Lunar diet or a look at losing weight from the height of the stars

The impact of the moon on the psychological and physiological state of man is known since ancient times, and described in literary sources of virtually all the peoples of the world. Modern science has also found many confirmations and new facts of the influence of this heavenly body on all living organisms. Knowing the main phenomena that occur in a certain phase, you can control almost all processes of life, from conception of the child and ending with the treatment of serious diseases. And for those who want to get rid of excess weight, the lunar diet brings good results.

The Basics of the Lunar Diet

The essence of this method of weight loss is to compile a diet for the lunar calendar, which reflects the beginning and end of 4 main phases of the star for 7 days. The entire lunar cycle is only 28 days. For each of them, certain physiological processes and chemical reactions at the level of cells and tissues are characteristic. organs and the body as a whole.

  • The full moon is the period when the moon in the sky looks like a round bright ball. It is believed that at this time, the filling of the cellular and intercellular space of the body with liquids takes place, and in the nature there are tides.
  • The waning moon is a period when the image of the moon in the sky can be compared with the inverted "C". It is characterized by rapid removal of excess liquid and exchange products, including toxins and wastes, from the body.
  • New Moon is a period when there is no moon in the sky. This is a beneficial period for the renewal of the body, its recovery and restoration of damaged or depleted systems.
  • The growth of the moon is the period when the moon looks like the letter "C". At this stage, the body is able to fully absorb all the beneficial substances from the products, responds well to physical activity. It enhances all metabolic processes, healing of wounds, increases overall tone.

It is believed that the lunar diet for weight loss is most effective if you start it at the time of the onset of the phase of the waning moon and finish when the new phase comes through (7 – 14 – 21 – 28 days). In order to know when exactly a certain phase comes and ends, a lunar calendar exists every month. The same rules are inherent in the diet and the lunar calendar 2014.

Principles of nutrition with the lunar diet

Based on the characteristics of the physiological processes in each phase, the diet of the 2014 lunar diet is designed so as not to interfere with their course. Thus, harmony between natural phenomena and human food behavior is achieved, resulting in natural weight loss, cleansing and healing of the body.

On a full moon, one should eat unsalted dishes with a minimum caloric content and are capable of easy elimination. These include:

  • whole cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetable dishes;
  • green and herbal teas.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoked products, pickles, marinades, confectionery. The total calorie content these days should be at 400 – 500 kcal less than the usual daily rate.

On the waning moon, five to six times a day, with a restriction of salt and sugar. Also, do not consume alcoholic beverages and foods high in fast carbohydrates (sweets, cookies, cakes, etc.). In general, the diet should be balanced and include all groups of products, and its daily calorie content should be no more than 1200 kcal. In the drinking regime, it is necessary to include plain water in the amount of 2 l. Physical activity is also important.

In the new moon, the lunar diet for women recommends paying special attention to protein foods in the form of meat, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese and cheese. You can also eat vegetables and vegetable salads. It is not advisable at this time to eat any carbohydrate food. For a day you should drink 2 l of water.

In the phase of the growing moon, usually increases appetite and there is a basic set of excess weight. Therefore, during this period, it is important to limit the daily calorific value to 1000-1200 kcal by consuming more vegetables and fruits, as well as protein foods. Physical loads should be moderate and it should be in the last day of this period to arrange a fasting day with the use of fluid in the amount of 2.5-3 l.

Lunar Diet July 2014

Lunar diet for weight loss 2014 in July includes the following favorable and unfavorable days:

  • with 1 – 4, with 6-1, from 28-31 July – the growing Moon;
  • with 13 – 18, with 20 on 26 July – the waning moon;

Reviews about the lunar diet

After carrying out the lunar diet, the reviews are both positive and negative. Many people like the opportunity to freely choose a diet and the absence of harsh restrictions. The main disadvantage is that after a complete cycle of weight loss (28 days), the weight will decrease by no more than 8 kg.

It should be noted that such results of weight loss from the point of view of medical knowledge are considered the most optimal and safe for health. Thus, the diet according to the lunar calendar can be considered effective and natural for the organism.

Video about the lunar diet

Video about the diet on the moon

Reviews about the lunar diet

The diet for me personally came up perfectly! After the birth, I lost weight, which was very happy, but the more breastfeeding continued, the more I began to recover !! Everyone around said that

this is normal and that I should eat for two, but it's all garbage! The culmination was that I could not wear a pair of boots for a wedding to a friend, which I bought six months ago, I just could not fasten them. I decided that I should go on a diet, tried not to eat after 6, but still broke down. I read many sites and decided to stop at the moon, because I jokingly called myself "the priestess of the night")))) At first it was not very convenient to calculate the days, watch the lunar calendar, but then everything went like clockwork! I ate a lot of food, it was difficult, of course, but everything paid off! Weight slowly but surely began to crawl to the usual. For two months I lost weight by 7 kilograms! Someone will say that it is not enough, but do not forget – I still feed the baby daughter with the breast! So for me this is a huge achievement! I highly recommend diet, now I am not losing weight, but I continue to eat the same way, out of habit)

I also lost a lot of weight after the birth, and then started to gain all day. This lunar diet is ideal if you are a nursing mother. Weight lost quite slowly, but in principle the end result I'm happy with.

And I did not sit out the entire cycle, only half. With the account just was not a problem, I love such diets where accuracy is needed. To stop forced another. Well, I can not without cookies and pirozhenki 🙂 And here they are not at any phase. Weighed somewhere around 3 kg. Well . but I tried.

I after the operation recovered to 10 kilogram. I was banned from sports, I spoiled my metabolism with the wrong diet. A couple of months ago, I read about the diet for the lunar calendar and decided to take a chance. At first it was hard with calculating the days, all the time in the calendar to watch, but after the first results you get used to it. Nutrition varied and most importantly – the right thing, then what it takes to set up your body. As a result, for two months I threw off 6 kilogram! And I do not stop, I still need to overcome 4!

Yes, the only inconvenience is the calculations, and as a very good and balanced diet, I helped to throw off 8 kilograms, still 5 remained until the cherished 60. However, I try to do sports.

I heard about the existence of this diet from a friend, but at first I was somewhat skeptical about her, and she seemed a little strange to me, to be honest. But after a couple of months I had to change my mind when I noticed that my girlfriend had lost weight as much as 15kg (!). I never thought that a lunar diet can achieve such a cool result, maybe it will seem ridiculous to you, but it really works!

So I could not believe that this method works, but the desire to lose weight and curiosity outweighed. It turned out that this is not so difficult. In the end, I threw off 7 kilograms, which is very nice.

After getting to know my future husband, I stopped following what I eat. A couple of chocolates a day became the norm for me. I pretended that I did not notice how my clothes stopped coming on me. Woke up when with 60 kg recovered to 75. Without tears you will not look. Clothing in stores will not work. I had to buy some grandmother's blouses from the market. In general, the darkness. I tried different diets, tried to eat right, but everything was empty. Chocolate and pastries are my biggest weakness. And once I was studying the Internet in search of new information, I came across an article about the lunar diet. At first I decided that this was nonsense, but I found so many positive reviews that I decided to try it. Just was a waning moon. As a result, a month later I was able to get into clothes, which 2 years ago removed into the long box. Surrounding noted my postroynevshuyu figure, and most importantly my husband began to look at me as before. Girls, it's never too late to change for the better.

Quite an interesting practice of losing weight. There are practical tips that really help to lose weight, but these tips apply to any diet. I really do not know if the moon phase depends on it. I would try to sit on such a diet, especially now is the time, summer has come, but the giraffe is still hanging. Be sure to start with the new month. The main thing is that the desire was and belief in yourself!

About the desire and faith in yourself you are right! You can lose weight all the time, the main thing is just to want)) And the diet is really good, perfect for summer) It is balanced, so after you stop sitting on it, weight is unlikely to return! And maybe so, that this diet will become a way of life, as it happened to me) Now it is she who helps me to keep myself in shape

The first time I learned about the lunar diet, I want to try it on myself, because it's summer and the figure needs to be watched, especially since I gained a few extra pounds over the winter. I do not use alcohol, so I will not have problems with refusing it. I liked that there are a lot of vegetables and fruits in it, I just adore them. I hope that over the summer with the help of the lunar diet I will lose weight by several kilograms.

My story is banal. I after the delivery scored + 25 kg. I did not pay much attention to my extra weight, there was no time for me with the baby in my arms. But my husband began to support me constantly. I am tired of this. I tried every possible diet. Has stopped on this one. The only diet after which the weight did not return. I dropped for 6 months about 18 kg. I will lose weight further.

I without any doubt

decided to try a lunar diet. The matter is that I already for a long time

build your life according to the lunar calendar. At least I was clearly convinced of the

that it is necessary to wash on the waning moon, it is also necessary to get a haircut in certain

days. Therefore, I knew for sure that I would certainly lose weight on such a diet. And so

it turned out, for a month lost 4 kg, but I did not have to.

Hello! I want to share my experience of losing weight on the lunar diet. At once I will say that on diets I never sat, as there were no problems with excess weight, my weight was 55 kg. with the growth of 168 see. It was corrected after the termination of breastfeeding, apparently there was a hormonal alteration of the body. When the mark on the scales showed 65 kg., Then I decided that everything – it's time to do something! I printed out the diet and started to follow all the recommendations. The most difficult was the first week, then I got used to such a diet regime, and he basically liked me. It took an average of 3-4 kg. per month, maybe not so much, but for me it's important that they do not come back again. Now my weight is 57 kg, I feel comfortable with this weight. So, who wants to lose weight, I recommend.

To me this diet has approached or suited. Immediately liked that in different periods of the moon provided its own menu. This is very helpful morally, because you do not need to use the same products for the whole 28 days. Most liked the menu of the Moon diet for the new moon phase. I love protein diets, but here is just the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates. From the long-term consumption of a single protein, one can plant a kidney capitally. And so, thanks to the phase change, the menu for the organism is very diverse.

In this diet I was attracted by this very interesting name. Similar activities such as tracking the moon, its phase and other things. But I want to say one thing – she helped me! It was this diet that suited me well and I was able to lose a few extra kilograms, typed in connection with stress.

I was on this diet. Yes, I do not argue it is effective, but my stomach started to ache after it. Appealed to the doctor, the examination had nothing to give. What was and is not clear but I do not plan to sit on it yet.


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