Mass program for ectomorphs

Primary goal: набор мышечной массы

Level of training: average

Number of workouts per week: 4

Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, exercisers

Audience: men and women

Author: Doug Lawrence

This program of training for muscle mass, although designed for ectomorphs (people with lean physique), but can also be used effectively for other body types to introduce diversity into the training process.

Who is eligible for this program

To find out if this program suits you, determine your body type. The program is designed specifically for ectomorphs, but also suitable for beginners and anyone who has difficulty in recruiting muscle mass.

Ectomorph – a very "successful" physique in terms of the number of fatty tissues, but with a negative bonus for mass gain in the form of a rapid metabolism of burning a normal amount of calories. With such a physique for muscle building, it is necessary to increase the calorie content of food to values ​​that allow you to add 0,3-0,4 kg per week to the body weight. An effective diet is crucial for muscle growth in the execution of the program. The number of calories should be calculated based on the body weight according to the formula: 45-55 kilocalories per kilogram of weight as the starting value. For example: with weight of 65 kg at the initial level, you must follow a diet with caloric content in the range of 2900-3600 kcal per day.

The food should be divided into 6-8 receptions (including the reception of protein shakes) per day. The introduction of food should occur every 2,5-3 hours during the day. The protein intake should account for approximately 25-30% of the total number of calories, carbohydrates should be given 50% of the total amount, and finally, fats should occupy approximately 20% -25%. Consumption of simple carbohydrates is minimized or completely excluded from the diet.

Preferably the use of products with a low glycemic index, such as, for example, brown rice, pasta from hard wheat varieties, whole-grain bread, sweet potatoes, oatmeal. It is critically important to supplement the diet with the intake of complex vitamin and mineral preparations from proven manufacturers.

Sources of fats choose mainly from the following products: olive oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils (sunflower, corn), fatty fish of cold waters (salmon, mackerel, herring), flaxseed, linseed oil and walnuts.

  • Aerobic stresses should be minimized.

Sports nutrition for ectomorphs

A distinctive feature of the complex of sports nutrition for ectomorphs is the mandatory presence of a geyner, which must be taken immediately after training. In addition, it is recommended to take a vitamin-mineral complex, creatine and carbohydrates. And, depending on the pace of muscle mass gain, you can add casein intake before bedtime.

Recommended sports supplements for ectomorphs

24 gram of high-grade casein in each serving!

Growth 178 weight is now 72, 5 kg. 2 a year ago, when the weight began to be 62 kg. Gained about a year of training and optimizing nutrition (no chemistry). For about a year there has been a so-called. year effect of the "plateau", i.e., no longer add. I train 3-4 times a week: chest-triceps; back-biceps, legs-shoulders. + press 2 times a week. Maybe it makes sense to change the program?

use creatine, from it you will gain kg 5, and also geyner, I do not believe that it is possible to guzzle a breast with porridges 5 once a day throughout the year

Hello, the weight of 70, the growth of 174, is it a mez? And which is the best system for gaining muscle mass?

Hello, the weight of 70, the growth of 175 is mesomorphic. And which is the best system for gaining muscle mass?

I typed with the help of the 25 geyner kg, now I hang 97 How to reset

Good day to all! I have a similar question with Vitali, the answer to which was not given: good afternoon. At me such question how many weeks or months should be engaged ektomorf under one program of trainings and how often it is necessary to change the program to achieve though the slightest progress? thank you in advance!

good afternoon. At me such question how many weeks or months should be engaged ektomorf under one program of trainings and how often it is necessary to change the program to achieve though the slightest progress? thank you in advance!

I've always been embarrassed by the way they say, they've been reading about what they can do, they'll get pimples there and stuff, and pts do not want pimples, and so I've been struggling with them to fight

Zdraste Pure drimshch, growth 183, weight 57 Can you do anything other than the above mentioned?

As a beginner, I'm embarrassed that for each day a new group of muscles, it turns out that for each complex is assigned one day a week. Is it possible to progress, it just reminds me of this exercise of physical education, in order to support myself for all muscles in tone, because once in a week it is in my opinion not enough. PS I ask you not to sift only me, I do not sec in this case, but please respond)

Hello to me 25 weight 68 growth 176 I work as a ballet dancer (I dance all day) I am engaged in constantly getting a geyner on serious mass (5kg) keratin (2kg) monohydrate and bcaa (xNUMXg) on ​​(ectomorph) I do not want to rock my legs because I work all day and I have varicose what program of trainings on increase in weight you would advise? Thank you in advance!

Good afternoon! My data is 174 growth, 55 kg weight, 35 years. I want to start to engage in mass recruitment. Whether the correct variant of a food thus will be correct: – In the morning on an empty stomach a portion of whey protein, then breakfast at work. After training, the geyner, and at night, casein. Is it necessary / is it possible to train for an hour and a half before the meal from work to take the protein? – On a typical day, the protein before breakfast and casein at night. Do I still need to take protein or ginger at about dinner? Thank you! PS I tried to take a few times a day only a geyner, but after it I do not really want to eat.

more need to eat, and not one geyner with protein drink

I eat it, but I can not eat so much and often. This I did not write instead of eating, but in addition. Since there is 5-6 once a day, there is no possibility. Several times a geyner – this I meant between lunch and lunch and after training, well, in days off between meals.

I'm an ectomorph, and after the last exercise I just go all in denial (I do 5 times normally, 6 times I can not just stop) that's okay or not, and what can I fix?

Just take less weight

I'm new to this business, earlier muscular mass typed classic methods ie, horizontal bar and bars, but I have not been doing 3 for a year at all. I want to restore at least the former form + 5-10 kg, now with the growth of 1. 85 weight 73 kg. Unscribe who can help, you need to gain muscle mass with all the necessary nutrition and training program.

26 years. the growth of 185 – 65 kg is now engaged in two months of classical Fulbadi. scored 2 kg. can I go now for this program? The problem is that programs and articles on the network contradict each other and choose something that is difficult. who to believe xs. progress is still there. and the program described above, I really like to go to the hall 4 day in and week out. also drink protein before / after workouts. how do I use it better?

me 27, the growth of 187, the weight is already 74, was 66) for a year and a half . I'm doing the base (stanovaya, prisyad, bench press) three days a week, protein drink as much as it gets when it's not important, I do not drink at all) (approximately 2 800 kcal (Proteins: 103,8g; Fats: 90,9g; Carbohydrates: 384,9g) and from the food can normally be kept) all that is greater than zbs. Here is the program that is used by the Gesture 5 × 10 Prix (50%) 5 × 10 5 10 bending machine 5 10 5 10 5 10 5 × 10 50 × 5 10 5 10 5 1 5 Romanian 10 × 5 then + 10 kg -5 approach (8 × 5, 8 × 5, 4 × 8, XNUMX × XNUMX . XNUMX × XNUMX) so XNUMX weeks, then repeat PS Remain forces add more by the control

45-55 kilocalories per kilogram of weight. That is, if you weigh 77 kg you need to eat 3465-4235 kcal! In this case, exclude simple carbohydrates? This is how you imagine you can eat? It is necessary to dedicate all day food, as professional bodybuilders!

For this, there are sports supplements .

and the weight to increase or decrease for the next approach

You can after all the exercises with a bar replace the same with dumbbells?

breast and triceps in one day. what kind of nonsense

And how do you think that training of closely related muscles should take place?

Guys! me 18 years, the growth of 191, the weight of 86, will this program suit me?

3 months on this program. Excellent raised in weight on 7-8. The last week I use geyner. Include twists on the incline bench 4 on 15 on Tuesday and Friday. The problem is that the stomach has started to grow! Advise than you can add exercises to the press! Or less to eat? I'm an obvious ectomorph and drizzle. Now with the growth of 173 my weight is 65

you are not an explicit ectomorph)) Here I am explicit, the growth of 171, the weight of 51, the age of almost 17 years (without three weeks)

It's amazing that there is no stanovoy . That's from what the mass really grows

There she is. Romanian

why do you say the gainers do not harm. even as they harm the potency, the liver is also badly beaten. I personally experimented . yes, the metabolism from him pret, I typed in seven weeks 12kg 500 grams of ectomorphs . in the aftermath of which I clearly noticed the deterioration of potency and stopped using the geyner . but I note the physical potential is growing by leaps and bounds.

You need to take a healthy argument. food – and not put up, the so-called "geyner" for the price of 200 hryvnia (500 rubles) for 1 kilograms

What are you talking about, a geyner is a natural product, either you bought sugar or read it on the Internet and this nonsense of schoolchildren influences you.

You're just a loser, or you've had problems before, do not worry

Friends, we need advice from specialists. 194 cm, weight is small, 75 kg. A lot of work, stress, little physical activity. I try to adjust the food program 4-5 once a day, I introduce the gainer into the diet. Is this program right for me?

Andrew, you're almost like me 192 cm weight before, too, was small, but with good nutrition 5 one time is the minimum, with the refrigerator do not go away, plus at the trainers as they say. wake up pret, and try to sleep more than 7 hours.

ahah, I just do not sleep well, I suck, I do not attend the hall very much. It is necessary to level everything

Height 184 see Weight – 75 kg. Tell me whether the large deficit of mass is great and will this program suit me?

Advise, me 19 growth 168cm weight 55 kg recently began to swing, and I can see already muscle growth. but with the food I have a problem, I eat a day 2 times. And I ectomorph?

With your weight, you do not have to leave the fridge. 2 times this is very small

So you burn both muscles and fatty tissues. For mass gain, you need to eat from 4 to 6-8 once a day. Of course, there may be a relief, but you will not grow.

Hello, I have such a problem you need your help, or rather a program for training! I'm 17 years old, by calculations I'm an ectomorph, I've been doing 1.5year for weightlifting already, the strength is growing now for me to pull 65 and I'm not going to kick 80, but unfortunately for 1. 5 year, does not grow in weight with the growth of 181 weighing only 61 kg I ask you to help me tell me the program, food article some! I really hope for you!

How can I break Friday into 3 days? And then I only 3 once a week is available.

A similar situation, do a combination for example: Monday, as it is, Tuesday rest, Wednesday, as on Tuesday workout is indicated Thursday rest, Friday feet shoulders program squat with a barbell, squat with a barbell narrowly post the legs. Flexion of the legs on the lying simulator (hypersthenia on the back of the thigh) rod bar standing, Arnold bench press, dumbbell cultivation to the sides.

Please tell me what to do in my case. I have been doing 5 months, at the beginning I gained weight very quickly for three months I typed almost 10, I now hang 70kg, already 2 months. there is no set, I eat a lot + creatine and potein, I train for 50 mines;

Maybe you have worms?

Hello, I have such a problem you need your help, or rather a program for training! I'm 16 years old, by calculations I'm an ectomorph, I've been practicing the Greco-Roman wrestling for 2 for a year now, after training I go to the rocking chair, perform such exercises: pulling the 4 approach with a wide grip behind my back, dumbbells for 4 biceps, 3 approach chest, 3 approach squats , and the press of the 4 approach! But, unfortunately for 2, nothing has been achieved, weighed 50 and now 54 but the muscles are almost not growing. Weight is now 54кг growth 167-170cm go to the gym 4 times a week, training 5 once a week. I ask you to help me, already somehow lost all desire to engage, tell me the program, the food article is somehow! I really hope for you!

Sasha, I think you have a bust with coaches) I was doing this a couple of years ago: Mon, Wed, Fri: gym; Tue, Thu, Sat: hand-to-hand. So I'm not that I did not get it, and I did not even lose weight, I was exhausted in a year!

That is, you think to reduce the load and reduce the number of training sessions?

Sasha, well, you read what they write in this article. Did you read it?

Guys, explain how to competently make approaches? Namely, it introduces the number of times in the approaches to perplexity. "8, 8, 7, 6" Why does it go down, how is it understood? And why in some exercises there is no order to decrease. In the "chest", for example, in the mixing dumbbell 3 approach for 10 times.

A press when? Excluded completely?

For ectomorph 4 times to train a week, and for 2 days without rest . .well. Ectomorphs – is to fuck dohren and hollow the base, and then to eat and base, to eat and the base . and so a year at least . the same program for those who already have a lot and experience has .

I support. The base is stable and only it, but at the expense of the sports sport, then I think BCAA + geyner, although also all individually. For example, I make charcoal from porridges (buckwheat, oatmeal) and this eyeball suffices.

"Level of preparation: medium" – does this mean anything to you?

and the gainers and proteins are not harmful to health?

If you eat a bucket of the geyner at a time – it will be harmful. But a bucket of water at once will only bring harm to harm. If used for the purpose, it will be a solid benefit.

Hello, I have a few questions about this program: – At the moment in squatting with my bar in the working weight of 60 kg. Usually with each approach I add 10 kg, until I reach 60 kg. Doing this program, the number of approaches is counted from the moment when I already reached the working weight or immediately after the warm-up approach with an empty neck? – recommend basic exercises for the press – and how long is it recommended to practice this program?

Yes, only working weights, gradually increasing the weight on the rod. For example – the first approach with a stamp (not count), 40 kg, 50, 60, 65,

The people I train so, Chest-spin, biceps-triceps, legs-shoulders, So what do you think? I have been practicing 2-3 for a year! In the beginning, and started on this scheme where the chest-triceps, etc. In the beginning weighed 56 kg in the growth of 188, schA weigh 80-81 with the growth of 190 !! but it's not even farther !! What do you think is better and how best to train? and I can not type max until 82 brought weight and everything!

will you sign please breast-back day?

Stanovoi is not enough. And so a good program.

How not, Thursday – Quadriceps and hips – Romanian deadlift.

The month of classes for this program is coming to an end (there was an 1 training session). Strengths significantly increased, though not in everything, gained over a period of about 4 kg (beginner, experience of 8 months). In my opinion a very effective program. How much for this program is it worth doing, just a month or several? What do you think? Or can you advise another program for my entry level? Thank you.

My friend, do you use chemistry?

And exercises to perform in order of instructions, or you can arbitrarily, whether it makes sense to use supersets such as chest + triceps., And so in turn the whole complex. I am engaged in a little more than half a year, today I started this program, in the end I could not do any push-ups on the uneven bars, my hands did not obey anymore. But still like it, only here you are not bent with intensity for ectomorphs? The lesson took more than an hour and a half, is this normal? According to my calculations, if the interval is observed rest, it takes about 52 minutes. More than once I met that ectomorphs are recommended not to engage in more than an hour, always interested – is it not counting the rest time?

hour was invested. rest 1-1.5min and 2-3 between exercises. + 2minute at the beginning and end of the cardio. on the uneven bars too hard. but there's only 2 * 10, so you can do it. sometimes heavier sometimes easier. when quite hard, did on 8.

Hello, my height 186 cm, weight 71 kg, 16 years, tell me more ectomorph or mesomorph? and will the program above suit me? Thank you.

Measure the circumference of the wrist, if it is less than 18 cm, then the ectomorph without options. In my opinion, it is not entirely correct to tie a physique to weight, who knows how much you eat and in what form. Can an ectomorph go to the gym and after a couple of years go out from there as a mesomorph? Genetic Engineering of the Epte :))

I'm doing 6 weeks for this program. + 6кг (69-75) growth of 182. I eat about 4k kcal / d. with sports-geyner, protein, creatine and multivitamins. the truth of repetitions do more. basically 10,9,8,7 the first week, then 12,11,10,9 on the second. then 10,9,8,7 but already with a lot of weight .

People just need to criticize for self-assertion .

4-4.4 the first two weeks it was really hard. stupidly had to cram. two months later it was already familiar. strict adherence to diet and schedule = result. + full set of sports nutrition. I took a break with a sports drink for a month, the weight stopped fighting. and the month as without changes in volumes. and before that it was + 1kg per week. and +

0.5cm in the hands and chest (with legs sadly sad). well at least it does not fall. from the first day I'll start to eat the whole set again. karocche for ectomorphe nutrition + sportpit + discipline + the right program = a good and immediate result. take at least one component, and you will mark off on the spot. (something tells me that this is not only the ectomorphs :))

))) I'm afraid this is not really a muscle))): "I'm doing 6 weeks on this program. + 6кг ». So quickly muscle mass does not gain, especially ectomorphs))). Either you were wrong somewhere in your calculations))).

Cho for the program?

Well, kg of 1.5 muscles he scored =) Creatine water delays not bad, he will now take a break, immediately the weight on 1 kg will fall) I count for 9 months vobschem typed 17 kg of them only kg 6 muscle =)

"Well, kg of 1.5 muscles he scored." yes at least 100gram. I moved from the dead point of non-selection for many years and besides typed not in the belly. I'm pleased. "He will now take a break." scooted? just broke .. maybe another 6l of water reserve))) I'll be like a camel)))

I do not argue. but this is not 100% fat. there is no increase in the waist. chest + 3cm. hands + 2cm. feet + 1. caviar-0. mistakes or errors like too are not present. because 75-69 like I can count. glad that so pleased (judging by the number of smiles).

When is it better to conduct training on this program in the morning or in the evening, or in the morning, and in the evening? Thanks in advance!

Children (znuschie) tell me and advise populausta.Mne 26 years, the growth of 168 and the weight of 53 kilo is too slim. After reading the forums decided to train on this program but I have problems with food, because I have urolithiasis ie kidney stones. Now I have cured myself sowing on a diet and pouring stones. The problem is that I do not have to use for example a chicken egg many times a day, a maximum of 1 egg per day. The same situation with milk and yogurt. Here is what I can not do <<<<<< >>>>> and what is important in small caliber Color and white cabbage, cranberries, carrots, apricots, aubergines (moderately), bananas, pears, grapes, pumpkins, cucumbers, prunes, cherries , barberry, soaked herring, coriander greens, potatoes (only boiled), cucumbers peeled, turnips, apples, apricots, watermelons, melons, peaches, quince, dogwood and other berries and fruits, birch sap, rowan, prunes , dried apricots, pears, caviar squash and eggplant. Bread wheat, made from flour 2 varieties, gray, rye, vegetable oil, walnut, hazelnut, cedar nut Dairy products only in the morning! Sour milk drinks, kefir, sour cream in small quantities, cottage cheese (up to 400 per day), fresh yogurt, butter and olive oil, not more than 60 gr. a day, 1 egg a day, vegetable soups without the addition of peas, beans, mushrooms, lentils, beans, sorrel, spinach, parsley and without frying and pasting flour and vegetables (best option – dietary soup from fresh cabbage), fruit soups . What do you do for food and who faced this problem?

Well, the height and weight I had about the same 9 months ago, I typed 17, but I ate a lot and what you just can not. now on drying, dropped 7kg for 2 a month, the mouse mass I typed about 6-7 kg, this program is very effective. I think everyone will agree that at the moment you do not need hard training, it's a terrible stress for the body, but for your weakened body everything can end very badly and instead of muscles, you will get resuscitation. And without slaughtering you just will not have the strength to exercise. While recovering, and how to recover completely, get down to heavy training =) At the moment I think it will not hurt strengthening exercises on the hand, forearm, etc. in them weights are extremely small or used simulators (expander) strengthening of these parts of the body, will give you a lot in future hard training)

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