Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet


The blood group diet is an absolutely new diet in the field of dietetics and has been on the list of some of the most popular and effective nutrition options for almost 20 years.

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

James and Peter D'Adamo started dietary food by blood groups, based solely on medical research and urging them to listen to the call of their nature.

This diet is not associated with severe restrictions, nutrition for the blood group for weight loss – this is not a one-day event, but a systematic approach to choosing products throughout life.

The methodology is based on the theory of innate predisposition to certain products, which was formed in the process of evolution. And time does not stand still!

If earlier you were sure of the existence of 4 blood groups, then for now there are two more groups identified, which were suspected even 10 years ago. This is another fact in favor of the continuous development of the human body and the influence of surrounding factors on this process (including environmental and chemotherapeutic).

We will consider classical four groups, since they are the ones that prevail on the post-Soviet expanses and the diet for weight loss is designed for them.

The essence of weight loss, taking into account the properties of blood

The antigenic properties of erythrocytes, which determine the blood group, were formed historically and determined the immune and digestive characteristics of the organism, its adaptive properties.

The concept of nutrition is based on the division of products into useful, neutral and harmful with respect to the influence on the quality and speed of metabolism.

Useful foods can be consumed in the maximum amount, they will bring the greatest benefit and will be perceived by the body best.

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

Neutral products will have a corresponding neutral effect on our health and their share in the diet should be minimal. Harmful products will not do any good and, moreover, harm the body, they will not be digested, but will be defined as fatty deposits.

Food directly affects the metabolic rate, the increase in immunity and its ability to withstand viruses and pathogens, the psycho-emotional state and vigor.

Such a diet is able to relieve allergic reactions to certain foods (do not be surprised if you find those on the lists of unwanted products that cause you allergies).

Did you notice that your friends, regularly eating dairy products, feel great and can not live without them, but you do not feel any interest in such a predilection and easily gain weight from the same household cottage cheese?

First, let's look at a list of what will be excluded from your list of products and what is allowed in small quantities.

"Hunters" 1 group excluded from the diet:

  • cereals, namely: corn, barley, rye, oats, wheat, oatmeal;
  • beans: all kinds of beans, lentils, peas;
  • all kinds of cabbage;
  • fatty dairy products, including butter, cream, cheese.

Limitedly add to the diet low-fat sour-milk products, potatoes and flour products, exotic fruits and berries. Alcohol, corn and peanut oil in very small quantities are allowed to consume.

"Farmers" with 2-th blood group do not eat:Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

If possible, limit the consumption of bakery products, starch-containing products (especially potatoes), fatty sauces and dressings.

  • Nuts (peanuts do not eat at all);
  • corn, buckwheat and lentils;
  • alcohol.

In a moderate volume, seafood and meat, peanut and corn oil, tomatoes, whole-grain and rye bread are allowed.

People-riddles with the fourth blood group do not eat:

  • meat (except lamb and rabbit);
  • beans, in particular all kinds of beans;
  • cereals: wheat, buckwheat, corn;
  • Exotic fruits.

Limitedly add "riddles" to the diet of mushrooms, fatty fish, olive oil and in very small doses of nuts and seeds.

How to lose weight on 10 kg with the help of such a diet can be learned from the video.

We make a useful menu for losing weight

Below is a list of products for each group, which you will use with your eyes closed to make purchases and prioritize.

"Myasoedam," as representatives of the oldest blood group, nature itself prompted which foods to give priority to nutrition: meat is the basis of the diet and promotes the most effective metabolism.

To promote weight loss will be the following products:

  1. Red meat (especially beef and lamb), liver, offal.
  2. Seafood, salmon, trout, pike, perch, cod, sturgeon.
  3. Products rich in iodine (especially sea kale and walnuts).
  4. Green fruits and vegetables (except for acidic vegetables).
  5. Olive oil.
  6. Figs and prunes.

The ration of "farmers", as a native farmer, consists of a vegetarian menu with the addition of a limited number of dairy products. The metabolism is "ground" on cereals and vegetables.

We list the most useful products:

  1. All kinds of vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits. Pineapple is especially useful.
  2. Cereals: wheat, buckwheat, rice, soy.
  3. Beans and beans.
  4. Vegetable oils, especially useful grape seed oil, olive and sesame.
  5. Juices, fresh, red wine and coffee.

"Nomads" boast a rather diverse menu and even if they eat something from the forbidden list, their metabolism is able to adapt and it is easier to survive the burden than it does in representatives of other blood groups.

What should always be in the diet of "nomads":

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

  1. Meat (do not abuse excessively fatty types of meat).
  2. Fish and seafood. Greasy fish species are welcome, which is so rich in useful fatty acids.
  3. Eggs and sour-milk products.
  4. Cereals: rice (unpolished) and oatmeal.
  5. Green fruits and vegetables (especially white cabbage), mushrooms.
  6. Juices, fresh, green tea.

This blood group was formed about 1000 years ago and it is not completely known what contributed to it.

A few representatives of the fourth blood group (and up to 5% of the world's population) could notice a predilection for vegetables, dairy products and aversion to the ingestion of meat. And not in vain!

In this "riddles" are like "farmers" and diagonally opposite to "hunters".

What is in the diet of the "Man of the riddle":

  1. Seafood and fish (Especially useful are trout, salmon, mackerel).
  2. Soy, tofu cheese, soy milk.
  3. Dairy products: cottage cheese, sour cream, homemade cheese and brynza, yoghurts.
  4. Cereals: rice, oatmeal, millet.
  5. Green vegetables and fruits, especially fortified with vitamin C.
  6. Coffee and green tea, broths of wild rose and hawthorn.

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

  1. Do not combine proteins and carbohydrates in one dish.
  2. Eat up to 6 once a day.
  3. Do not overeat! As soon as the spoon slows down, you are full, and you will feel it in 20 minutes.
  4. Never drink food, you can take liquid no earlier than 2 hours after meals and for 20 minutes before eating.
  5. Cut the sugar. Begin at least with tea without sugar, your receptors will begin to feel the real taste after 2 weeks, transfer this practice to other dishes – it's all a matter of habit.
  6. Give preference to unleavened baking from whole grains.
  7. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of yogurt or eat a baked apple.

Diet for the blood group does not belong to those that are severely restricted in a variety of diets. On the contrary – on the basis of useful lists you can make a balanced menu and not worry about hungry fainting.

All other contraindications are based on individual characteristics and health status of each person.

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct dietOn the Ani Lorak diet after the birth, find out on our website.

The influence of hypnosis on weight loss in the article. The essence of the method, the basis of the technique of self-hypnosis.

About calculating the calories for weight loss here.

Positive results significantly suppressed the responses of dissatisfied experimenters. Nutritionists themselves often prefer this approach to the diet.

It is confirmed that the best results are given to those who are on a diet for a long time (more than a year).

I myself was a dietician and made a diet for my mom, based on a diet for the blood group. The effect manifested itself gradually. For 2,5, she dropped 23 kg and the weight is held.

After reading the list of allowed products for my second blood group, I noted that these are my preferences in nutrition, I myself adhere to this menu. My stomach feels most comfortable when I use these products.

Appealed to this diet is not for weight loss. I wanted to normalize the process of digestion and get rid of the severity after eating, which with age has become increasingly palpable. And the results were not to be expected, spasms and bloating disappeared almost instantly !.

Affirmatively we can conclude that the diet for the blood group is primarily a way of normalizing the digestive processes and overall well-being.

It can be noted that in the diet of almost all groups the products with a low glycemic index predominate, which can not help but affect weight loss, and if you get general basic recommendations on nutrition, you will be doomed to loss of fatty deposits!

The truth and myths about the diet for the blood group are contained in the video.

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

Losing weight by blood group is the most correct diet

A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.

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