eat a portion of boiled chicken and buckwheat porridge. At mid-morning snack low-fat cottage cheese with berry jam, and for dinner – baked fish with green vegetables.

The third day

On the third day of dieting, it is recommended to have breakfast with curd casserole and fresh apples. It is also acceptable to drink unsweetened coffee with milk. A little later you can eat with an omelette with a serving of green tea, and in the afternoon – vegetable soup with two slices of rye bread. Snack can consist of a Greek salad, and the last meal – from boiled beef with stewed vegetables.

Fourth day

The optimal menu for the fourth day of diet:

The first breakfast: brewed on milk, oatmeal and green tea.

The second breakfast: fruit and berry salad.

Lunch: cabbage rolls with vegetables and chicken meat, apple fresh.

Snack: one banana.

Dinner: vegetables in Italian.

Fifth day

Millet porridge and green tea for the first breakfast and several tangerines for the second – a good start for the fifth day of dietary tests. In the afternoon it is advisable to try borsch with a piece of low-fat beef, and for a mid-morning snack to eat salad from sea kale. Three to four hours before bedtime, you can eat a steaming fish and drink a glass of mineral water.

Sixth day

After awakening, you should try a small portion of buckwheat porridge and drink a glass of tea. After a couple of hours you can have a snack with crackers and orange. Soup with mushrooms and a slice of boiled fish is a great option for lunch. To satisfy the hunger after the lapse of time is recommended by a green apple, and to have supper – a spaghetti with chicken meat and salad from fresh vegetables.

Seventh day

Approximate diet of the seventh day of diet:

The first breakfast: porridge from brown rice, mango juice.

The second breakfast: green tea and two peaches.

Lunch: soup, boiled shrimp and two slices of pineapple.

Snack: low-fat kefir and a handful of nuts.

Dinner: vegetable stew and a glass of cherry fresh.

Lipid-lowering diet: recipes

Mannequin pudding with apples

For the preparation of pudding will need:

  • 2 tbsp. semolina groats;
  • half a glass of milk;
  • one medium-sized apple;
  • 2 protein and 1 yolk;
  • 1 tbsp Sahara;
  • 1 tsp salts;
  • 1 tsp butter.

In the cooked milk and lightly cooled semolina porridge, add grated apple, yolk, sugar and butter, grated on a large grater, and then whipped with a salt until smooth foam. Stir well, pour the mixture into a mold and bake 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C.

Vegetables in Italian

Shredded celery, Savoy cabbage, carrots, zucchini and champignons should be fried in olive oil, then add the chopped tomatoes and clove of garlic, spicy herbs to the saucepan. Pour 300 g of vegetable broth and simmer on low heat 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle with grated cheese.


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