Mad Twenty – a program for explosive growth of strength and mass

Primary goal: increase in strength and mass gain

Level of training: medium, high

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, exercisers

Audience: men and women

Get rid of the training routine and get ready for explosive growth of mass and power indicators, using a unique combination of 5, 10 and 20-repeated approaches. This program gives the result.

At the beginning of the year, I developed a bench press program that allowed me to overcome the training plateau. It was conceived to help millions of athletes stuck at the level of 80-110 kg, blow up the plateau and make progress. Although I knew that this training protocol should give a result, I did not expect that its popularity would grow at the speed of light.

The feedback on this program was really great. The high training volume turned out to be that spark, which many athletes needed, eager to kindle their progress with new strength. Together with the eulogies that advertise the effectiveness of the program, I also received the following questions:

Can I use this program for sit-ups, deadlifts, press above the head or traction in the cable trainer? Of course, the answer is yes.

The next workout is just about this: a full program based on my 20-repeated protocol. This program allows you not only to increase the power indicators and get through the plateau, but also stimulates the beginning of a new round of muscle mass. I recommend that you stick to this program for at least 4-6 months. If you can hold out for a year, I'm sure you will reap a rich harvest.

I want to clarify. I would not use this program in the drying phase. Count the Mad Twenty as a workout for the masses. Increase the energy value of the diet by 300-500 calories above the equilibrium level, and the protein intake – at least 200 grams per day.

You will have to perform 7 approaches with the same working weight in the following basic exercises:

Here is the scheme for implementing the seven approaches:

  • Approach 1 – Working weight x 5 repetition

The seventh approach is key. If in this approach you can perform 20 and more repetitions, in the next workout add 2,5 kg to the working weight. If you are not able to get to the cherished 20 repetitions, continue to work with the same weight and strive for progress next week.

You will realize that once you can perform 20 repetitions in a key approach, you will start progressing faster and will increasingly increase your weight. It's not uncommon when the working weight increases by 2,5 kg every 2-4 a week. At the end of 6 months, this can lead to the addition of 15-25 kg to your bench press, squats or deadlift.

Summing up, doing the G-20 exercise, you will:

  • Use the same working weight in all approaches

If your maximum is in bench press 110 kg, maximum in squats up to 160 kg, and maximum in deadlift up to 180 kg, the program Mad Twenty I recommend starting with the following working weights:

Before you a simple training split. You can tailor it to your weekly schedule. In addition, do not hesitate to replace the exercises with your preferences.

And how many rest between approaches?

I'll start today in three months

I can not understand everything, the weight increases only in the key exercise for 2,5 kg when performing 20 + and the rest of the exercises that are not in the golden 3-ku, how to increase them, or work with the same one?

In key exercises you increase on 2, 5 when you reach 20 +, right. In the remaining exercises, you can follow about the same principle: do confidently 10-15 repetitions, while not koryachas and observing the right technique, – boldly add weight. Doing constantly with the same weight is not particularly effective. The step of increasing the weight is already according to the situation, it can be 1, 2 or 5 kg at once.

I'm only on the program for a week, the impressions are quite interesting. It is made in such a way that there is variety, does not seize routine, and this is an important point. By the time of training, the program is compact enough, I perform for an hour, this is if you add a press at the end or stretching. In general, any more objective assessment can be given at least a month of training.

Guys, I train a month, the results are encouraging, the program is working, but it's not an executioner, you were given as an option, and it works all depends on you

It's definitely not a program for strength, it's more like crossfit 🙂

Well, how are the results, guys?

The year lasted . But when the press crossed over 117, then 20 + in the seventh approach became problematic . The effect was when the weight was in the limit to 100 kg . Then tired and measured the prog . The traction too tired when 150 passed . The weight of its own remained the same -93 kg.zhim once dropped from 150 to 140 . Everything is very intense on decent scales from shells . Although outwardly became slimmer and tightened . So choose -or force or form . ..

So I did not understand a year later one-time maximum in bench press fell from 150 to 140?

Yes . training became so exhausting that at maximum strength was not enough .

can I break up for 3-day

For beginners this program will come down? And is it better to start weight?

Tell me please, is it possible to replace or add an exercise on Friday rope? Will not it hurt the recruitment of the masses?

Just on the Internet and did not find whether it was harmful for the SKAcool for muscle mass?

and tell me if it's not difficult, what should be the rest between repetitions and honey exercises? Thank you in advance.

and the working weight for what exercises of all or only these four?

If I lift bench press with max. Weight 110 kg, and as it is written here the working weight should be 60 kg, is not it too small?

I've been doing this program for 3 a month. I dialed with 86 kg. up to 91 kg. only I build my cycles. 1 week 80% from robot to 15 times. 2 weeks 70% 3 weeks 90% .4 weeks 75% .and rest between approaches 60 with. but the 7 180 approach with.

Guys, what about the program?

I decided to check the interest for the sake of . press from 150 counted . Started with 82 kg . Now 100 on 21 repetition is in the 7 approach . 130 tilt at 21 in 7 approach . The bench press is sitting vertically in the 95 mode on 21 in the 7 approach .. Press standing after lifting the bar from the 70 floor to 15 . Squats in the 200 20 on XNUMX repeats . .. The system works . Outwardly, too, has changed according to the jealous looks of comrades potsportzalu . So it's worth trying . Just need confidence and share the fanaticism in believing in the end result . ..

Time between the approaches then you mark?)

I'm new to bodybuilding. The program says 6 months, tell me how to build in this program, or just weeks through 3 to replace the exercise except the basic ones?

what break, between approaches and repetitions?

He quit smoking, was a drivel, went to the gym and through 3 weeks of the first classes I chose this program for myself, I'm doing 2 months on it, I gained about 5 kg. In my opinion, not bad. Thank you.

Why is there no exercise for the press?

And why is there a press? The program is on strength and weight.

Well, this does not mean that you do not need to use the muscles of the press.

On the mass, it is not necessary to turn on the press, but this is IMHO, you can add it if you want.

Thanks, I try, in a couple of months I will describe the impressions.

2 passed, what is the result?)

2. 5 a year has passed, are you alive?)

6 months passed as a result?)

a couple of months passed)

plan to go to this program, is it worth it?

It's been 4 weeks since you?

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