Man-superset: a program on the chest and back from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Philosophy of Arnold in terms of pumping the muscles of the chest and back can be described by the principle of "pairing". And it worked.

Author: Sean Perin

For his public successes (and failures), loud speeches and election campaigns, fame and fortune, it is very easy to overlook that, in essence, Arnold Schwarzenegger is primarily a person obsessed with bodybuilding.

Long before becoming famous, and long before the battles with the state legislature, the five-time Mr. Universe and the seven-time Mr. Olympia spent an enormous amount of time in small gyms in different countries, pushing, squeezing and moving iron. The goal of his efforts was to become the best bodybuilder in the world. And in 1960-70 years. he achieved this goal, winning on one match after another.

In his school years, Arnold was completely devoted to study. Later, he "worked hard" in the gym with the same zeal, and many years later – on the set and in the governor's chair. No less important, in the training he did not know fear (another famous quality of Schwarzenegger). While his teammates at the gym were conservative, reigned for many decades in the world of bodybuilding, Arnold was always looking for ways to increase intensity.

In the beginning and the middle of the 60-ies, at the dawn of a professional career, the future champion was trained in the usual program, designed for him by more experienced comrades from the gym in Austria (his first gym). It was a basic and reasonably thought-out program, but not so effective as to make a provincial Austrian guy a world-class star. When the student's achievements surpassed the results of his mentors, Arnold began to realize that without searching for new ways to increase the intensity of training, he risks ending his career no more than having the title "Mr. Europe".

Arnold undertakes the study of the magazine Muscle Builder (the current name – Muscle & Fitness) in the search for solutions to "shake" their training sessions and encounters the "Principles of Vader" – a set of methodological techniques to increase the intensity of training.

By the end of 60, he had developed his own formula, which consisted of six training days a week for two workouts a day and included a number of Vader's principles, incl. his favorite is supersets.

"One of the main explanations for the effectiveness of the chest-back program is that almost all the exercises on the chest are pusher, and the exercises on the back are traction exercises. In the drafts, which load the widest muscles, the chest rests, and vice versa – the latas rest in exercises on the chest. This alternation of rest and exercise provides a constant flow of blood to the muscles . With simultaneous work on the chest and back, there is an incredible feeling of muscle growth and increase in their volume "(Arnold Schwarzenegger).

The use of supressets involves grouping two or more exercises, which are performed without interruption. There are two types of supertets: when the exercises are grouped into one part of the body and when exercises are combined on different parts of the body. Arnold liked both options. Especially often he used supersets to train the muscles of the chest.

"We can distinguish several advantages of alternating the load on the muscles of the chest and back," Arnold said more than once:

  1. Save time; training passes much faster.

In his fundamental work, which is called the "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding," Arnold explains in detail the benefits of using breast-spin supersets.

Nowadays, few of the bodybuilders use a double split. The opinion is expressed that the program with two trainings a day too exhausts the body. Apparently, Arnold was absolutely not harmed by this method. In the 70-ies, for most professional athletes training at the Gold's Gym in Venice, California, a double split was considered something to be in order.

Arnold's training program on the chest / back consists of nine exercises: four on the chest and four on the back plus a pullover with dumbbells lying on the bench (a complex exercise that loads the latissimus and affects the pectoral muscles). In total, it includes 45 approaches. Breaks between approaches in the supertetwork are not provided (between supersets it is necessary to have a rest one minute or hardly more). At the end of the workout, it is necessary to perform intensive stretching of those muscles, which were loaded.

The duration of the workout is about 45 minutes. During this time, the Austrian Oak was so exhausted that it was barely able to breathe, and the sweat was pouring from it like a stream. They say that in the gym of Gold's Gym there was a special balloon with oxygen, through which Arnold and his partners recovered after such hard training.

Obviously, all these efforts were not in vain; when measuring the volume of Arnold's chest, the tape measure was stretched over an incredible 145 cm. His pectoral muscles looked impressive. His back is still considered a model in the world of bodybuilding.

Perhaps the use of Arnold's training program on the chest-back will not turn the regular visitor of the gym into an epic hero. However, this heavy, effective technique will necessarily lead to an increase in muscle mass in the upper part of your body.

The first superset in the training program begins with warm-up 30-45 repetitions in the bench press with a weight of 60 kg, after which 15 pullups are performed. In the following five approaches, Arnold alternated the bench press and pull-up, increasing the weights according to the pyramid principle in the press and reducing the number of repetitions in both exercises. As a rule, he adhered to the following scheme in these two exercises: 15, 15, 12, 8 and 6 repetitions. It should be noted that Arnold closely followed the breath and tried to breathe deeply in this supertetwork.

Resting two or three minutes before the next superset, Arnold continued training. Thrust of the T-bar was one of the champion's favorite exercises. It increases the thickness and expands the latissimus muscles, and also provides them with a good stretch.

Again, this Arnold supernet performed on the principle of the pyramid, beginning with 15 repetitions and moving to 12, 12, 10 and 10.

Arnold was a great expert on the technique of doing exercises. This was most evident in the information of the dumbbell lying down.

The guys in the gyms, performing this exercise, lower the dumbbells, usually to the level of the chest and bring them together at the top point of the movement (before the impact). Arnold used a completely different technique – he tried to lower his elbows as low as possible, so that the dumbbells were about at the level of the bench. In the positive phase, he kept his hands strictly along the arc, stopping movement at the point where the distance between the dumbbells was about 30 cm (when the tension in the pectoral muscles began to decrease).

In the rod draft in the slope, Arnold stood on a bench or a high platform for maximum muscle stretching at the bottom point. His body was practically parallel to the floor. All repetitions were carried out with the perfect technique. No jerks; all the load was on the muscles of the back.

In both exercises, Arnold made pyramid-based approaches – according to 15, 12, 10, 10 and 10 repetitions.

At this stage, Arnold was already beginning to breathe quite intensively. Half an hour of double pumping on the pectoral muscles and back muscles markedly widened the upper part of the body.

However, you can not give up.

Arnold hung a dumbbell weighing more than 35 kg to his belt and tried to perform 15 repetitions in each of the five push-up approaches.

In pull-ups with a narrow grip, he usually used a V-shaped handle, which was hooked on the crossbar. As a rule, he used a narrow, penetrated grip and did 12 repetitions in each of the five approaches.

Despite the fact that there are still disputes about the effectiveness of this exercise in terms of chest expansion, Arnold had no doubts about this and performed pullovers throughout his professional career.

Whoever says anything, a pullover is a great exercise that not only affects the broadest and most inaccessible jagged muscles, but also stretches the pectoral muscles well.

As a rule, Arnold was lying across the bench, so that the hips were as low as possible and the maximum stretching of the chest was ensured.

"You will not believe what feelings this exercise causes in the chest!" – said Arnold. "It literally rips the chest and makes it grow."

Despite the brutal fatigue, he squeezed out of himself, breathing deeply, five approaches for 15-20 repetitions in full amplitude. Only after this training was completed.

After the training, Arnold always did a stretch and posed for a few minutes. He was of the opinion that after training it is necessary to supply all the muscles with oxygen-rich blood and believed that it was thanks to this reception that his muscles looked more pumped and embossed.

Finally, after 45 minutes of hard work and a few liters of spilled sweat, Arnold completed the morning workout. "Going into the shower, I felt tired, but satisfied – like a heavyweight boxer who spent in the ring with the champion of 15 rounds and sent him to knockout a few seconds before the end of the fight!"

Everyone forgot about how many steroids Arnie poured into himself, every mother his day.

How many rest between sets?

It's always nice to read about Arnold!)

Super! Thank you so much. I was able to tear myself through Arnie's program! Could you also lay out the program for the rest of the body! And then for me they are very working (I'm doing very seriously, I'm speaking). Thank you in advance

And how much do you need to breath between the approaches?

Personally, I'm about a minute and a half

Today I was on a training trip. Honestly I'll say. On the bars already dying), the weight took the workers and in some exercises less. I really liked the arms of the chest and my back burned and fatigue appeared. I will want to raz.v week I think the result buet. I can do enough for myself.

The fucked-up program, 2 of the month, did it. My height 164 and chest girth before this program was 90 see. After these 2-y months, the chest girth became 105cm. Thank you for the program!

I tried this program and ate my legs from the hall. But I liked it!

I'm 15. I'm working on this program 1 once a week (Monday) Rest maximum – 30 sec, for hanging pancakes. I am engaged exclusively at home. After the friction, just the stress of the muscles is felt in the chest and back. The top of the chest shakes the pullover well straight. Drink a glass of water for a while. Very good program. Someone does not fit someone .

I manage all the 4 sets. 4 set – I remove the spinning on the uneven bars (no bars) and tightening the narrow. I supplement the traction of dumbbells in the slope, well, pullover here!

I'm not crazy to deal with 6 days a week, yes even for 2 times . Goodbye.

I do not understand what the exercise "bench press on the mountains can do." Bench, "if Arnold himself said that it should be thrown out, and do a press on the inclined?

Not . 45 approaches for training . ))) even experienced, not a chemist, will die in a week))). so they can only pro, and even then there is no sense. so only professionals can train on a good serious course of chemistry. You are deceived. believe in experience. I'm doing more than 20 years. In general, all you need, dear newcomers are "dries")) this is 12-15 approaches, three times a week. NOT MORE. since everything else you can not compensate with food! Find a description of the "circular training". and the first three months you will have a GUD !. Further read other programs. and another 6 months. Well, then try the super-duper sets)).

It has long been noted that different sources give absolutely different information about Arni's super sets. Whom to believe?

I do not know why, I certainly do not do everything as it is written in the sense of the program, well, count. approaches, I 2 the friction row I dig ((((

There is nothing that is not possible .

Just do not try to copy Arnie's workout completely, it's just a way to a hospital bed. Arnie sat on steroids, so more or less coped with the load (and even for him it was very harmful in terms of health). Straights and there is nothing to hope to train like that and achieve at least some results.

Swayed on the technique of supersets, though on Wednesday and Saturday shook his legs, the press every day, it turned out pon-chetv. chest back, Tuesday-spot-arm arms, ate only protein, for a month of training 3 superset for 8 repetitions scored 10 kg of muscles, and significantly added to the chest volume.

it is hard to believe that you without chemistry 10 kg per month scored. can eat something else, which is not customary to talk about? usually 3-4 kg per month is no small

Denis, I do not know why you think that 3-4 kg for a month is a lot, because. I for 1 month typed easily 4 months, and without any chemistry, observing only the right food, and not 3 once a day to eat, but as an athlete according to 6-8 once a day, it turns out about every 2 hours. Weight is typed in cheers. And that at me not always it turned out so to eat, but result 100%, it is checked up on itself.

In time you travel? for 1 month typed 4 MONTH ??

ate only protein? but did not eat anything at all? haha

All 4 sets in one workout ??

Yes, this is one training plan.

not bad, thanks to the author, try =)

It is very interesting to try after write

now work on the 3-day basic program, I hang 85, I think to dial up to 95. and then drying, the program seems to be not very complicated, I think it's worth trying and then the chest does not grow at all, but I will not pull every day since I do not use steroids.

I am engaged in the principle of this program for a long time and believe the drying you do not need

Why do you think that if you need to train everyone should take steroids? I train daily except Sunday, and do not accept the advice of the proteins and BCAA to take but I feel sorry for them for money and spend on unlimited subscriptions. For 3 months added 15 kg in volumes has grown significantly.

Do not be ridiculous, with such a regime it's impossible to type so much even with super genetics. On restoration without chemistry, a couple of days are spent, and the phase of overcompensation is generally only a week later.

Alexey, you're wrong. The phase of overcompensation just comes in two days.

The third day the muscle hurts, what phase?

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