Lose weight after 45 years

It is believed that with age, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight. Many women do not pay attention to extra pounds. And in vain, excess weight not only spoils the figure, but also affects health. The article will tell you how to lose weight after 45 years.

How to lose weight after 45 years

As a rule, by this age the woman has already taken place as a mother and as a professional in the work. She has a life experience, her point of view. And how you want to be beautiful and desired for yourself, your loved one and your loved ones. Probably, nothing so does not spoil the woman's mood, like the imperfection of her body. Excess weight is harmful and undesirable at any age.

Causes of female completeness

First of all, female fullness is hormones. At the turn of 45-50, the female body undergoes a restructuring. If earlier the main natural purpose of a woman was the birth and feeding of offspring, now all these troubles go to the background. Now she is the keeper of peace, peace and family hearth. Hormones begin to work against a woman, intensively produced fat tissue. The motor activity decreases. As a result, muscle mass is lost, and accumulation of extra pounds occurs.

In addition to hormonal adjustment, many women have a period of menopause. The mood worsens, life seems empty and gray. Why not treat yourself to sweet pastries or a delicious cake? Taste in the period of onset of menopause can serve a woman not very good service. With age, the metabolic rate deteriorates. Organism does not need a lot of energy and energy for life. He moves to a more economical regime. The result of all these factors is a set of excess weight and deterioration of the figure.

How to lose weight after 45 – the golden rules

Rule number 1. Forget about sweets

Restriction of sweets and flour dishes. In the struggle for a beautiful figure and a healthy body, baking (bread, cookies, pasta, pies) is the enemy number one. It is better to replace all these goodies with more useful analogs. Sugar is replaced with dried fruits and honey, bread is cooked with a bran, cookies are lean, instead of sweets it is better to eat marmalade or marshmallow.

Rule number 2. Vitamins and trace elements

With age, calcium in the body becomes significantly less. Therefore, fractures of bones are not uncommon. With the onset of menopause, the woman also loses the iron needed for the circulatory system of the body. Enriching your diet with calcium and iron helps to avoid many problems. It is necessary to include in the diet dairy and sour-milk products, low-fat meat, apples, liver, green beans. Also, do not neglect the vitamin-mineral complex.

Rule number 3. We remove salt

Decrease the amount of salt. The daily rate of this mineral should not exceed three grams. Salt retains fluid in the body. As a consequence, there are swelling. The burden on the kidney system and heart is increasing.

Rule number 4. Unloading

Unloading should be done once a week. You can arrange a day of unloading on low-fat kefir or green apples. If there are no problems with the pressure, let's say "milk". Unloading day will not only reduce weight and get rid of toxins and toxins and stagnation of liquid, but also give ease to the whole body.

Rule number 5. Sports loads

Nobody canceled physical exercises. It is clear that it is not everyone who "winds" the kilometers around the stadium. But to visit the pool, yoga, Nordic walking can almost anyone. The main thing is to start!

Rule number 6. Doctor on schedule

If you yourself lose weight and adjust the figure does not work, a competent endocrinologist and nutritionist will help. An experienced doctor probably knows how to lose weight after 45 years. In addition to the above-mentioned specialists, it is necessary to visit the mammologist and gynecologist on a regular basis. Health – first of all!

Rule number 7. We remove harmful

Harmful products are not useful at any age. After 35 years, it's better to forget about mayonnaise, smoked foods, canned food, carbonated drinks. Mayonnaise can be replaced with low-fat yogurt. Sausages – natural boiled meat or baked chicken roll. Soda will perfectly replace the vegetable juice and compote of dried fruits. Of course, to lose weight after 45 years, a woman is not so simple. But do not despair, everything is in your hands!


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