Lose weight in the summer: squash diet

Summer time offers a wide variety of delicious ways to lose weight. One such option is the use of zucchini. A squash diet is a healthy slimming system with low calorie content.

Benefits of zucchini

Zucchini contains in its composition a huge amount of vitamins and microelements useful for the body. The use of zucchini improves the functioning of the heart muscle, normalizes water-salt metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases efficiency, improves mood and, of course, weight loss.

Zucchini has a lot of magnesium, potassium, vitamins B1, B3, C and iron. The use of zucchini helps to remove excess fluid from the body, which facilitates the fight against cellulite. The addition of zucchini to the daily diet is indicated for certain diseases: diabetes mellitus; diseases of the gallbladder, liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Due to the diuretic properties of zucchini, its use is beneficial to people suffering from swelling. The abundance of dietary fiber contributes to the improvement of intestinal peristalsis, which makes zucchini an indispensable tool for the prevention of constipation.

Vegetable fiber in the zucchini acts on the body as a natural absorbent. This helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body. Due to its usefulness, zucchini can be used to make masks for the face and hands.

Contraindications in the use of zucchini is very small – do not use it for those who suffer from violations of the withdrawal from the body of potassium and eat raw in people suffering from ulcers and gastritis. The caloric content of zucchini is only 25 kcal per 100 g, which allows you to eat not a tiny portion during the diet, do not feel hungry and lose weight.

Squash diet

Observe the zucchini diet is preferable at the end of summer – early autumn. It is from August to October that the courgettes ripen. Reviews of the zucchini diet claim that it is desirable to comply with it no more often than once a year. But you can add zucchini to your daily diet throughout the year.

The duration of the zucchini diet is from one week to one month. For seven days of a diet, you can lose 2-2,5 kilograms. Choose the duration of the diet should be based on general well-being and the goal.

The main advantage of zucchini diet can be considered "proportionality effect". That is, the more zucchini eaten, the more excess weight is lost. This statement is true and there is no need to limit the appetite. In day it is necessary to eat at least 0,5 kg of zucchini in the composition of different dishes.

The rules of the zucchini diet

For a more effective diet on zucchini requires certain conditions:

  • it is desirable to use mature zucchini dark green color and cook them together with the skin, since it contains about 80% of all available nutrients;
  • when preparing dishes from courgettes, it is recommended to add different vegetables and fruits that go well with zucchini;
  • In addition to zucchini, it is necessary to use foods of protein origin in the diet, preferably poultry and fish;
  • the squash diet categorically excludes consumption of sugar, confectionery, sausages, smoked products, alcohol and bakery products.

Menu of squash diet

Super diet for weight loss in zucchini does not provide for any specific menu. You can prepare a variety of dishes from zucchini for weight loss and thereby diversify the daily diet.

An approximate menu of a zucchini diet for a day can look like this:

Diet on caviar from courgettes

A popular option for a zucchini diet is a diet on squash. At the same time there is no need to constantly prepare a variety of dishes, it is enough to eat caviar from courgettes in combination with some other products. For a week of compliance you can get rid of 4-5 extra pounds.

An approximate version of the daily diet menu on caviar from courgettes looks like this:

In continuation of the whole diet should drink as much water or green tea.

Recipes of dietary dishes from a vegetable marrow

One kilogram of grated zucchini mixed with one egg, three tablespoons of rye flour and greens. Pour the mixture into the mold and rinse until cooked.

Soup from vegetable marrows

Cut into cubes zucchini, sweet pepper, celery and carrots. Throw the vegetables in boiling water and cook until done. Just before the end of the soup, add pepper, salt and greens.

From the zucchini, cut along, remove the flesh and chop it, mix with other vegetables to your liking. With a mixture, fill both halves of the zucchini, add them together, wrap them in foil and bake until ready.

Salad with courgettes

Grated zucchini mixed with grated ginger, finely chopped Bulgarian pepper, 200 g skimmed cottage cheese, greens and fill with unsweetened yogurt.

Salad of courgettes

Zucchini cut with straws, sprinkle with lemon juice, add olive oil and greens.

Fry the onion in vegetable oil, add chopped marrows, carrots and tomatoes. Stew until ready, salt and pepper.

The results of the zucchini diet will last for a long time if, at the end of the diet, they give preference to the right and balanced diet and, if possible, avoid the use of harmful products.

Video with recipes for a zucchini diet

Video with a recipe for zucchini pancakes

Video recipe – zucchini cake

Reviews of the zucchini diet

I just love zucchini! In our village this is perhaps the most popular vegetable, along with potatoes. I'm very glad that I came across this diet. I was just looking for some nice way to lose a few extra pounds. The fact that the amount of kilograms lost depends on the number of zucchini used, well, it simply can not but rejoice. I will try. I really hope for the effectiveness of this zucchini diet.

I also love zucchini and all dishes, where they are!) Very interesting diet. I saved it and show my girlfriend when she comes to the hostel. We will try to sit on it together. The main thing is that you do not have to force yourself to starve and eat something that you do not like. All dishes are very appetizing!)

That's what, but that I'll be sitting on a zucchini diet would never have thought, damn, well, since childhood, they did not have a relationship with me (with vegetable marrows)))) And it turns out I just did not know how to cook them deliciously)) In a tavern the casserole fell in love simply. ON THE EARS)) But I have slightly modernized the recipe, in general, grind the top with grated cheese (just a little bit for the taste) and it's ALL . Paradise pleasure)))

How to sign your feedback! After all, since childhood I did not like cats. And it turned out to be very simple. It was necessary to learn how to properly prepare them, as from the past dislike did not remain a trace.

Personally, I'm also helped by the weight of a squash diet to keep it right!

I went to the age when hormonal changes in the body give extra pounds, it seems that even from water. And to look in the form very much it would be desirable (I work at school, it is possible to tell in sight at all settlement). Therefore, for a long time I searched the Internet for a suitable diet (I live in a war zone, so there are a lot of restrictions in the form of finances and inadequate staffing of store shelves with the necessary products). And the zucchini diet for me is a real find. While started to use a diet on zucchini caviar (the good cause under bombardment of jars was twisted enough from own kitchen garden). I use only a week, the result is small, only 2 kg, but I'm full of determination. Moreover, a new crop has already started to grow.

After several months of contraceptive use, I encountered very pronounced cellulite with a weight / height of 43 / 160. The mood was at zero, especially when the guy made me remark about a not very attractive form. Then I decided to go on a diet, the choice was very large, but I stopped exactly on a zucchini diet, as I adore this vegetable! Together with the diet, I did wraps with clay on the most problematic places and massage. I stayed at the taverns for only two weeks, but the result is already noticeable! The volume in the hips has decreased, cellulite little by little. Summer is just beginning, one must be in shape, I will continue to eat zucchini, the result so far is pleasant to me.

I can not lose weight for several months, I read almost all diets, I tried everything, but I did not bring a huge result. Soon I went to find this article about the zucchini diet, I decided to try and lost weight in almost a month on 10 itself, but I do not believe in this result The zucchini diet has justified itself and probably helped a lot of women like me.

For lovers of zucchini, the zucchini diet is just a find. I have been losing weight with her for more than a year. Over the winter, I eat lots of flanks, and by the beach season I bring the figure back to normal. Usually in the winter I dial from 8-10 kg. With the help of a zucchini diet and physical exertions, I discard excess for 1-1,5 months. Very cool and effective diet. I advise everyone to try it.

I am a nursing mother and after childbirth I have recovered very much and I desire to lose those extra pounds. My friend advised me on a zucchini diet. She attracted me with her simplicity. Decided to try. For the first month, I dropped 8 kg. The first time it was difficult to give up the usual food, but now I eat with pleasure the products combined with zucchini. Effective diet. I recommend.

I also recovered from childbirth and nursed my daughter. But she tried the zucchini diet after she stopped feeding the baby. The diet is cool, but I would not advise a nursing mother.

This diet was tried by my friend, and will start again this summer! She lives in the countryside, so there are a lot of zucchini and she loves them very much. After the divorce – was a nervous breakdown and she "seized the grief" of everything that is not nailed, sometimes I was even frightened that it carries, as in leaps and bounds. And here on the Internet I came across the Kabachkovuyu diet, decided to try. In principle, she did not regret. The diet is really very effective and most importantly, with the benefit for the body, because the vegetables are very useful! The result is summer 2014 year – 89 kg, autumn 2014 year 68 kg. Weight keeps, does not gain. This summer will again lose weight, really delicious diet!

A squash diet is one of my favorites and tasty, and healthy. Always looking forward to the time when zucchini will go.

Has recovered for a spring on 6 kg, very much wished them to dump or reset. In summer, a beautiful figure is especially necessary!

As soon as the zucchini started baking, making ragout from them, doing sports more often, the weight became lower. Has grown thin for three weeks on a vegetable season before -5 kg. I think this is a worthwhile result.

And I love this diet. After all, you really lose weight from it. And I also like the diet because it is not expensive. And from zucchini you can make a lot of delicious dishes. I lost a month on 5 kg. Very satisfied.

As soon as summer comes the ripening of zucchini, so I immediately begin to practice on a zucchini diet. Firstly, it's delicious, and in the second it's useful. For a month, I can lose about 10 kg, adhering to this diet. You need to know the measure, because this diet can be dangerous for the body, as the zucchini wash away calcium. Therefore, the main thing is not to overdo it!

About zucchini diet read here for the first time here on the site, for some reason earlier and could not think that this vegetable is so important and valuable in the struggle for a beautiful figure! I read the recommendations in the article, and decided to try it unequivocally, and since the zucchini I like, I think it will not be difficult for me to sit on this diet for a week or two, just think a couple of kilograms will go away irrevocably! Maybe one of the girls who really was on this diet will tell you some more recipes for cooking dishes from the zucchini, so to speak for a change? 🙂 And then I was going to go to the market for young zucchini :)))

I make caviar from boiled squash. I add onions, tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, fill with sunflower oil and I can eat it all day – do not get bored! But for a week minus 2,5 kg.

I adore zucchini and all the dishes where they are. Very interesting diet. I saved it and show my girlfriend when she comes to the hostel. We will try to sit on it together. The main thing is that you do not have to force yourself to starve and eat something that you do not like. All dishes are very appetizing!)


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