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Liquid diet for 7 days – to lose weight on a drinking diet is easy!

Lose weight with a liquid diet is easy! It can be attributed to a number of high-speed diets. But among those methods that give a quick result, it is considered the most effective and useful. At observance of all requirements of a diet for a day it is possible to say goodbye with 1,5 kg of weight. And if you eat properly after a diet, then the return to the previous weight does not threaten.

Features of the diet. What can you do on a drinking diet?

The main ingredient of the liquid diet is water. All dishes included in the diet of slimming, should be watery, soft, mushy consistency. This method of losing weight doctors fully justified. And it is often prescribed to patients suffering from obesity. The amazing result comes quickly: after just 5 days it will take up to 10 kg of weight.

The diet of a liquid diet consists of various cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, cooked on water, as well as vegetable and milk soups, vegetables and fruits, and fermented milk products.

Weight Loss Mechanism

Simple water is the main trump of the technique. Its abundance in food allows you to quickly satisfy hunger. Water can drink a lot, and in return receive 0 calories. Perfectly, is not it? Since the food on the water contains a sufficient amount of water, the satiety effect is achieved quickly.

Due to the soft consistency, such food is perfectly digested by the body, which does not allow the accumulation of fat. In addition, with good digestion, the metabolism is activated, which promotes weight loss at an accelerated rate.

The main problem of losing weight is dehydration of the body. Everyone who adheres to a liquid diet, this process does not threaten. As a result of the constant use of water and watery food, the body maintains a water balance. And this, as a rule, affects the well-being during a diet and rapid weight loss.

Dietary products

During a liquid diet, the entire volume of food consumed should not exceed one glass. Therefore, you can vary your menu, but keep track of the amount of food. For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal, drinking yoghurt, milk, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese.

At lunchtime, the body will benefit from vegetable soups and broths. And, especially welcome soup, borsch and beetroot. Those who love dairy products, you can prepare milk soups with buckwheat.

In order not to overload the stomach, dinner should be easy. In addition, in a half-starved state, it will quickly burn fat, even when the body is asleep. Therefore, in the evening, they limit themselves to a glass of yogurt or an apple.

Very important!

Adhere to such a diet should not more than 10 days. Since the liquid diet provides for abstinence from certain foods, it is best to lose weight under the supervision of a doctor.

Menu of drinking diet

The diet of the diet is each thinning independently, based on their requests and preferences.

The only conditions, the use during the day of liquid soups, purees to maintain the satiety of the body and enrich it with vitamins and trace elements.

Water -1,5 l. in its pure form.

Several options for diet soup for lunch:

Vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.

We cut vegetables into cubes, cook in chicken broth without adding salt and other spices. After removing from the fire, we cool it, then we rub it all on the blender and use it. It is desirable that the soup was not a thick consistency, so the liquid needs much more than other ingredients. You can add half of the onion and greens head to the soup.

Vegetable soup with turnips and greens.

To make soup, you need 50 g carrots, onions, 70 g of potatoes and turnips, a little greens, and a glass of low-fat milk. All ingredients are finely chopped, boiled in broth, wiped through a sieve or crushed in a blender. The soup is ready.

Oil, spices, spices, sauces are completely excluded!

The way out of the drinking diet should be smooth, slow, cautious.

It is forbidden to attack solid food, you run the risk of getting into trouble with the digestive system. Therefore, we distribute dishes rationally and make a menu. By a little introduce carbohydrates, fats and proteins. We follow the state of health. At the slightest exacerbations we address to the doctor!

A few rules and recommendations

  • During the diet, we follow the chair, it should be daily and not too liquid.
  • Drinking diet should be observed no more than once a year, this will be enough to cleanse the intestines from toxins and harmful substances.
  • During the diet, it is possible to observe many side effects that may not appear favorably on the functionality of many organs, so a similar system should be followed by a consultation with a specialist. Keep track of your symptoms, if it becomes very bad – regret it and retreat from the diet. So this technique will not be for you! Try another system of losing weight, fortunately, today there is where to sweep our imagination and fantasies.

Drinking diet tips, testimonials and results

Marina, 32 year, writes:

"The first five days were very hard, fatigue, apathy, unwillingness to do something, increased nervousness, discomfort in the abdomen, etc. But there was no special feeling of hunger, I drank enough liquid, I cooked broth for dinner, so that the saturation of the stomach occurred. After all it was adjusted, there was an ease and airiness, well simply it would be desirable to fly. For a week I dropped 8 kg, it was just fine. Now slowly and confidently I leave the diet. "

Dietitians advise not to get carried away with such a diet, it is very strict and rigid, there are a lot of restrictions and illicitness. And for the fact that the first days of the drinking system for weight loss were easier, you must first prepare the body for a diet, reducing the amount of solid food consumed.

Persons suffering from hypertension, edema, cardiac or renal insufficiency can not even think about such a diet, the same applies to pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Drinking diet is a kind of system, focused on cleaning the body and losing weight. The motto of drinking a diet can be formulated as follows: when we want to drink – we drink when we want to eat – we also drink. The regime of this diet excludes the chewing reflex, and if you still decide to keep this diet, you should understand that for 1-15 days you only need to drink, even all vegetables and fruits must be translated into a liquid state and drunk like juices. Nutrition in a liquid form, it's not a hunger strike, you just replace food in solid form with liquid. Many recipes of broth and soup-mash are very tasty and healthy for the body, especially during a drinking diet.

Any similar diet, including a kefir diet, means rest for the gastrointestinal tract, this is due to the fact that solid food is excluded from the diet. This regime will not be characterized by sudden weight loss, elimination of a feeling of heaviness in the digestive tract, overload and other symptoms.

For the effectiveness of this method, you need to reduce the amount of food previously consumed, which would effectively lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful toxins. Absolute rejection of food is impossible, so we can increase the amount of liquid. If your desire is to lose weight, reduce the size of the stomach, get rid of harmful substances, then any drinking regime of the diet, including kefir, milk – is the best option for the proper functioning of internal organs, including the liver, kidneys, heart, respiratory system.

Advantages of a drinking diet

Imagine that for a whole week you do not need to think about what is, because the menu consists of a liquid. The essence of this diet – not chewing food, and a plentiful drink. It can be like pure spring water, still drinks, unsweetened compotes, juices, meat broths, various smoothies, etc.

A normal diet should consist of their liquid dishes. Do not forget to follow the chair during the diet. During the day you should drink at least 1 liters of plain water. Such a diet can be used no more than once a year. You can use drinking yogurt / kefir with low fat content – no more than 2%. But these are other types of diet, the difference is only in their duration, but they are all similar in one thing – you can drink everything (tea, drinks, dairy products, cocoa, juices, broths). However, we must warn you – from the habit of chewing something is very difficult to get rid of, it is she who will provoke difficulties in the first days of your diet. Even stress, depression, fatigue and apathy can arise. Do not worry, this condition will be replaced by lightness and airiness very soon. A decrease in the volume of the stomach will not make you wait long.

The drinking diet is ideal for cleaning the body and getting rid of extra pounds, because you will not feel hungry, as your stomach will be constantly filled with liquid, but without harmful calories. During the first period of the diet, all organs are completely cleansed. Perhaps you will feel slight discomfort in the kidneys and liver. In the last days of the diet, there will be cleansing at the cellular level.

After the termination of any drinking diet, there is a return to the usual diet, which should be done with extra care.

Alcohol is not recommended, as it will interfere with the process of purifying your body.

Lose weight correctly, let all the necessary recommendations will provide you a dietician, be attentive to your health always!

Reviews for a drinking diet for 7 days

This diet was used when it was necessary to lose weight for the wedding of the sister, tk. all the bridesmaids were wearing the same blue dresses ordered in advance, and my clothes were not fastidiously zipped. So, the basis of the diet is liquid dishes. The basis of the basis is water. But even without liquid soups in this case can not do. As they say: "The coach is thin, but nutritious. You will be thin, but hardy! You can prepare, for example, for lunch light and nutritious soup of tomatoes.

Take 2-5 medium tomatoes, cut in half and remove the seeds with a spoon. Put on a baking sheet, add there a small onion and a few cloves of garlic (to taste). Salt, pepper, pour olive oil and send the vegetables into a well-heated oven for half an hour – tomatoes should turn brown, and onions – golden. Put on the stove any vegetable broth (one and a half liter), add prepared vegetables to it and boil, stirring, until boiling. Remove the boiled soup, cool, and then grind in a blender until mashed, adding fresh cucumbers. Eat for lunch. I advise you to take vitamins for the entire period of the diet. You can have yogurt at night with a small percentage of fat. Most importantly, this is patience and willpower, then the result will not be long in coming. I lost 3.5 kg. Also was very happy.

I am very much recovered, literally in a short time. It was necessary urgently that that to do with it. Found "Drinking diet for 7 days." Several days dared to sit down on it, studied all the minuses and pluses. But when I finally made up my mind, I did not regret it. I forgot 7 for the 3 days of the diet, it's an excellent result for me, very pleased with this diet. Just need to be careful and follow all instructions.

I tried many diets for a quick reset of 3-5 kg, and concluded that the most suitable for me is drinking. I have already developed a certain diet and accumulated recipes that are suitable for this diet. When I feel that I want to eat, I just drink a glass of kefir, juice, liquid smoothie or soup-puree from dietary products. And, of course, do not forget to drink pure non-carbonated water. So, I always feel full, and kilograms go away. In my opinion, this is the ideal diet!

Recently stopped breastfeeding the baby and excess weight is more than enough, but how ?! Since I wanted the result, I soon decided to lose weight by drinking a diet. After the habit to eat as tightly as possible it was hard for the first two or three days, but gradually entered the potassium, as porridge I adore and vegetable soups too! A week later I was pleased with the result of 8,5 kg! Simply super! Now it's not scary to go to the beach in a swimsuit!

Although I'm a man, but the "Drinking diet for 7 days" was very useful to me, when from belly dinners under my shirt began to bulge my stomach. First, 7 days – it's not long, secondly – it's not so difficult, because you can eat soups and cereals. Yes, I had to limit myself to the amount of food I received, but in general I am satisfied. For a week, it took 3 kg, and this despite the fact that there was little physical activity. I feel good.

As for me, the "Drinking diet" is just good for 7 days. And then 30 days – you can move horses, and 7 days – ideal for cleansing the body and "adjusting" it to weight loss.

She herself was on this diet! The first two days are difficult – I always wanted to put something hard into my mouth and chew, chew, chew. But on the third day it becomes easier and gets used to the constant yoghurt, kefirchik, tea.

Yes, and the volumes went to "drinking"

Oh, 10 days only to drink – for me it was extremely difficult . I really wanted to chew some teeth! I could not stand it, now I have one milk a day a week.

I've known about drinking a diet for many years. But did not dare to sit on it, because it is very difficult to overcome yourself and not eat. When, after the next diet, my weight rose, I decided to try the day to stay on a drinking diet. I drank green tea and water. She barely survived, but was happy) for a day-2 kg, but this water left. She stayed there for about 5 days, included in the diet still kefir and low-fat broth without salt. In the end, -7, but I connected jumps on the rope. We hung 62. Volumes went well) Since then, sometimes I can sit for a couple of days on such a diet, cleanse the body) is easy and good)

Zdrastvujte, they say that kilograms after such a diet can return doubly. It's true ? I want to ask, since you have experience in this matter.

If you follow the way out of it correctly and do not get carried away with harmful food in the future, you will not get it.

Hello, Ladies. Once here everyone shares their stories

weight loss, then I will share. During a long nervous breakdown, I found myself

vent only in food. I was so weak-willed (But most importantly, that was.

One moment I just looked at myself in the mirror, and decided that it was not going anywhere

good! After reading a lot of articles about diets on the Internet, I decided on this

drinking diet. The first days of 3-4 were very difficult to overpower, but my figure

did not give me rest. Then, after getting into taste and losing track of time, I finally

decided to weigh it. 5 days left for 7-8 days

kg! What can we say about the figure, the difference was noticeable not only to me. To this day I

in this weight (46kg), and every day I hear more and more compliments about my

Privet Nastya, mojno po interesovatsya, a chto ti vklyuchala v pit'evoy rejim? ya vot uje 3y den 'zakanchivayu, pila chay s molokom, kofe s molokom i vodu tolko, ushel poka tolko 1 kg, chto menya nemnogo dimotiviruet . u tebya na poslednix dnyax ushlo stolko ili po nachalo?

spasibo za ranee za info

Hello Nastenka, can I ask you a question, belly and liska go on a drinking diet?

I can say for sure that a drinking diet really works. Has thrown off 4 kg. for a week to get into the dress. A familiar nurse said that weight loss occurs due to the withdrawal of salt deposits. It is for this reason that the diet is very useful. Many diets made by doctors have such unloading days. It was difficult for me on the fifth day. On the 7th I already felt the upsurge.

I was looking for a diet in the hope of getting rid of the heaviness in the stomach after meals. I was perfectly suited to a drinking diet for 7 days! Even in the early days there was no constant feeling that I was craving to eat, as soon as there was a feeling of hunger – I ran to drink. As they say: "If you want to eat – drink water") I threw off 6,5 kilograms per week, I think this is a good result, given that I ate (well, more precisely, sawed) broths a little more often than it was permissible. By the way, in combination with the sport came just awesome result – with the hated tummy gone already 8 cm! In short, I'm more than happy)

The drinking diet practically deprives the person of proteins, (the basic building material for an organism), kashki and soups – all this carbohydrates. The conclusion here is one – during a diet, it is simply necessary to drink protein cocktails, a minimum of 3 times a day. Otherwise, weight loss occurs mainly due to a decrease in muscle mass, and this is very, very bad, since it is difficult to build up and lose it more easily

I also just started to sit on this drinking diet, I will say at once it is difficult, but if in truth you want to lose weight, and not just check whether the diet is working or not, then you can suffer in full, and by the way the diet really works I lost 1,5 per day: -) Very davolna drinking diet. It is enough to drink a lot of non-carbonated, pure water and yogurt, kefir, broths from soup, etc., in general, ZHIDKOST.To you successfully pohodeete.Vsem good luck

This is not the first time I use

"Drinking diet". The main thing is that there is no discomfort! There is no dehydration, there are plenty of strength, and it's delicious – soups and porridges on the water, the mineral water is stable one at a time with a small kg a day!

And such a diet can be given to children. My height is about 140 and the weight of 55 is so much. Earlier this nebylo it is visible teber already even the second chin begins. Help!

I'm 12. My height is 170 cm, and the weight when I started to sit on it was 54 kg. I have been sitting 4 days and dropped 3 kg. Failures were not there just when I want to eat eat some kind of compote. It seems to me that everything is jealous of you. If you want to lose weight. I think that this way you can eat and in 6 years

And I was helped by the model forms 18, I could not refuse the buns at all, I ate them all the time, and then my sister gave me this medicine, for 2 months I threw down 8,2 kg, but now I do not feel like buns, I control the appetite myself

I'm sitting on a drinking diet 8 day, the initial weight of 62kg with an increase of 160cm, for a week a plumb of just 2 kg, although strictly adhered to the rules! Could there be a reason for taking hormonal contraceptives?

it is in them and the reason, I'm exactly in the same position

You can sit on such a diet girl 11 years?

Of course not worth it. Better while you're a little to remain plump, because the body is formed, etc. You can just stick to a simple diet without "light carbohydrates" of rolls, chocolate and almost everything sweet. And so just eat right. And then there will be years 14-15 (well, or how "these days" begin) you can gradually go on a drinking diet. The main thing is not to abuse, and not even to anorexia close. To me 14 only I start a diet, very much it would be desirable to eat, gravity and weariness. And while you're small, do not risk it.

I sat on a drinking diet 7 days. Because to the decision to go on a diet led to festive overeating, a lot of sweet and stretched stomach – the first 2 days on cream soup and fruit smoothies in the indicated small number felt hungry, underfed, but full of determination. On 3 day, there was already a small result, I thought only about what I would eat and when it would end. And from 4 to 7 day already felt very easy, every morning was happy looking in the mirror and just in the morning threw a cocktail of bananas with an apple mixed in a blender, hastily, yogurt and a bottle of water. In the time spent at home, she ate cream soup (cooked once and standing on 3 a day in the fridge) from potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage. Since I'm a big fan of "snacks in eatery" happy to spend time in a cafe with a cup of coffee or milk tea (once I allowed myself ice cream). For a week of a fairly loyal diet, with my growth of 162 and the original weight of 48, I threw off 3 kg and I think this is a good result

I'm losing weight in the octal for a week. Has bought at once for a month forward, since. 10 days I will not have enough) Strictly follow the instructions. I go to the pool every other day, and I eat dinner octal no later than 8 hours, just after the pool. Excluded confectionery, flour, fast food and soda. Has already grown on 2,5 kg!

Can you please tell me, 13 years, the growth of 168, the weight of 66,8, I want to lose weight on 10-5 kg, can I sit down on this diet? They say that the skin may begin to hang and what can happen with the menstruation?

Hi, it's best here: start sports, now just summer, do jogs in the morning or in the evening, feed properly. Do not eat fried, as little salt as possible (it keeps water in the body), floury too, forget about sweet, if want a slender figure and the result quickly, more vegetables and drink plenty of water. If you take yourself in hand and set a goal, then everything will turn out.

All greetings, I thought for a long time and from that moment I decided that I would spend 7-10 days on this diet. You know, I'm looking for someone with whom I can communicate during the diet. I 12 years of growth 167 weight 57. I'm sick of everyone saying that I look normal, but I do not feel normal !! Always uncomfortable. In my stomach and not at all well, I feel. I hope not to derail. . . . . . . = ^

hello, already found such a person. really want to lose weight, but there is no support)

By the way, we are the same height and weight))) I want to lose weight on 6-7 kg

I, too, have this height and age, but I weigh 53, I want to lose weight to 47-48

Zdrastvujte, to me 12 years at growth 166 I weigh 53, I wish to grow thin up to 47-48 kg. It is difficult to maintain a diet?

For me, any restrictions in nutrition only to the detriment – even more I want to eat them)). Therefore, for me personally, only one option was optimal – to lose weight with the help of special pills that reduce appetite. Found in the pharmacy quite good – Tsefamadar are called. There are no pills, they do not cause addiction. I feel hungry now, like chicken, I do not want candy-buns, the weight goes away without problems.

I did not read a more ridiculous article. And she goes on the search first when you request "Drinking diet"! The author is absolutely incompetent in the matter and has the stupidity of giving advice. At least for the presence of verbal errors checked, not to mention the actual ones.

And I'm hard on the water (One day, of course I can hold out, and then a terrible hunger

Drink water, eat water-shit you will never!

Apple mashed potatoes can be eaten during a diet?

And the amount of food consumed should not exceed one glass a day or at a time?