Mayo Clinic Diet

The essence of this diet is the use of fat-burning soup diet of mayo, around which the rest of the diet is built. Someone will breathe a sigh of relief – really, what's wrong with eating soups and losing weight. Bad and really nothing, only if you are ready to eat every day a kilogram of boiled onions in a company with celery.

Dietary Majo Recipe

To make soup, you need to take 6 bulbs, cabbage heads, a bunch of celery, 2 tomatoes and two peppers. All this is cut, filled with water, refilled with a pinch of salt and cooked until ready. Ready soup should be consumed 4-5 once a day as a main course.

Full menu

Fortunately, the fat-burning diet of majo implies the use of other foods, so you will not have to choke on one soup, however, there is no need to expect a special variety.

Day 1 . Soup 4-5 once a day. You can eat any fruit.

Day 2. Together with the soup it is allowed to eat a variety of vegetables.

Day 3. Soup and low-calorie fruits and vegetables: watermelon, pumpkin, cucumbers.

Day 4. Soup, a few bananas and a glass of skim milk.

Day 5. Soup, steamed beef, vegetables.

Day 6. Soup and vegetable salad.

Day 7. Boiled brown rice, soup, fruit soup and vegetables.

As it is easy to guess, the diet of majo is calculated for a week and guarantees appreciable weight reduction. Of course, she excludes the use of alcohol, although with such a diet and pulls "take on the chest." In case of failure to follow the rules of the diet, you need to start losing weight again from the first day.


The diet of the Mayo Clinic promises to reduce weight by 8 kg. However, it would be wrong to think that leaving it, you can go back to the usual rolls with butter and cutlets. It is carefully thought-out food after the diet will ensure the retention of the results. It is strictly forbidden to have a snack in street cafes or in any other place where the food is not cooked properly and contains a lot of calories.


Despite the stated effectiveness of the diet, the expected effect can not be achieved, if not follow the rules of the diet. Firstly, the diet of majo will not be productive if every day you pour into yourself several soup pans, trying to speed up the process of losing weight. But stretch the stomach – this is please.

Even the most dietary product is harmful in excess. Calories you do not get from him, but the habit is in excess will develop.

This diet is contraindicated in people who are obese. The diet of the Mayo Clinic and its fat-burning soup are more suitable for people who are used to eating not very much, but for some reason want to quickly lose weight. If you at one meal can cripple a week's dose of a starving child from Africa, then you first need to visit a psychologist and only then resort to any kind of diets.


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