Lose weight without harm to health!

More than 50% of the world's population daily struggle against excess weight. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve the desired results. Only 20% manages to lose extra pounds, and only 5% of them keep everything in order for a long time. What is their secret? Are they constantly on a diet? Not at all. Their secret is that they adhere to certain rules that allow them to lose weight easily without harm to health and to keep the achieved results.

"Golden" rules for those who want to lose weight

Rule number 1: to prevent the development of diseases, you need to lose weight slowly!

Every day our body needs replenishment of energy reserves. Due to it, all its systems work "without failures". As soon as energy ceases to flow, our body experiences stress, which negatively affects the work of all systems and internal organs. Against this background, various diseases can develop and chronic ones become more acute.

For a month, the loss of 1 – 2 kg is considered the norm. Then you need to slow down a little the process of losing weight so that the body gets used to the changes. To do this, it will be enough to take a break in two weeks, after which you can again "sit down" on a diet and lose weight without harm to health.

Rule number 2: to lose weight without harm, you need to speed up the process of metabolism in the body!

One of the main reasons for the appearance of extra pounds is slow metabolism, which also negatively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. To accelerate it will help apple cider vinegar, which must be drunk before each meal, spreading on 1 a glass of water 1 st. l. vinegar.

To speed up the process of metabolism, you can also take special dietary supplements. But it is not advisable to do this, since they contain doubtful components. It is best to use for this people's means, and there are a lot of them.

Rule number 3: to lose weight without harm, you need to replace black tea with green!

Green tea is an excellent source of EGCG, which actively burns calories and excites the nervous system. In addition, this substance is an excellent tool in the fight against HIV infection and cancer. So its use not only helps to reduce weight, but also to prevent such dangerous diseases.

Rule number 4: to lose weight without harm, you need to drink plenty of fluids!

Water contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and the inclusion of fat in it, which also leads to weight loss. In addition, water dulls the appetite and moisturizes skin cells, preventing their premature aging.

Rule number 5: to lose weight without harm, you can not sit on a rigid diet!

Rigid diets, which are based on the use of one or several products, negatively affect the work of systems and internal organs, and they are ineffective. Total 40% are able to withstand such diets, of 15% achieve their goals, and only 3% manage to keep weight.

The thing is that tough diets work on the principle of cleansing the body of excess fluid and accumulated toxins and toxins. These diets are to some extent even useful, but if you "sit" on them no more than 3 days.

Also you can see tips of the endocrinologist in the following video:

Can I lose weight quickly without harm to health?

Hurry to disappoint you, lose weight quickly without harm to health, you will not succeed. Since such diets, which contribute to rapid weight loss, provide for a decrease in daily calorie intake by more than 40%. And this has a very serious effect on the functioning of the body.

As a rule, if such diets are observed, the weight begins to decrease rapidly due to the elimination of the liquid during the first 3 days. After that dehydration of an organism and, as consequence, braking of metabolic processes occurs, that leads an organism to stress, and all ceases to leave.

To lose weight without harm to the body should take into account some of its features. Our body needs energy, so the diet of the slimming should be less for its total caloric content by 10 – 15%. And in order to calculate a healthy caloric requirement in the body, before you go on a diet, you need to multiply your weight by 30, then subtract 300 from this amount.

And how to lose weight without harm to the body, you can find out by watching the video:

So you can calculate the daily rate of calories that you need to start the process of losing weight. And the most important thing in healthy weight loss is proper and balanced nutrition!

Reviews how to lose weight without harm to health

My girlfriend often said: lose weight without harm to health! One I could not cope, always lost weight with troubles, and could not throw off and 2 kg. I'm hanging 74, I want to get to 50.

"Golden rules" work, saw apple cider vinegar effect gives, metabolism really changes. Has included in the menu green tea, began to drink waters more, any rigid diets did not do or make.

Following the rules, dropped already 10 kg. This is happiness!

Good day! I got acquainted with the article and found out a lot for myself. The article is very literate, everything is very accessible written, you just need to start. From my own experience, I know that losing weight is very difficult, but it is possible if you act correctly. When he began to lose weight by this technique, it seemed that there would be no result, although he acted exactly in steps, as described, but you need to have patience, then at the psychological level there will be a good picture in the head-it helps. At the weight of 80 kg, I dropped already 8,5 kg. Thank you!

Before the wedding, I threw all my strength to lose weight. In principle, I followed these tips. Time was – three months, everything was in time. Dumped then 1, then 2 kg monthly. Girlfriends offered "magic" tablets, but I proudly abstained. It is not known what kind of composition, and suddenly Thai worms or worse. The morning began with water with lemon, in the evening it was not overfed. She refused her favorite canteen, carried vegetables, kefir, chicken to the office. My result is seven kilograms off! At the wedding was a slender doll. Photos and now I admire!

I would never have thought that in order to lose weight you need to eat! How many times I sat on diets, all the weight dropped back again. This proves once again that if a diet has a name, it does not work. And it was necessary only to eat a little, but often, drink plenty of water, replace black tea with green tea. At first it was not easy to get used to such a power schedule, but the result surpassed all expectations. A month without hunger strikes and -NNUMX kg.

Before, I tried a lot of diets to fight the hated weight! I weighed before 98 kilogram. And on rigid diets sat, and on mono-diet, and tablets for growing thin, and teas . In total you will not remember any more! Weight went very slowly and I was already disappointed in the action of diets. And then I came across your article, I thought, again, an unsuccessful attempt will be, but no, it turns out that you can lose weight without harm to health. She followed all the rules, never starved again and lost weight very well. Now I weigh 62 kilograms, there is no limit to the joy! I'm happy!

After delivery, the influx of 10 kilograms does not want to go back. A protein-carbohydrate diet helps, but I try hard not to stick to it, so that there is not a sharp weight loss and not go crazy at all boiled-paired. I try to drink plenty of water before eating, but I have not heard about apple cider vinegar, I should try it. I hope the expectations will justify themselves.

Kind time of the day! Being in shape and eating everything you want is the dream of many, but alas not everyone can do it. Either watch your figure, or eat whatever you want – you need to choose. So I ate a lot that I wanted and then, with great difficulty, had to sit down on a diet that gave its results. My main rule was and is – the rule of the fourth of this diet: "If you want to eat – drink water and everything will pass."

Lose weight without harm to health – a great title for the article, because if you think about how many times in your life the average woman began to lose weight? 10? 15? And how many of them she reflected not only about the fact that for 1 a week to lose 10 kg, recruited for 10 years, but also do no harm to health. Absolutely agree with this article. Written indeed "golden" rules! Only with the help of them I was able to lose weight. I 22 and I weighed 69 kg with the growth of 170, yes, it certainly is not a hippopotamus, but the lower part of the body was much larger than the upper one, and the stomach when tilted turned into 4 folds! And the most horrible thing I did not remember when I weighed less than 60 kg! And so I decided to forget about all the stupid diets, which only hamper our metabolism, and began to . proper nutrition and sport! Calculated in the daily program of water, began to buy water in bottles, tk. from boiled me turned. I drank green tea so long. With the help of sports and fractional nutrition, I broke up the metabolism. And now for a little bit, a few hundred grams a day, I began to lose weight. Motivation – rest on the sea and a new academic year. And voila – for 2 months -9 kg. without harm to health and tight restrictions!

Good advice. But, in my opinion, one more is missing. The best weight does not go away from painful diets or dietary restrictions, but from an active lifestyle, sport or at least yoga. When the body is trained, and the feeling of hunger is easier to overcome, and the result is manifested more quickly. Even without diets, sports will help, and with such correct advice – even more so. Another apple vinegar would be found.

Perhaps for someone it will be amazing that in the article about diets the guy is unsubscribed, but we also have problems of this nature. Weight gained after a fracture of the neck of the thigh, when it was more than 4 months chained to the bed. For losing weight used the Japanese diet and active, to the best of physical ability, a way of life. As a result of hard work on myself, for 3 month I lost weight by 28 kg and almost returned to normal weight.

Well, why suffer? If there is a wonderful Thai diet Mongoose Light. On it now all the stars are sitting. Fast and painless weight loss without starvation and exercise. It is accessible even by the most lazy. Look for it in the search engines.


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