Lose weight easily: tomato diet

Among the huge variety of various diets is a diet that can be called one of the simplest and easily tolerable. It's a diet on tomato juice or a tomato diet.

The Benefits of Tomato Juice

The composition of tomato juice is a real storehouse of useful microelements (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, sulfur, selenium, manganese, copper, etc.). Present in tomato juice and vitamins (A, C, E and all B vitamins) and antioxidants, and the so-called "hormone of joy" – serotonin. Also tomato juice contains and nutrients: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. But there is practically nothing in tomato juice, so it's calories. Nutrition of tomato juice combined with low calorie content makes it an excellent product for weight loss.

Diet on tomato juice

The essence of the diet on tomato juice is the intake of tomato juice before each meal and in the intervals between meals. Along with the use of juice, it is necessary to exclude from the diet, for the most part, flour products and sweets. Completely eliminate the need for sugar. If possible, fatty and fried foods should be avoided, salt should be used in minimum quantities. All products are preferably used in boiled or steamed.

Applying tomato juice for weight loss can in two weeks to lose 4-5 extra pounds. In addition to reducing body weight, digestion processes are significantly improved, skin elasticity improves and the complexion improves.

The duration of the tomato diet is 1-2 weeks. Initially, you can apply a diet on tomato juice once a month, then once a quarter and once a year. An excellent option is "lifelong" compliance with such a diet. At the same time, this diet should not be taken as a specific method of losing weight, it is rather a nutrition system that allows you to eat only healthy and healthy food for the body.

Menu of tomato diet

The main menu of the tomato diet includes:

  • dietary boiled meat – chicken, beef, turkey;
  • steamed or boiled fish;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • rice;
  • skim cheese;
  • Rye bread;
  • fruits and vegetables.

During the whole diet, you should drink at least half a liter of tomato juice every day. Variants of a tomato diet can be different. An approximate diet menu on tomato juice per day can look like this:

In another, more satisfying variant, diet rice and tomato juice are used:

Exit from a tomato diet

Weight loss on a diet with tomato juice is due to the loss of excess fluid in the body. Therefore, to prevent the return of extra pounds, the way out of the tomato diet should be gradual. You need to inject more salt in small doses. Also, there should be a gradual return to normal food. It will be useful to regularly consume tomato juice in the daily menu.

Contraindications to diet on tomato juice

It is not recommended to use a diet on tomato juice, if tomatoes are classified as unloved food. With a tendency to allergic reactions to tomatoes, this diet is also undesirable. It is strictly forbidden to apply tomato diet to people with peptic ulcer diseases of the duodenum and stomach, inflammation of the pancreas and gout. With care it is necessary to apply a diet to people with a periodic exacerbation of gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. Tomato diet is not suitable for people with an active lifestyle, since this method of losing weight is considered to be low-calorie and it does not recommend increased physical activity and intense intellectual activity.

Reviews of the diet on tomato juice exist both positive and negative. In this case, weight loss is observed in both cases. But if, with proper exit from the diet and further control of the diet regime, the lost weight does not return, then the return to normal diet immediately after the end of the diet turns into a return of the lost kilogram.

If you follow any diet, including tomato, there is no desire, then you can simply consume as much fresh tomatoes and juice as possible, replacing the fatty and not very useful food.

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Reviews about a diet on tomato juice

I really like tomato juice, so the tomato diet is like

time for me. We at our dacha always put a lot of tomatoes, so for us

there is always a juice of your own preparation, yet it is much better

store. I did not specifically go on such a diet, but I read the article and

I thought that almost I almost follow her in life. And I must say,

that I have an excellent figure and complexion is simply amazing

I want to share with you my story of losing weight. After 2 x genera, I became like a hippopotamus. Instead of 6 kg as at the first birth, I scored 20 kg! My friends saw me in shock, although they did not show it. Children grew up, the youngest went to the kindergarten, I began to play sports. In vain, I was starving, but you can not fail to starve! It was hard for me to cook, play with children, my husband felt sorry for me. After that, I decided to rummage all the books, the Internet, forums and find something that suits me. I found a diet on tomato juice. To my happiness I like tomato juice, but I never thought that you can lose weight on it. In general, I tell you – there are many, many vitamins! The meaning of the diet is to drink a glass of tomato juice before eating and in between meals. All elementary! During the diet it is forbidden to eat sweet, but it's worth it! What you can eat is meat, naturally boiled, fish, rice, of course fruits and vegetables. Such a diet can always be observed, but in fact it is light, tasty and most importantly effective! Of course there are contraindications, of course, of course you need to read!

The diet is great! Now I will tell you a short story about how I lost weight. It all started with the fact that I'm not from that, there's nothing to begin to gain weight. My mark reached in 86 kg with the growth of 173 cm. I was frightened and started looking for diet on the Internet, I tried a lot of diets. They were ineffective – dumped somewhere for 2 weeks around 3-4 kg., Then again gained weight. Suddenly I came across this article on the tomato diet on the Internet. Immediately began to try. For 1 a week has thrown off 7 kg., In 2 already 6. Then I realized that diet helps. I significantly lost weight on 13 kg! Now goes 3 week has already lost 4 kg. So the diet is excellent! I advise everyone.

Oops, and here is my favorite diet))) And she does not diet at all, because as you can so call the menu, in which there is even a potato. And if I had not tried it myself, I would never have believed that it is so really possible to lose weight. Of course, I did not drop 20 kg on it, but 5 after the holidays, the New Years flew instantly))) And this despite the fact that the feeling of hunger was not perfect.

All ingenious is simple: why count calories, eat by the minute, if you can drink tomato juice and lose weight? This is a great way (for me) without straining to lose extra pounds.

Tomato diet is good in summer, when full of fresh and inexpensive tomatoes. Since I do not grow anything at the dacha, I buy home-made tomatoes from grannies in the market, and I spin the juice myself at home. As a result – 3-5 kg for a month go unnoticed.

I'm very glad that I found such a diet – on tomato juice. In general, all my life I struggle with excess weight which only I did not try diets, but the sense was not enough, weight always came back. Over the past six months I have gained extra 10 kg, that is, with the growth of 170 cm, I began to weigh 80 kg, immediately felt a huge load when walking to my feet and realized that I had to take action. I reviewed a lot of information on the Internet and now I came across a tomato diet, and since I like tomato juice, I decided that the tomato diet suits me. For the first week, 3 kg was left, the second week – 3,5 kg. So the result is! I will continue!

In any case, a diet on plant products should be useful. You do not need to eat any chemistry, drink incomprehensible teas and use strange devices from online stores. Here, please, a diet on tomato juice, but is not it fun. I love tomato juice, so for me this is a smart solution to the problem of overweight, I think that extra 17 kg should be cleaned. Now, please. – 17 kg. Thanks to tomato juice. Girls lose weight with me. The state of health is excellent. Plus the ease of losing pounds!

With overweight I struggle with adolescence, it is worth eating a small piece of cake – immediately postponed not where necessary. When I heard about the tomato diet and read the diet, I immediately decided to try, because all my favorite foods were on the menu. The result did not take long to wait and in six months I changed completely my entire wardrobe. I have been following this diet for more than 1,5 years and I like everything very much!

I do not know tomato juice only drink on the hunt. In general, in terms of weight loss helped modelforms forty plus, which is still on TV advertised. There the composition attracted natural herbs and the price is acceptable


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