Lose Weight with a Rice Diet

It is not so easy to lose weight, especially if overweight is a cause of overeating and a passive lifestyle. Not everyone can change their life once and for all, fundamentally rebuild the rhythm of life, start playing sports and sit on diets.

Experts recommend smoothly adjusting the usual diet, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and then try in practice the correct safe options for diets.

The most suitable product that will completely purify the body, and also help to lose weight without losing weight – Fig. No wonder the Chinese are considered the healthiest inhabitants of the planet, who have a small percentage of people with excess weight, in addition, life expectancy in terms of indicators is longer.

The main secret of this people is the love of rice. It was the Chinese who, by their example, proved how effectively the rice grains are removed from the body by salt deposits, toxins and excess fluid.

Detox procedures can be performed precisely with the use of rice, and American experts in the field of weight loss argue that the rice will help quickly and safely lose excess pounds.

Menu and diet rules for the week

There are many kinds of rice diet that scientists from all over the world offer, the best dieticians and specialists. The effectiveness of each of them depends directly on the rules of such diets, not observing which a person will not get the expected weight loss.

So, if you follow simple rules, any kind of rice diet will give immediate results.

  1. Rice breakfast should be the main rule, it can not be missed in any case.
  2. After taking rice for food, you can not drink water. Water reduces the ability of rice to remove toxins and toxins. Half an hour before the reception of the rice dish, you can drink water, or not earlier than an hour after eating.
  3. Due to the fact that rice is able to provide a fixing effect, it is necessary to drink as much pure water as possible between meals. The norm for a day is not less than 1,5 liters.
  4. A greater result can be achieved if you adhere to a salt-free rice diet. Salt retains liquid, preventing rice from clearing the body of the deposits.
  5. A dressing to rice can only be vegetable oil, spices and other additives will only weaken the useful properties of the product. This will reduce the effectiveness of the diet on rice.
  6. Since the excretion of salts can promote the excretion of potassium, the diet regime, where the main component of rice, can be supplemented with the following potassium-rich products – millet, dried fruits, pumpkin, different varieties of apples.

After this, you can make a breather, and then again start the rice "week run".

    • Morning – boiled rice about 50 grams, seasoned with juice and apple. Supplement breakfast can be green weak tea.
    • Day – you can prepare a salad: the base – rice (150 gram), vegetables and any kind of greens. Dilute the salad can be vegetable oil.

  • Evening – the usual 150 gram of rice cooked can be varied with boiled carrots.
  • Morning – 50 grams of boiled rice cereal, dressing from 20 grams of sour cream and orange.
  • Day – 150 gram of rice porridge can be supplemented with boiled squash (no more than 50 grams).
  • The evening is a repetition of dinner, but the courgette is replaced with carrots.
  • Morning – 50 grams of boiled rice cereal, fresh pear.
  • Day – prepare a salad of fried mushrooms in a pan with vegetable oil, from boiled rice porridge, fresh cucumber. The dose of salad is 150 g.
  • Evening – cabbage and rice, boiled in water without salt (according to 50 grams of each product).
  • Morning – boiled rice is the usual 50 gram, a glass of milk and for an apple dessert.
  • Day – rice porridge 150 gram, with the addition of 50 grams of radishes and carrots.
  • Evening – mix 150 grams of boiled cereals, 50 grams of boiled cabbage. You can fill the dish with two walnuts.
  • Morning – 50 gram of rice porridge can be supplemented with raisins, drink after a glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Day – supplement the rice porridge (150 gram) can be herbs, boiled squash (no more than 50 gram).
  • Evening – on the leaves of a salad you can arrange 150 grams of boiled rice cereals, add walnuts, no more than 4 pieces.
  • Morning – 50 grams of boiled rice cereal, fresh pear, as well as 4 walnuts.
  • Day – porridge rice dose 150 grams, zucchini, cooked in unsalted water (50 grams), all this can be laid out on the leaves of the salad.
  • Evening – boiled rice 150 gram can be filled with 20 grams of sour cream, dessert – pear.
  • Morning – 50 gram of boiled rice, fresh apple.
  • Day – supplement the usual boiled rice (10 gram) can be tomato, decorated with lettuce leaves.
  • Evening – 50 gram of zucchini and 100 gram of rice to boil and mix.

The video contains additional information about the composition of the weekly menu

Useful and forbidden foods with a selected diet

In order not to interfere with the effect of the rice diet, it is necessary to adhere to the above tips and recommendations, as well as to know what products are strictly prohibited with such a diet:

    • salt and sugar (green tea twice a week, I fill 5 with grams of honey);
    • spices, any spicy foods and meals;

  • salted products, as well as marinades;
  • fatty foods;
  • a fish;
  • smoked products;
  • fried food;
  • meat products;
  • alcohol, black tea, coffee;
  • dairy;
  • grapes;
  • bananas;
  • sauces.

A list of useful products acting for the benefit of a common goal (cleansing, eliminating excess weight), should always be at hand. It includes:

  • vegetables;
  • fruit, other than the aforementioned prohibited fruit;
  • clean water, not carbonated;
  • olive oil in small quantities;
  • any kind of greenery;
  • weak green tea;
  • avocado, citrus, melon;
  • beans.

Rice has a side effect – it flushes not only salt, but also potassium, and its shortage negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

Rice diet according to scheme Malysheva

Elena Malysheva, as a graduate in the field of dietetics and favorite TV presenter, recommends her own variant of a rice diet, simple and does not require any complications in its observance.

The scheme of the standard unloading day on rice consists of the following distribution:

  • 8 h.- reception of boiled rice in the amount of 150 grams;
  • 9 hours – a glass of unsweetened and not strong green tea;
  • 10 hours – repeat breakfast (8.00);
  • 11 h. – a glass of not aerated mineral or filtered water;
  • 12 hours – repeat breakfast (8.00).
  • 13 h. – a glass of unsweetened green tea (you can refill a little honey);
  • 14 hours – repeat breakfast (8.00, 10.00);
  • 15 h. – a glass of mineral or filtered pure water, without gas.
  • 16 hours – lunch repetition (14.00);
  • 17 hours – a glass of green, weak tea;
  • 18 h. – 150 grams of boiled rice porridge.

Walter Kempner became the author of a rice diet in American style, he was one of the employees of Duke University in North Carolina.

Having gained popularity, the rice diet in the American way back in the middle of the last century, and to this day is recognized by millions of people on the planet.

Kempner came up with a diet that does not restrict the person to a rigid framework, but only helps to cleanse the body and bring back to normal weight, due to this diet improves blood pressure and kidney function.

So, the rules of the American rice diet are as follows:

  1. The main product of the rice diet is 300-350 grams of cereals of rice boiled without adding milk, without seasoning and salt.
  2. Daily intake of food should not exceed the indicator 2400 kcal.
  3. Prohibited foods: tomato, fruit juices and fruits, especially avocados.
  4. Useful products – a family of legumes, dried fruits.
  5. The daily norm of the drunk liquid is from 6 glasses and more.
  6. As soon as the body clears and functions better, you can supplement the diet with vegetables, any sources of animal protein with a low fat content.
  7. Rice diet should be accompanied by drugs containing multivitamins.
  8. The process of cleaning, losing weight and maintaining a diet should take place under the regular supervision of the therapist.

As the author of such a diet on rice says, full adaptation and habituation to such a diet regime for any person comes after 2 months after its beginning.

Benefits and harm of the diet in question

In order to determine whether the expected fruit will bring a rice diet and will not harm the body, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of this method of weight loss and recovery.

So, the advantages of such a power scheme are the following:

  1. As mentioned earlier, rice is the best adsorbent for removing toxins, slag and salt deposits.
  2. Rice cereal is low-calorie.
  3. Rice, which has not been polished and purified, is rich in all B vitamins, as well as microelements.
  4. Rice diet can consist of a huge variety of dishes with such a basis.

But do not underestimate the disadvantages of this diet, namely:

  1. The rice diet is salt-free, since adding such a seasoning will detain the liquid. The results of losing weight on rice – it's just the extracted liquid, and not fat.
  2. Long-term nutrition, based on rice, contributes to the loss of potassium, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Using any rump for a long time, the intestinal function may be disrupted, since the rice promotes the formation of constipation. And the subsequent enemas can become a provocateur of dysbiosis.

I have five children, I know like no one else what is excess weight and lack of time for myself. Tried on itself a lot of miracle preparations and funds for fast growing thin – teas, herbal infusions, tablets, plasters. All this, if it did, was short-lived, the weight quickly returned to its place. Then I decided to go to fitness classes, where I met a nutritionist. He also advised me to do exercises and sit down and rice diet. A month later I lost 15 kilogram, my body changed, and I got used to eating healthy meals in small portions. In addition, I was able to completely abandon the salt, which was immensely "grateful" to my body. Sometimes I allow myself small pranks, but 90% of my life I lead a healthy lifestyle.

I work in show business and I often have to attend social gatherings, parties and feasts. Alcohol, improper diet and overeating at night affected my body, and it's important for me to always be toned and have a presentable appearance. I just come to the aid of the option of the Malyshev rice unloading day. As soon as I made a mistake, the next day or two I sit down on a rice diet, all my toxins safely exit the body.

I 45 years, after a divorce from my wife, I became dependent on beer and fatty foods. It was six months later that affected my weight. Having typed 25 kilogram, I began to look older than the years on 20, besides there were health problems. Sport – not my hobby, so I scraped all the websites with diets and reviews, decided to sit on the American rice diet. Nothing complicated, just a few rules and some limitations. Refusing beer, smoked products, fatty foods and sweets, a month later I lost 10 kilogram. Now rice is my main helper, besides, my personal life has improved and my half-half approves my diet. The only thing that is worth remembering – the rice diet needs to be supplemented with the intake of vitamins.

Summing up after all of the above, we can say with confidence that, like other "salt-free" types of diet, the rice diet has shortcomings. But the benefits and benefits of this diet are much greater, and small deficiencies can be compensated for themselves (mineral water, foods rich in potassium, polyvitamins).

To get healthier and lose weight due to rice, you must first consult a dietician or a doctor.

From the video you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the diet.

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