Making a healthy diet for weight loss

Sitting on the next "sad" diet and preconfiguring yourself that after its completion it is possible to return to its usual "weight category", how many of us are wondering: is it possible to make sure that the weight after losing weight remains stable and does not grow , and the food kits did not need to be changed in search of the best diet?

Good news – there are always ways.

It's another matter whether the notorious willpower is enough not to look in the direction of your favorite cakes, while in the body and in your minds everything will adjust to the desire to win over yourself.

Proper nutrition: elementary truths

Sandwiches, mustard, canned food – this must be discarded immediately, if you once and for all decided to do away with the wrong and ill-considered diet, and at the same time with digestive problems fraught with both small (heartburn) and large (deposition of fats and sugars provoking atherosclerosis and diabetes) troubles.

So, before practice, it is necessary to study theory.

Therefore, we will expand the truths of a useful diet for weight loss in a populist way and take as a basis:

  1. Fractional food helps to avoid feeling hungry, do not overeat and do not get better. Small portions are not able to stretch the walls of the stomach, making it, in fact, bottomless and insatiable. Eating often (5-7 once a day) is the best way to stay full, active and contented.
  2. The dishes for dinner should be very light, and he himself must occur no later than 20.00. The break between the first morning and last evening meals should not exceed 12 hours.
  3. Half of the diet is made up of vegetables and fruits (or at least 40%). On the usefulness of these products and can not speak – vitamin-mineral bombs that explode fat deposits.
  4. Presence in the diet of dishes from cereals and cereals. Kashi can be eaten every day. Most cereals perform the function of sorbents and purify the body better than any medications.
  5. Everyday delicacy is a handful of nuts or sunflower seeds. These products will enrich the body with potassium, unsaturated acids and dietary fiber.
  6. Milk, cottage cheese, cheese, yoghurt – tasty and healthy, they will save you from calcium deficiency and restore the intestinal microflora.
  7. Meat and fish are not excluded from the diet (this is not a diet), they will saturate the body with protein. Although it's something you need – only 60 g per day.
  8. The norm of the liquid is 2 liters per day. It is desirable that the main drink is pure non-carbonated water, your beauty and freshness depend on it.
  9. Conduct "replacement of the player", that is high-calorie products for low-calorie. In a day you should receive no more than 2000 calories.
  10. Be sure to follow the acid-base balance, responsible for saturation of cells with oxygen and other biochemical processes in the body. Alkalogeners include milk, yoghurts, fruits, vegetables and several types of nuts.
  11. Exclude the use of fried foods, white bread, preservatives, carbonated drinks and convenience foods – there are no big enemies of beauty in cooking.
  12. Fruits eat only until 15.00.
  13. Dishes do not salty, manage with natural spices and spices, and season salads with lemon juice and sea salt.

A healthy menu includes

The diet of proper nutrition for weight loss allows you to consume enough of the usual products, among which there is a real yummy.

At the initial stages, you still have to deny yourself a slice of dark chocolate or a piece of hard cheese.

After some time, when you are already confident in the results, these delicacies can be pampered, but occasionally.

In the meantime, do not go beyond the prescribed and cook everything you want (but only for a couple, in the oven or in a boiled form) of these products:

  • veal, rabbit, chicken or turkey without skin;
  • all without exception seafood;
  • low-fat milk, yogurt, kefir;
  • eggs (it is more reasonable to exclude omelets, replacing them with a steam omelet);
  • all vegetables and fruits without exception;
  • tofu;
  • beans;
  • the rice is not polished;
  • bread from wholemeal flour.

50×50 or whatever, but infrequently

Once again, we emphasize that healthy food can not be called a diet, so the diet allows some weaknesses – potatoes to cook yourself (but a bit in uniform), or a candy which you can eat once a week.

In order not to rush into the conjecture between "can" and "not", we present you a list of conditionally allowed products:

  • vegetables containing starch: potatoes, corn, carrots, beets;
  • sweet fruit: banana, avocado, persimmon, grapes;
  • honey and black chocolate;
  • natural juices;
  • cream and sour cream;
  • hard cheeses;
  • cream and olive oil (up to 10 g).

Taboo products

Naturally, the correct diet does not accept in its composition certain products that negatively affect the general state of the body.

And we perfectly feel them after a while after use: in the form of gravity in the stomach, nausea or other discomfort.

They are reflected on the exterior – not only "hanging" with excess kilograms, but also making the skin state far from perfect.

  • smoked products;
  • mayonnaise and other packaged dressings and sauces;
  • pork;
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks;
  • milk chocolate;
  • juices from packages;
  • salt and sugar;
  • sweets;
  • bakery products from wheat flour.

As you can see, the "forbidden" list was much shorter than the previous two.

Therefore, there will not be anything wrong with abandoning the products that are presented in it.

With hunger, as they say, we will not die, we will also be healthier.

Weekly food intake

To competently compose your healthy weekly diet for weight loss, you must adhere to two basic nuances:

  1. Caloric value. And we know that the number of calories per day should not exceed 2000.
  2. The main products that make up the menu. It is important that they are both useful and nutritious.

You can add another and third – a variety of dishes.

Since only porridge for morning can delight the first two days, and then it becomes boring and you want something else.

And this is dangerous – such a desire can completely ruin all plans and return to yesterday with all its cutlets, sausages and cakes.

So, the plan for a healthy diet for a week is very simple: you need to alternate meat and fish, prepare simple salads (the more they are, the better), stock up various cereals, so that each new breakfast does not look like the previous one, and do not forget about fruits and water.

That is, if this plan is narrowed to one day, we get:

  • breakfast – fiber and carbohydrates (energy reserve for the whole day);
  • the second breakfast – protein food (cottage cheese with fruit, yogurt);
  • Lunch – proteins and carbohydrates (chicken broth or soup);
  • snack – fruit is a bit of fun);
  • evening – protein (fish or meat fillets);
  • before going to bed – kefir or cottage cheese.

So, in the next video, you can see how to eat right to achieve goals in losing weight:

A sample of the right menu for the week

Do not forget that with proper nutrition, snacks are welcome, but they should consist exclusively of useful products: fruits, yoghurts, oatmeal cookies, curds with dried fruits.

And a lot, lots and lots of water.

  1. Any of the cereals, tea with lemon.
  2. A piece of chicken and porridge or steamed vegetables. Tea or unsweetened coffee.
  3. Sandwich of rough bread with a slice of cheese, baked vegetables. Green tea.
  4. Cottage cheese, oatmeal or biscuit biscuits. Tea.
  5. Eggs soft-boiled or scrambled eggs. Coffee or tea.

Second breakfast:

  1. Fruit.
  2. Tea and cheese.
  3. Cottage cheese with raisins.
  4. A handful of nuts or a few dried fruits.
  5. Yogurt.
  6. Children's fruit puree.
  1. Soup with chicken, vegetable salad, juice.
  2. Vegetarian or lean (with beans) borsch, baked meat, salad from Peking cabbage.
  3. Ears, steamed meatballs, cucumber salad and tomato.
  4. Stewed mushrooms, boiled potatoes, salad of white cabbage.
  5. Chicken broth, vegetable salad.


  1. Cottage cheese with chopped herbs.
  2. Yogurt.
  3. A glass of home-made natural juice.
  4. Fresh fruits.
  5. Fruit salad .
  6. Biscuits and fruit jelly.
  1. Braised rabbit with vegetables.
  2. Baked red fish on a vegetable cushion.
  3. Omelette with vegetables.
  4. Chicken steamed chops with cabbage salad.
  5. Curd and cucumber salad.

The beginning of a new life

No one else could do it like this and easily "jump" from a normal diet to a healthy diet for weight loss.

It's hard for everyone to lose their habits, especially food, all the first time they miss buns and cocoa.

Is it possible to make the separation not so painful?

There are rules for this case.

First, the mood and the internal order are important.

If you do not allow yourself to relax, then the results of weight loss will interest you much more than pasta with meat.

Secondly, the balance of the diet.

If it is "built" correctly, then the body will be saturated and it will not be pulled in the direction of the buns.

In principle, all our successes and failures are not on the island of Buyan, but in our head.

In any case (and proper nutrition is not an exception), a psychological attitude is important.

Write, in the end, a plan for a week, a month, a year.

How many kilograms will you dump?

Which will you become?

How will you feel?

Follow this plan – and everything will turn out.

You will grow thin and get prettier, do not get lost – everything will be as you intended.

And he treats, and in cosmetology is useful, and found a place in cooking. All this about Barberry. Read more about this berry here.

About desserts are almost forgotten .

Does the healthy diet of desserts – the most important element in the diet of a woman – not so much for the stomach as for the soul?

Only desserts are also biased towards utility for the organism: oatmeal cookies, the same fruits and dried fruits, which are as good as chocolate for any sweet, but a hundredfold more, fruit mousses and kissels, sorbets, jellies, cottage cheese with fruit.

Try it, you will like it!

As an attachment, we attach a video in which we will talk about the role of raw vegetables in the diet of healthy food:

I think that in order to lose weight, first you need to make a healthy diet. In the diet should include useful and nutritious foods. This will help the body to clear itself of unnecessary things. And nutritious foods will help to reduce the feeling of hunger.

I agree with you, Victoria!

I 32 year and would not say that I'm complete, but after 30 the exchange of matter in the body slows down, I noticed that the weight began to grow. I am a doctor and always for a healthy lifestyle. Fast food and noxious foods were always forbidden for me, it was more difficult for my husband to explain which foods are harmful and why. As a result, we never buy juices (lots of sugar), sausages, sausages, mayonnaise, ketchup. I began to play sports, the callorah of food increased (due to physical exertion), I eat every 3 hours, try not to skip meals, so that later there was no night "dozhor" ?. The most important thing is not to starve. The main thing is to think ahead and prepare the food the next day. I prepare everything in advance and lay out on canteen, it's very convenient. Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health. Remember, extra pounds give age to a woman !!

I lose weight for a month, because began to work remotely from home, moved less, kg here as here. Now she completely revised her diet, started to work, the weight went down. I do not want to drink any special cocktails or pills, only proper nutrition and more movements. I changed the regime of the day completely, shifted working hours for the evening, the benefit of the employer in another time zone, I can do it, and in the afternoon I move to the maximum and weigh all the food I'm cooking. For a long time it was only the first week, then I got used to it and can count calories by eye.

For me, the ideal option to lose weight is to sit for a while on kefir and apples. Yes, I understand that this is not regular regular nutrition, but after such weight loss I throw off weight kg, and then I keep weight for a long time (especially if you do not forget about sports). And still I adhere to this what rule, I clear an intestine from muck everyone – enterosgel. The enterosorbent removes all toxins and toxins. In general, I feel myself after such a purification just wonderful!

Zdrastvujte. Share please, how to sit and how much on apples and yogurt?

I agree with Anna, you must necessarily clean before a diet (before any weight loss) I really like this Lavakol. Purification with it is profound, it removes all substances harmful to cheers simply. After such cleansing, weight loss is much easier and safer for health)

Of course you need to remove toxins before diets! I somehow decided in a quick way before the new year to lose weight and not cleaned (the first time I went on a diet). So I was so rash allergic rash that it was scary to look at myself. Since then, I found information that it is necessary to remove toxins and allergens from the body before losing weight. so I'm cleaning myself, only enterosgel. I like this pasta – no taste, no smell and drink easily (I dilute water at room temperature). And just does not harm the zhkt and displays only harmful substances.

genes affect everything. I've tried to lose weight many times, but the weight was coming back, I do not have the willpower for long sports . aah . and how much I've tried all the diets, although I'm basically a healthy lifestyle . but still did not lose weight (((

I saw somewhere on the site about the dna test and decided to do . it turns out that I just have a low metabolism of caffeine . imagine))) it was caffeine that influenced the burning of fats in me, it's laid in the genes .. in general, I just began to drink less coffee and the weight immediately went down..urraea. who were interested in doing my genetics

Genes are certainly important, but in my opinion, the strength of the spirit is more important. I'm originally inclined to fullness (in our family all women are full). But that does not mean that I gave up. I just picked up for myself the most comfortable way to lose weight. Always I choose a diet with a nutritionist. We paint everything by the day and by the hour. I observe strictly. I adhere to what is needed before the diet removes toxins from toxins from the body. In this regard, lax is very helpful. All the muck withdraws from the body. And what is good and pain this laxative does not cause and no colic.

I will support girls who wrote about cleaning up toxins. This, in fact, is also important, because any diet is a stress for the body. And if still and the intoxication will begin is in general a nightmare will be. I, like Julia, prefer Enterosgel to be cleared. He not only displays toxins, but also gives a slight sense of satiety and from this appetite decreases. And then eat less.

And I started to eat according to the prescriptions of the nutritionist Belousova, very delicious dishes, various and tasty. She was still involved in the development of a nutrition line of three ages. Well, the main thing of course is that I'm eating normally, but I do not get better

The main thing is the first days: do not break, then it will be easier. They are the heaviest: the training of willpower, there may be weakness, often constipation occurs. But I use regulamine laxative, I start to drink immediately, as in the morning I do not go to the toilet. I dissolve one sachet in water and drink it (tastes-oranges))) For a short time and a chair then as a clock. And natural – from the seeds of Psyllium and Chia seeds.

Thanks for the tip!

Thank you for the article

That's for sure, if you're on a diet, you better stick to it. It's true that constipation happens, but not me. I already learned from bitter experience, so now I start taking Lavakol from the very first day, when I sit down on a diet. He and the microflora of the intestine does not harm and prevents the constipation. And by the way, this is our domestic drug with a neutral taste. I'm happy with it. And I'm only on one diet is Dukana

Yes, I also can not take oatmeal for breakfast for a long time, although I dilute it with berries. fruit, bored quickly. I try to alternate with cereals, now I'm eating the second week of fitness flakes, until I'm tired, but they are much more delicious than oatmeal) plus they are still very useful, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals) and sweet and useful)

I tried regulamin, I also did not have a chair, which I just did not do, and I did not want to get off the diet. Very good laxative, really natural composition. I'm just ready to sing him praises))) I spent a few weeks and everything is happening now) And I was tormented for about a month. Plus the products of the breakdown of my fats, he "captured" with him – he also has the sorbent effect.

it is necessary and the truth, probably, laxative to try or taste, and that too I sit on a diet and have faced constipations. any more I do not know what to do or make, it is thin like not bad, but here these problems with a chair all spirit spoil

Maria, but I'll agree – you need Regulamin. I just went through it myself very recently: I was on a Ducane diet, and the problems with the stool began almost immediately because of the shortage of fiber in the diet. But Regulamin perfectly coped with them, relieved from constipation, also normalized the work of the intestine (I spent about a week on this remedy)

I personally like the diet for the "three ages" nutrition program, designed by Anna Belousova. The dishes there are tasty and hearty. At the same time, you lose weight by eating on her program, and not gaining weight.

Healthy eating is primarily a balanced diet, where all macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) are present in sufficient quantities. Breakfast and lunch should be more nutritious than dinner. Do not limit yourself to carbohydrates, they must be present in the diet. Cut calories, too, can not, otherwise the body will save in stock even with minimal portions of food.

A cool product found for fans of pp. It is called octalia, in the composition of cereals, vitamins and freeze-dried products, as well as cactus fibers, but the nutritionist friend said that it is good for the stomach, as the absorbent acts. I used to try Racionika, but I could not throw it off more than 700 and my stomach sometimes reduced it, now I do not.

Proper nutrition is, of course, good, but not always possible, unfortunately, for various reasons. Therefore, I have to save myself with diets) I always sit on one, then on the other – and everything is fine.) It's necessary to cleanse the body with the help of Enterosgel before the diet – I like it very much, it's safe, it removes all substances harmful without creating health problems. Thinning is much easier, not just checked)

I learned from advertising on the Internet about the octal, I always used to lose weight on suitcases in a week. My colleague ordered an octal through the site, and I also decided to try out a new product) eventually I managed to throw off 10 kg for 5 days! This is even more than I threw off losing weight in a week. On the product itself: it is 10 servings of a soluble supper, which must be eaten no later than 9 hours. And depending on the program (5 or 10 daytime), you need to eat dinner every day with an octal. There are rules, but they are not difficult to fulfill: drink warm water after taking an octal, and if you want to eat, drink a glass of kefir. But honestly, I never wanted to eat, go to bed with a feeling of fullness. In general, I grew thin with comfort. And it's very convenient, came from work, steamed a dinner and eat. And then, well fed and happy you can cook dinner for children and husband. I really liked it, I already told everyone I know. Here I share and with you infoy)

NANANA, and more about the octal can be? Where to buy, the price, what results?

Girls, try the diet program at dietolog-likhacheva, there are also dietary recipes with the right BZHU and free consultations, and a weight loss program, you will not regret.

I'll try to lose weight by this method.

The main thing is not to overeat! Do not eat fatty, fried and baked! And it is desirable to eat sour-milk products. They take toxins out and speed up digestion! I have already got used to cooking kefir at the BakZdrav starter. Vegetables of green color, especially cucumbers, cabbage and celery,

The article, of course, is interesting – but with some provisions I would not agree. In particular – regarding the ban on sandwiches. After all, for their preparation, it is not necessary to use white yeast bread, you can even make bread with bread, and do not use oil (although in small doses, quality creamy is very useful for the body). Concerning the fact that you need to eat 5-7 once a day – this is true, the well-being improves after a week of such a regime (the main thing is not to exceed the daily calorie). For example, I like yogurt with dried fruits as a "delicacy". The sour milk product I do myself (at the ferment Bakdzdrav), so I'm sure that there are enough probiotics in it and there are no additives harmful. Dried fruits I buy exclusively dried or dried – I do not eat anything smoked. In addition to yogurt, I also daily skim the cottage cheese skim. I used to buy it, but when the multivar appeared, I started to cook myself. In general, I noticed that there are very few products in stores without sugar and other nonsense – it's frustrating. Another important rule that I have learned – every day you need to drink about 2l of clean water. Required! Without taking into account tea and juices.

I agree with Nastyona: you need to gradually switch to the right food, then the extra pounds will go away. I also have, by the way, a weight loss secretion – it is necessary to take the enterosorbent for the excretion of fats and burned (or rather, the products of their decay) from the body and toxins. I now "Enter" Enterosgel "cleaned" during weight loss – he is safe, and helps to lose weight without health problems

I share the results of losing weight on the octal: -7 kg for 3 weeks. It turned out that everything is real. Very nourishing, convenient, if you add fiz load. Weight will quickly go away. This is so, to the note. In general, I'm happy, I recommend.

About the right food is all right, but not everyone has the opportunity to comply with these rules. Therefore, personally, I constantly practice different diets – I find it easier and easier to lose weight with them. Recently, I have been taking Enterosgel in parallel to exclude any byaka from the body – superfluous kege leaves without nerves and tears, the achieved result is preserved for a long time, checked

Diet menu, it's certainly wonderful, but it can be very long to lose weight. I can advise you to go to the sanatorium Istra-med, where, literally in 2 week, I lost 7 kilo. There not only dietary food, there and a variety of wraps, massages, even exercise therapy, and a swimming pool. All this together, on a mode, very well help to lose weight. And there are no harmful products nearby, because you live during the program in a sanatorium where the diet menu is fed in the dining room.

And I decided to try to lose weight with Enterosgel. It has been heard before that he removes the harmful from the body, and just then the case presented itself – the diet is being planned. Started with a week of taking this remedy, now I am combining a diet with him. Lightness has already appeared, the weight goes away, I'm happy

Hello everybody. Carefully read the article. With all agree. My experience with the transition to proper nutrition began about 1,5 a year ago. Then I was 90,7 kg., With the growth of 170, see I do not know what happened in my head, but I decided to lose weight. I was interested . I can or not. Completely revised her diet . studied a lot of information on PP. And I did it. With regular training (doing at home with dumbbells) and observing proper nutrition I managed to lose weight to 59.2 kg. And in my 38 years even the skin sagged. So dare . anything is possible.


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