Lose weight for 2 weeks: reality or myth?


The fight against excess weight occurs throughout the entire existence of mankind. Extra pounds not only spoil the aesthetic appearance, but also bring us a lot of problems related to health.

Overweight often causes the development of tachycardia, osteochondrosis, arthritis, impaired renal function, and lead to psychological problems. Thick people very often suffer from inferiority, they feel ugly and unnecessary, against the background of which the state of deep depression develops, getting out of it is often very difficult.

There is only one way out of this situation – to go on a diet and actively begin to engage in physical exercises. All this is a very long and tedious process. But what to do when the weight needs to be thrown off in a short time, in about two weeks? The solution to this problem will be express diets, which allow you to lose weight for 2 weeks on 5 and more than a kilogram.

On how you can lose weight quickly, will tell the following video:

What are the dangerous express diets?

Such diets are a kind of starvation. After all, the use of food is limited to two, and then three times. Naturally, these products are low-calorie and are unable to meet the full needs of the body, because of which there is a constant sense of hunger.

And since hunger causes the secretion of gastric juice in large quantities, which simply "corrodes" the walls of the body, which leads to the formation of ulcers. It also causes exacerbation of chronic diseases.

In addition, hunger has a very negative effect on the psychological state, there is irritability, drowsiness, a desire to quit everything and switch to the usual diet. However, remember that all this general malaise passes, approximately, in a week. After that, the body begins to adjust to your diet and begins to establish all the processes, including improving the psychological state.

Also, express diets that are designed for 2 weeks, contribute to rapid weight loss, resulting in the skin losing elasticity and elasticity, which leads to its sagging. Therefore, you should combine a diet for two weeks with physical exertion, which will allow you to tighten your skin and strengthen your muscles.

Types of diets for two weeks

You ask if you can lose weight in two weeks? We reply: "You can! Just be careful!". Today, there is a huge variety of nutrition programs that contribute to rapid weight loss. However, before you start to lose weight, not depending on the type of diet, you need to consult a doctor, as well as undergo a survey that will identify the presence of a disease.

Gentle diet for 2 weeks

This diet option is suitable for those who need to get rid of only a few pounds in two weeks. The diet occurs in the 3 phase.

At the first stage, the body cleanses during the first three days, by consuming kefir and vegetables for food. The second stage involves directly burning fatty deposits. For this, it is allowed to eat any meat (except pork) and fish, vegetables, fruits, fat-free cottage cheese, eggs and sour-milk products. The duration of the second stage is 7 days.

And in the third stage, which lasts 4 days, the results are consolidated. For this, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet with an average calorie content. Sweet, flour, salt and sugar are forbidden to be consumed during all three stages of weight loss. Also it is necessary to drink every day on 2 liters of filtered or non-carbonated mineral water.

Diet for Agoston for 2 weeks

This version of the diet will allow you to lose more kilograms than the first, about, about 4 kg for 2 weeks. It includes the consumption of vegetables, fruits not sweet varieties, lean meat and light yoghurts. From the diet, you completely need to remove alcohol, sugar, flour and confectionery, as well as fatty foods.

Rigid diet for 2 weeks

This diet is not for the faint of heart, but it is the most effective. Its essence is to eat rice or buckwheat for two weeks without adding oil, sugar and salt. There are such dishes in an unlimited number. And also it is authorized to drink a lot of liquid:

  • still mineral water;
  • black tea with 1 tsp. natural honey;
  • green tea with lemon;
  • not strong coffee.

Such a tough diet will allow you lose weight to 10 kg for 2 weeks. Such results are not given by any other diet. But do not forget about physical exercises that need to be performed daily and several times a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Fasting days

Lose weight for 2 weeks: reality or myth?

Unloading days allow you to lose weight in the shortest possible time. However, not everyone can withstand them. We warn at once that such a diet can cause dizziness, abdominal pain, nervousness, and sometimes even lead to a hungry fainting, so you can only take risks in this case to people with excellent health.

So, in order to arrange for your body, unloading days you need:

  • On the first day drink only mineral still water. At what it is impossible to drink more than 1 liters per day.
  • On the second day only milk, not more than 0,8 l per day.
  • On the third day also it is necessary to drink only mineral still water.
  • On the fourth day Prepare a vegetable salad of greens, fresh cabbage and carrots. Rub them on a fine grater and fill them with a liter jar. Then fill the salad with 1 art. l. olive oil and divide it into 4 – 6 equal parts. 1 part – 1 food intake. Also allowed to drink a day 2 glass of water or 2 cups of unsweetened tea.
  • On the fifth day you can drink only milk, as on the second day.
  • On the sixth day in the morning you can drink half a cup of unsweetened tea and eat one boiled egg. For lunch, you can drink a decoction of vegetables and a couple of spoons of canned green peas. For dinner, you can eat only one green apple.
  • On the seventh day in the morning it is allowed to eat a little cottage cheese, about 100 g, and throughout the day to drink one bottle of kefir.

Such a diet will allow you to lose up to 10 kg, but remember, you need to step out of it gradually. You can not sweat at the food – it can cause an unexpected reaction in the body – vomiting.

So, now you know how to lose weight urgently for 2 weeks. Now you only need to choose your diet and begin to transform your figure. Good luck in your endeavors!

Reviews on losing weight for 2 weeks

Express diet is not so bad if it's wise to approach . I often sit on a roller coaster (diet) or on a turbo scalp protein, which is designed for a short while and health iron) I'm just not fond of that's all)

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