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Liquid diet menu diet for 7 days and its features

There are many methods of weight loss, including a variety of diets. Most of them are aimed not only at losing weight, but also for general cleaning of the body. An example of this is a drinking diet. Observing it by all the rules, you can correct the figure, and improve the body.

It should be noted immediately that a drinking diet is not a starvation. This is a special nutrition program, which involves the use of only liquid food. It is easily absorbed by the body and quickly removed from it, "capturing" with itself all the toxic substances that are poisonous to all internal organs.

The motto of this diet is the following – if you want to eat, drink water! It is thanks to this nutrition program that a person can get rid of not only from extra pounds, but also from the habit of constantly chewing. After all, more than 80% of people are used to having a snack between basic meals or sitting in front of the computer.

At these moments, they simply do not realize how much they eat, because at such times the brain is aimed at getting some information, but not the food itself. And this leads to the appearance of fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissues, which we can observe on the sides, buttocks and abdomen.

In this case, the drinking diet will be able to completely correct the shape and diet, which in the future will lead to the development of "right" habits that will not allow excess kilograms to return again.


Like any diet (for example, the diet of Dr. Saikov), a drinking diet has contraindications, in the presence of which its compliance becomes impossible, since it can be very harmful to the body.

Such contraindications include the following diseases and conditions:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • pathology of the liver;
  • inflammatory and infectious processes in the kidneys;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and intestines.

Advantages of a drinking diet

Drinking diet results are simply terrific. In just a few weeks you can get rid of 10 to 20 kg! In addition to actively reducing weight and reducing total volumes, this diet also has other positive features. These include:

  • complete cleansing of the body of toxic substances;
  • restoration of the intestinal flora and normalization of its work;
  • reduction of stomach volume, after which saturation occurs after eating a small amount;
  • reduction of the main load on the digestive tract;
  • the appearance of additional energy, which was previously consumed by the body to digest solid foods;
  • improvement of general well-being, appearance of a feeling of lightness and vivacity (comes on 7-9 day of dieting);
  • the ability to independently make up your diet, alternating different foods.

However, it should be noted that in the latter case, you can eat only in liquid form. For example, in the form of soups (including milk), mashed potatoes or juices.

Disadvantages of the diet

The drinking diet has not only advantages, but also drawbacks. And they are also many. Firstly, at first, there is a constant desire to chew something. There is a feeling of severe hunger. However, in this case, for the most part, this is a psychological problem.

Therefore, if you want to achieve your goal with this diet, then you need to set yourself in advance in a positive way. In addition, a rapid weight loss will certainly please you. You only need to hold out for a few days, after which your body quickly adapts to new conditions and discomfort will disappear.

Secondly, only completely healthy people can adhere to the drinking diet (contraindications have already been mentioned above). Thirdly, during the diet, there may be "side effects", for example, fatigue, apathy, physical and mental weakness.

Fourth, in most people, with this diet, there is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, which leads to a deterioration in the condition of hair, nails and skin. However, this can easily be avoided by simply taking from the very first day of the diet special vitamin complexes that can be easily purchased at any pharmacy.

And one more drawback of drinking a diet is the need to observe a special way out of it. At the end of the diet can not be sharply enter the diet of solid foods. The thing is that this will greatly affect your digestive tract. He simply will not be able at this time to digest coarse food.

And besides, if you immediately return to your usual diet and eat a lot, the weight can easily return, which will lead to the need to re-comply with the diet. And you can stick to it only once a year.

Types of Drinking Diet

Drinking diet exists in two versions:

Each of them has its own rules. About them, we'll definitely talk, but first we need to talk about the correct preparation of the body for the impending weight loss.

Preparatory stage

To pass sharply on liquid food in any case it is impossible. After all, this is stress for the body, which then can "hiccup" with various diseases. Therefore, before you start to adhere to the drinking diet, you must prepare the body in advance.

For this, for 6-10 days, you need to gradually reduce your daily caloric intake to 1200 kcal. At the same time in your diet must be a liquid dish. And the more of them, the better.

It is also important to start drinking at this time. In a day you need to drink up to 1,5 l of purified water. You can not replace it with anything.

Drinking diet for 7 days

This diet has strict limitations and includes only drinking. You can drink:

The peculiarity of this diet is that you can drink only one kind of liquid per day. That is, if you drank a glass of yogurt in the morning, then throughout the day you should drink it. The next day you can drink juices or herbal teas. In any one day it is allowed to eat meat or vegetable soups-mashed potatoes.

But whatever drink you choose, remember, you can not add sugar or honey to it. In addition, you will also need to drink up to 2 liters of water per day.

It is worth noting that a drinking diet for 7 days in view of the tight restrictions in nutrition can lead to a metabolic disorder. Therefore, you must adhere to it very carefully, constantly monitoring the state of your body.

If you began to experience malaise, dizziness, or severe weakness, then you should stop losing weight with this diet and see a doctor.

The only advantage of this diet is rapid weight loss. In just 7 days, you can get rid of 5 to 7 kg. More information about the weekly drinking diet you can see here.

Drinking diet for 30 days

This variant of the diet is gentle, since it allows you to drink not only water or juices, but also eat various soups prepared on meat and fish broth. Only the presence of solid pieces in them is excluded. All soups that are prepared at the moment, should be crushed with a blender or other grinding equipment.

The main rule – all soups should have a uniform consistency. But you can cook them absolutely from any products. Only it is necessary to take into account the fact that during the maintenance of the drinking diet your daily calorific value should not exceed 1200 kcal.

In soups you can add melted cheese, croutons, greens, etc. But the use of salt and other flavor enhancers should be added at a minimum, and it is better to abandon them altogether.

If you cook soup on meat or fish broth, then it must necessarily be "secondary". It's very easy to cook it. To do this, take a piece of meat or fish, pour water and cook until ready. Then the broth merges (you do not need to throw it out, you can use it to make soup for other household members), the boiled meat or fish is refilled with water and cooked over low heat for 30-40 minutes after boiling.

Your diet should be about the following:

  • завтрак – a glass of natural low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch Freshly squeezed orange juice;
  • lunch – soup-puree (for the effectiveness of weight loss, it is better, of course, to eat vegetable);
  • afternoon snack – a glass of jelly;
  • dinner – a glass of kefir (the fat content is not more than 2%).

Quitting the diet

The way out of the drinking diet should be gradual. In a day, you can enter into the diet only one solid product. The first 9-10 days in your menu should prevail liquid dishes, to which solid products are added. For example, you can not grind potatoes in a soup or eat it with a small slice of black bread.

Then you can enter in the diet of small pieces of boiled meat or fish, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. And at night it is recommended to use only liquid food, for example, oatmeal or kefir.

If you gradually expand your diet, exit from the diet will occur with minimal risk to your health. It is very important to observe the reaction of the body to "innovations".

If at the end of a diet you have problems with digestion, be sure to consult a specialist and go for a comprehensive examination. Remember that repeated compliance with this diet is possible only after the body is fully restored, that is, through 10-12 months.