Lose weight correctly on kefir diet

To lose weight and get rid of hated kilograms, you have to revise your diet and choose low-calorie meals. There are many effective ways to reduce weight. Kefir diet at 3 day is one of the first places among others, showing excellent results.

Efficacy of diet on yogurt

Kefir method of losing weight on 3 day helps to lose more than 5 kilograms. Such a mono-diet belongs to the category of extreme.

To achieve the result, it is necessary to follow the recommendations:

  • drink only 1.5 l kefir or whey, yogurt burger with 1% fat content per day;
  • drink 1.5 l of water in 24 hours;
  • do not eat sugar, salt, berries and raisins;
  • during a three-day kefir diet use complex vitamins;
  • with a kefir diet you can not eat ordinary food. The exception can be: boiled chicken breast, oat flakes, low-fat cottage cheese, apple, orange, banana or kiwi.

How to lose weight on kefir diet for 3 days?

It takes all 3 days to "sit" on 1% kefir and plentiful drink. It is recommended to forget about the products of the usual menu, in order to completely relieve the body and be able to lose a few pounds.

Use of kefir must be alternated with water or unsweetened mint tea, dividing 1.5 liters of low-calorie kefir into 5-6 receptions. The method makes it possible to get rid of 4 – 5 kilograms for 3 days.

Kefir technique is effective due to such features of the product as:

  • low caloric content;
  • laxative effect clears the intestines;
  • elimination of the retarded fluid;
  • release from internal contamination and slagging;
  • getting rid of puffiness;
  • normalization of the digestive tract and excretory system.

Menu and three-day diet

There are many weight loss methods on kefir. In order to lose weight in the fastest time, more "hard" versions of the diet are recommended.

The daily ration is proposed to be divided into 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner.

  1. 3 st, l oatmeal and a half portion of kefir, yogurt or yogurt 1%.
  2. 0,5 kefir;
  3. according to 200 ml kefir;
  4. 1 banana;

Kefir-cottage cheese diet for 3 days:

  1. Within a day, eat 500 g cottage cheese with low fat content (for 5 times);
  2. You can drink unsweetened herbal tea and mineral water without gas.
  1. 1.5 l sour milk drink to drink during the day, dividing by 6 times.
  1. Breakfast: 100 d curd;
  2. Snack: 200 g of fermented milk product;
  3. Lunch: 100 d curd;
  4. Dinner: kefir.

This combination of sour-milk products speeds up the process of losing weight. For 24 hours consume 1.5 l of water and tea. By processing such food, the body gives more calories than it receives. Due to this, there is burning of extra pounds.

Fruit and vegetable kefir diet for 3 days

Its diet is distinguished by its softness. This option is suitable for everyone. does not require the Spartan rejection of the usual food.

  • You can eat for a dietary day: fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese. Particular attention should be paid: celery, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon, pineapple and citrus.
  • It should be excluded from the menu for this period: bananas, grapes (too high in calories) and potatoes (lots of starch).
  • Every 3 hours you need to drink a glass of sour-milk drink 1%. You can drink it in the form of a cocktail with berries of strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, etc. It is useful to drink a cocktail with chopped herbs of dill, parsley, cucumber and onions.

Menu for three days (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner):

  1. a cocktail with strawberries (kefir + strawberries mixed in a blender);
  2. grapefruit;
  3. salad from fresh cabbage, greens, dressed with olive oil;
  4. salad of apples and kiwi.
  1. cocktail with fresh cucumber;
  2. orange;
  3. cabbage salad.
  4. cocktail with raspberries;
  5. 100 of cottage cheese;
  1. 80 g brynza with herbs;
  2. half a pineapple;
  3. puree from boiled beets;
  4. a cocktail with strawberries;
  5. a glass of celery juice;

Apple-kefir diet

Apple-kefir diet is designed for the most persistent and purposeful, wanting to get rid of unnecessary kilograms and lose weight in a short time. To sustain such kefir way of losing weight is not easy because of the constantly experienced feeling of hunger.

This combination of products will free from 7 – 9 kg per week. From this diet it is easy to return to the usual and do not immediately gain excess weight.

  • cleanse the intestines, improve the condition of the microflora, normalize its work;
  • strengthen the protective properties of the body, raise immunity;
  • release from toxins and other debris;
  • Align the nervous system, relieving tension;
  • to save from extra pounds, being an excellent preventive measure against obesity.

During 24 hours you can eat only apples and drink kefir drink, water, green tea. The menu allows you to eat an apple half an hour before taking a glass of yogurt.

It is necessary to divide the products into 6 receptions (1.5 ml of fermented milk and 1.5 kg of apples).

You can have dinner no later than 19.00.

Benefits of kefir-buckwheat diet

Buckwheat provides the body with vitally important elements and vitamins, as well as improves health. The vast majority of Hollywood stars use kefir-buckwheat diet on 3 days to stay in great shape.

The second name is kefir-buckwheat diet – "Hollywood". It helps:

  • get rid of 6 kg in three days;
  • to adjust digestion and work of the digestive tract;
  • normalize the metabolic functions of the body, accelerating the metabolism;
  • normalize the work of internal organs;
  • return hair shine, and skin radiance;
  • remove the accumulated fluid, relieving swelling;
  • to get rid of toxins and other debris.

Menu of kefir-buckwheat diet for 3 days (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

  1. 100 g buckwheat, green apple;
  2. 200 g of yogurt.
  3. 200 g buckwheat porridge ;;
  4. 200 ml of product;
  5. 100 g buckwheat.

For this method of losing weight you need to brew buckwheat in this way:

  • a glass of cereals pour two glasses of steep boiling water and wrap it for the night. By morning the porridge is ready. Do not use salt, sugar and other condiments.

Kefir diet gives tremendous results, it is thanks to this that she deserved positive feedback from people. This technique contributes to the fight against excess weight, improving digestion, normalizing the digestive tract, as well as speeding up metabolic processes in the body.


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